Friday, 21 January 2011

AH Alt Day 30 - Final Count Up & Next Phase

I've kinda let this little project slip for the last week or so - I've been so busy prospecting obsidium, milling herbs & buying maelstrom crystals that I didn't even check her auctions for the last 2 days!

Anyway, final cash count over 30 days of pure AH flipping & a little inscription side action has netted her a whole 3537gold. Not much more than last time I reported in but I still have quite a bit to sell. Closing stock is as follows:-

First Mate Hat - bought for 500g hoping to sell for 3000g or more
Design - Jeweller's Sapphire Monocle - bought for 50g listed at 250g
2 Swords Deck
1 Rogues Deck
16 various glyphs
1 Titanium Toolbox - bought for 15g, listed for 75g
& 5 cooking vendor recipes.

Her inscription is maxed at 150/150 (she is only level 10!!) so rather than just abandon this alt, I think the next experiment will be to see how much she can make in the next 30 days from Inscription alone. Obviously I will continue to try and sell the remaining stock listed above but unless I see some fantastic deal, I won't continue to flip AH items or vendor items.

I think this may prove less lucrative than pre-Cata - there does seem to be a general slowing down of glyphs on this server & my main server as well as a lot of very low priced glyphs (less than 2g!). But I think it's worth a try even if it is only on a small scale.

Wish me Luck!

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  1. My guess is people are currently focusing on running heroics/raiding on their "mains", which usually have most if not all the glyphs already?

    Things will probably pick up once people have time to work on their alts or when all the new worgens are close to 80/85 and want to glyph/gear up. Just a hunch and YMMV on your server.


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