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Mists of Pandaria - Where to Farm Raw Crab Meat

Where to Farm Raw Crab Meat
Following on from yesterdays post about where to farm Raw Tiger Meat, today we have some nice places to farm Raw Crab Meat, also for the Way of The Grill. You will need 50 Raw Crab Meat to make Banquet of the Grill x5 so it's a bit more of a grind to get these.

I only found two good areas for skinning & killing crabs for their meat but by far the best one is in an area of the Dread Wastes called the Briny Muck. These are level 90 Rockshell Snapclaws or Muck Sifters with 295k health. I prefer the Muck Sifters as they are neutral & you can take your time to heal up if you need to without pulling aggro!

Raw Crab Meat farm areas - Dread Wastes

There are occasional patrol mobs but they are fairly easy to kill or avoid - whichever is your preference. I spent just 30 minutes here a few nights ago & got 45 Raw Crab Meats as well as all the leather. Now I'm pretty slow at farming (especially on my Paladin) to be honest, I've never quite got the hang of pulling lots of mobs but after a little persuasion, I've just added a Blood spec on my Death Knight & so far I'm loving the AoE farming potential. It's a shame she's not my skinner or I would be in total heaven!

For lower level farming, pretty much the whole coastal area of Krasarang Wilds has Viseclaw Fishers & Viseclaw Scuttlers - at 184k health & only level 86, these have a lower drop rate of Raw Crab Meat (about 35%) but add in skinning & XP gains and it's a perfect spot for your lower level alts to grind.
Raw Crab Meat farm area - Krasarang Wilds
Raw Crab Meat is currently the 2nd most expensive meat at the Auction House on my server, selling for about 8 gold each. At 45 in 30 minutes, it's not going to be my best gold-making farming grind unless I can improve my killing speed but for leveling my cooking & researching a blog post, it will do me for now.

Mists of Pandaria Cooking Meats Series
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  1. Thank you! Goggled this and your blog was the only hit. Been trying to find this item for cooking and you confirmed what I thought - the shores of K Wilds is very low. Will be going to Briny Muck in a few minutes.
    -Roo the Happy Hunter

    1. Yay! Glad I could help. Good Luck!

    2. Hi again - Briny Muck is the best kept secret! Over 75 in 45 minutes!!! And only had a few run ins with the local natives :D. Thank you Nev for the information. Happy Holidays to ya.

      -roo the crabbiest hunter in Rexxar, lol.

  2. Hey Nev:

    I still come back to this as a reference even this late in MoP. I never can remember all the great places. The water off the end of the Briny Muck where the hostile Rockshell Snapclaws live might be the place to go if you are decently geared. I just went back for crab meat for an alt using my main (skinner) and burned through there and was able to get 50 crab meat in about 25 minutes in that area. Also a little over 90 leather! You don't have to worry about breathing and you get a swim speed bonus buff too. I also got a few motes of harmony and a couple of random green drops that I never remember getting from the neutral Muck Sifters.


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