Monday, 10 January 2011

Auction House Alt - Day 20 Update

So Day 17 opened with a balance of about 2000g & I did my usual routine, scan, search & post. I bought a few herbs for milling at silly low prices but even the silverleaf stacks have jumped in price today. Did sell the moth eggs so it looks like another trip to Exodar may be on the cards.

Day 18 opened with a balance of 2123g, not bad for minimal attention yesterday. Bought more herbs for milling, did my Minor Inscription Research & made a couple of glyphs to post. I think I may level my banker alt to lvl 10 to get the next level of Inscription training.

Day 19 opened with a balance of 2226g so fairly consist with 100g-ish per day so far. I feel the need to ramp it up a bit but I'm not quite sure how! I'm placing bids worth maybe 300g or more most days but I'm just not winning them. I put the remaining moth eggs up and also a full set of the vendor cooking recipes - I can't help marvel at how lazy or ignorant some people are in-game, paying 12g for a 5silver recipe!

One item I did win was Crocolisk Au Gratin, bought 3 stacks for about 2g & so far sold 5 for 15g, only 55 more to sell then :) From my inscription milling, I gained 5 Verdant Pigment which I can't use at this level so I popped it on the AH for 11g each too.

Day 20 dawns & I have a lovely mailbox full of cash, opening balance today 2532g! Another 30 or so Crocolisk au gratin's sold & all the verdant pigments, cooking recipes & moth eggs too.

I decided to take a gamble today & spend some of this cash - I found 2 Elementium Geode, each for 300g while my auctioneer scan was telling me over 900g each so I snapped them up - fingers crossed they sell soon!

I tried bidding on some Cata green armour items for less than 10g each - I'm pretty certain I can sell these again - either at the correct prices for armour or at 20g-ish for disenchanters to snap up. Unfortunately, most were either on long bids times or on someone else's list because almost as soon as I was placing bids, I was being outbid. I did manage to snaffle a Bloodied Pyrium Shoulders for 23g which I promptly relisted for 395g and also a Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond for 8g which I listed for 255g - oh happy days!

Closing balance however, not such a good result - down to 1589g but with 2 pets & 50 other auctions active, I suppose it's not all bad :)

And on a funny side note - who said that women were bad drivers??? huh??

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