Friday, 7 January 2011

Auction House Alt - Day 16 Update

Today I took my banker to the inscription trainer & powerlevelled her (hehehe!) to 75 to get the Minor Inscription Research facility. I used 10 stacks of peacebloom/silverleaf at 2g a stack to get there & made enchanting vellums for as many points as possible, knowing that they will sell even though they are now available from the vendor. I also bought 1 stack of bruiseweed for 7g to make some Midnight Ink to produce my 1st glyph.

One mistake I made was to make too many Ivory Inks at the start - I was watching the skill points, not checking at what point the next recipe became available so I posted the excess Ivory Inks on the AH, along with a bunch of the Enchanting Vellums. I also bought a 5 stack of Vanishing Dust just for the hell of it - listed 1 for laughs & it sold for 3g! Of course, the other 4 are now listed too :)

Another booboo I made was forgetting that I had actually put anything in her bank! When I did that side trip to Exodar last week, I bought extras of all 3 types of Moth Eggs & stashed them away & promptly forgot about them until now. I checked the AH to see how many were listed (none at all) then listed 1 of each at my price. I bumped it up a little from the market average just for giggles & fingers crossed.

After a late night mailbox check, I was pumped to see this - WOOO HOOO!


  1. I'm just curious i guess, but do you have a 9-5 job? I am at work 7am -6 pm, and struggle during work weeks to find more than an hour or so per weekday to get any WoW time in. Just curious as to what other people's situations are....

  2. No, I don't do regular office hours. I get to play from maybe 9am-noon then again in the evenings but I also neglect a lot of stuff like the garden & house in order to play more. I have been known to play from 9am - 1am with only breaks for cooking dinner but that's usually during times like Xmas break. Luckily for me, hubby is as addicted as I am!


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