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Set Up A Shopping List in Auctionator

Auctionator Shopping Lists
One or two comments I've received lately made me wonder whether people are using Auctionator easily so I thought I'd put together a basic guide to setting up a shopping list, just in case anyone needs it. I'm using Cooking Materials for this example so it links nicely with my earlier Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling post. If you'd like help with any other Auction House addons, just let me know & I'll see if I can help.

OK, so you've installed Auctionator from & opened your Auction House window for the first time - what do you see? You should see just 3 extra tabs at the bottom of your window - ignore the beancounter & TSM tabs in my screenshots - I really should get around to removing Beancounter as TSM-Accounting now has all the data I used to use in there. I only really use the Buy & Sell tabs - to be honest, I'm not sure I could even tell you what's in the More tab off the top of my head!

A basic search is easy - just type your item into the search box & hit enter (red dot at top in screenshot). Your most recent searches will then be stored in the window on the left - as you can see in the image. You can also search a range of items by clicking the + button (red circle in image).

You can search for a named item within a category or you can search for a subset of a category. In this second screenshot, you can see I've chosen Trade Goods from the drop down category list & then I'm about to choose Cooking in the sub category. If I was searching for level 77-80 green armor for example, I'd also add 77 & 80 in the level range boxes. If you do want to search armor - I like to pick the armor type too (in the sub category section) so I only get a small range of items to glimpse through. It just makes it easier to look through 20 Cloth pieces then say 25 Mail pieces rather than trying to look through every green 77-80 piece in one long list! 

For Cooking Materials however, we are only really interested in the Mists of Pandaria items at the moment but this list includes every cooking material in the Auction House. When the search results first pop up, they are automatically sorted by highest price first so naturally in this third screenshot, you can only see Pandaren cooking materials, however when I scrolled down, some of the cheapest Pandaren items were mixed in with earlier, lower level materials.

You can easily re-sort the search results list by just clicking on 'Lowest Price' marked with a red cross in the screenshot. This is a little misleading at first - it's not sorted by Lowest Price, it's showing the Lowest Price for that item. You have to click the individual item to get the details of available auctions but it's quick & easy & there's a Back button to get you back to this main list.

This is a great way to look for cheap herbs too - once it's sorted by lowest price first, if you see a herb like Goldthorn on the first page of results, you should probably snatch it up quickly! Currently the Cataclysm herbs are showing up on my first page which is great because I'm still making Mysterious Fortune Cards.

So to exclude materials I am not interested in, I created a shopping list specifically for Pandaren cooking materials. To create a new shopping list, click the New Shopping List button at the bottom left - it will ask you to give your new list a name so pick something easy like 'Cooking Mats' and start entering the items you want to add. I don't know if there's a quick way of doing this but I just type the item name in the Search box then click the Add Item button!

Now I have an easy way to look at individual cooking materials or I can use the 'Search for all items' button (bottom left, red button) to get an overview of the category. I use this list to get the prices for my spreadsheet so I can easily see which items are the best for IronPaw Token shuffling.

I also have shopping lists for hard to find items that I want to pick up cheaply whenever I can, lists for level 77-80 armor, lists for MoP green armour, list for each profession (not all mats, just the ones I use most often) & generally a list for everything I find I look for regularly!

So there you go - a quick & easy way to make Auction House searching so much easier - be careful though - making lists can be addictive! I have to periodically go through & check my list of lists & delete any that are no longer used but then I have been using Auctionator for a long while now. I hope this reads as clearly as I wanted it to - if there are any points you think need further explanation or if you've found an even easier way then please, do let me know in the comments.

Have fun peeps 

Shopping List image © Erica Schoonmaker under Creative Commons licence

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  1. The "More" tab is a very handy way to check your auctions for undercuts, especially if you don't have a huge list of them.


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