Friday, 14 January 2011

So Leatherworking's Not Quite Your Thing?

How about Alchemy instead then? There are about 8 items an alchemist can make below 150 skill points that can make a nice little bundle for you if herbs are more your thing. Of course, there are others & you will need many of them to level up but the following 8 items are the regular sellers at more than a few silvers each.

The first thing I should say is that I have most of these herbs on my snatch list at really low prices & I grab them whenever I see them. I also have some low level toons which I level with herbalism & mining as standard as I have all the main professions covered on higher alts, so I usually have a ready supply of low to mid level herbs.

Linking to my Leatherworking post yesterday, Elixir of Defense is available at 130 skill points & uses 1 Wild Steelbloom & 1 Stranglekelp. It's used in the Toughened Leather Gloves and I used it on one of my low level clothies who was dying too often for my liking :) I usually list these for 3g each & make 20 at a time. I don't list 20 though, only 2 or 3 at a time on the AH.

Also linked to Leatherworking but at 50 skill points is Elixir of Minor Agility (1 Silverleaf & 1 Swiftthistle) & at skill 140, Elixir of Lesser Agility (1Wild Steelbloom & 1 Swiftthistle). I usually post these at 3g each but sometimes they sell for 5 or 6g each. Give it a try on your server - you may have lots of leatherworkers around :)

Moving away from supplying Leatherworkers, there are also 2 potions which sell regularly to pvp'ers - the first of which is Swiftness Potion (skill 60). This takes 1 Swiftthistle & 1 Briarthorn and can also used by leatherworkers but I think most sell to pvp'ers, especially those below lvl 20 as it increases run speed in battlegrounds (great if you're trying to keep up with the flag carrier). These regularly sell in stacks of 5 for 10-20g, especially when it's a Call To Arms weekend for Arathi Basin or Warsong Gulch.

The Free Action Potion is available at skill 150 & uses 2 Blackmouth Oils & 1 Stranglekelp. Whilst researching these recipes, I noticed that this one has the same materials as Elixir of Water Breathing, available at skill 90. Currently I am selling the water breathing one at about 5-10g each for people who are going through Vashj'ir.

I've found that the Oily Blackmouth fish sell better than the Blackmouth Oil so you may find the fish are expensive to buy - never mind, just go fishing & use some for the above potions & sell some fish too!

I'll be looking at some of the other professions over the next few days, so don't forget to pop back when you can. I hope this will help as you level your alchemy or as you start to build your gold making skills.

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