Friday, 7 January 2011

A Big Thank You to JMTC

I'm a new blogger, new to gold making, new-ish to WOW & fairly new to reading various gold making blogs so you can imagine my total delight when I saw my stats yesterday. What was going on? Where had all these people suddenly found me? I guess I should have checked my email before I opened my blog because I get the daily mail from JMTC & there I was in all my newbie glory :D

Thank you so much, Markco & Mageshadow. You guys run one of, if not, the most popular, influential gold blogs out there so to get a whole paragraph to myself, especially such a nice one, means the whole world to me at the moment.

After I had finished dancing around my chair, phoned my hubby at work to tell him & generally finished grinning from ear to ear, I realised that this little experiment of mine (started for a laugh) could actually be useful to someone out there. So I'm going to try to keep this going as I learn to become one of the 'Big Guys' (metaphorically speaking of course!) - yes, I have 3 lvl 80+ & a whole raft of other alts & I've been making gold fairly regularly since I started playing but it's only now that I'm trying to pull it all together.

So, hang on to your hats, people! Nev wants to jump on the rocket to riches & I'm sure it's gonna be a roller coaster all the way! Wish me luck, hey?

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