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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cross Realm Auction House - Yes? No? Maybe?

Cross Realm Auction House - Carnival Entry
It's that time again, thinking of a post for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival proves a challenge most months for me. This month is no different. I'm not the most organised gold maker or a particularly deep thinker about tactics or strategy so this was really tough once again! Thanks Cold! lol

Cross Realm Auction Houses? What's Your Opinion?

Is the CRAH a good or bad idea? What would you predict would happen to the auction economy? Would a CRAH be good or bad for WoW?

Whilst it's only a remote possibility, the spectre of a Cross Realm Auction House within World of Warcraft has set gold makers minds spinning & numerous debates have sprung up across various forums.It all started because of this blue post (see screenshot below) & from what I've seen, if it ever does happen, it will need to be designed very carefully to ensure the viable economy he talks about.

WoW Cross Realm Auction House Blue Post

Cross Realm Auction House - The Good Points

  • could be great for low population realms with small Auction Houses. Small population often means low supply of all sorts of items including trade goods so it can difficult to level a profession without farming materials yourself.
  • Much bigger buyer pool - with the inevitable lower prices (see Bad Points below), the larger buyer pool will likely take up the slack in all the extra items being posted - think of it as a discount style store - sell more but for lower prices = same level of profit.
  • With more sellers in a market place, rare items might turn up more frequently - keeps recipe/mount/pet/rare items collectors happy & for a player who finds something rare occasionally, it will probably sell quicker too. 
  • Good for buyers, it will probably be much harder for any one player to control a niche market - not so good for gold makers who like to control certain markets.
  • Could be good for realms with a severe faction imbalance - one of the suggested alternatives is for there to be just one auction house per realm - a Neutral AH if you like. That would be great for imbalanced servers - no more Neutral Auction House/2 accounts required to get items/cash from one faction to another.

Cross Realm Auction House - The Bad Points

  • Mixing different levels of inflation & economies across multiple servers is likely to cause a fair amount of chaos & instability at first, not least of which would be price crashes & rampant undercutting in probably every market!
  • Huge number of items listed will probably cause slowness in general and most auction house addons will break as they struggle to pull that much data from the Blizzard API. Imagine how cumbersome the current auction house interface will be when you have 200,000 items to look through instead of 20,000?
  • Gold sellers & bots will have a field day - botters will be able to go to dead servers & farm undisturbed then just put their stuff on the CRAH. Gold sellers won't have to have 100's of different accounts to cover all servers, they will just be able to use the CRAH to transfer gold.
  • Players who consider themselves gold makers (like myself) will face stiff competition from other goldmakers - we do already but now add in multiple servers worth of keen goldmakers & of course, don't forget the new breed of Kobolds & in game life will be a real challenge!
  • Really rare or very high quality items will probably get listed with a bid price only as the seller takes advantage of huge demand to watch bid prices rise (just like the Black market Auction House but with players as the sellers)
  • Raw materials of all sorts will probably see their prices crash as supply across multiple servers is way above actual demand - even with the larger pool of buyers. This could be counteracted by a reduction in farmers though - why continue to farm ores or herbs if the prices have dropped silly low? Eventually material prices will stabilise as a balance is reached but in the meantime, chaos!

Cross Realm Auction House - Other Possibilities

So what do I think? I think it could be an interesting option but only if designed with extreme care & attention to details. Some thoughts & ideas I came across whilst researching this offered possible variations although Blizzard haven't offered any real ideas as to how it would work yet! I sometimes think they leak these comments so they can pick our brains for their design process!
  • Having one central AH per battlegroup for example, might be one way of keeping overall size down but if a battlegroup is full of high/medium population servers, it will still be a huge database required. 
  • It will undoubtedly be a great idea for low population servers which Blizzard seem reluctant to merge - perhaps when a servers population falls below a certain size, it could get added to the Cross Realm Auction House - leaving the medium & high population servers alone.
  • As mentioned above - instead of a Cross Realm AH, maybe a Whole Realm AH could be implemented - great for servers with a big imbalance between factions.
  • Just leave it alone & improve the current auction house interface - many players actually transfer servers to play different Auction Houses - Blizzard would lose those transfer fees if they implemented a Cross Realm AH!


For many players, especially those on low population servers, a Cross Realm Auction House could certainly offer a lot of benefits but for medium/high population servers, it could be equally as bad with chaos, price instability, lag & general 'arrrggghhh' factor every time an auction is undercut within miliseconds. I think Blizzard will need to analyse everything they can & to design a system which takes into account so many variables seems rather unnecessary to me. The current system isn't so bad - a bit of interface redesign, perhaps a few tweaks here & there & I'd guess most players will be happy with that.   

For me - I do hope they leave it alone but if they do go ahead, I'll deal with that when it happens. In the meantime, I'm just poodling along, making a few gold here & there, quite happily thank you :)

Image © Mishimoto under Creative Commons licence

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Different Markets, Different Tactics

Ferris Wheel by Andy Cardiff, under creative commons from Flickr
It's that time again, thinking of a post for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival proves a challenge most months for me. This month is no different. I'm not the most organised gold maker or a particularly deep thinker about tactics or strategy so this was really tough! Thanks Cold! lol

Compare & Contrast 2 Different AH Markets and How Your Gold Making Strategy Varies In Each Market

Market 1 - Glyphs & Gems

I've written several times now about my glyph selling method & about the only organised part of it is the regularity of doing the same thing every time. I also do virtually the same routine for my gems. Both these markets have a lot of competition, regular undercutting occurs & can be rather time intensive to make the most of them. I'm not particularly greedy about owning a market or even dominating it - I just take what I can squeeze out of it so I don't really worry too much about what my competition is doing.
  • empty mailbox of cash & expired glyphs
  • cancel any remaining glyph auctions using TSM
  • relist glyphs per TSM settings
  • run TSM Inscription only scan
  • rinse & repeat 2-3 times per day
Depending on sales from day to day, I then add the following crafting routine maybe once or twice a week
  • cherry pick top priced glyphs to craft using TSM crafting
  • run Buy materials module in TSM
  • mill herbs, make inks
  • craft cherry picked glyphs
  • list new batch of glyphs

Market 2 - Almost Everything Else I Sell

One thing I've never quite got my head around is sales groups in TSM. I know how to set them up in principal but I can never decide what should go in which group! So as a result, almost everything except glyphs & gems get posted manually.

I have general prices for many things in my head & I find it fairly easy to remember approximately how much I bought something for. Trying to explain my thought processes is one of the most difficult things for me to do. I've had problems at work when trying to teach someone else my system there & the Auction House is very much like that too.

I almost always go in at the bottom of the market as long as the price is still within my happy zone unless some idiot has undercut by a large amount. You know the one - the idiot who thinks that 50 gold is too much so posts his for 20 gold? Yeah that one! Then I usually undercut the next sensible price & if that bottom price is within my buy range, I may buy it & flip it straight away.

The other thing I do is to vary my stack size - again depending what the item is, I may sell my stock as full 20 stack or I may post as 10's, 5' or singles. Items like hypnotic dust, infinite dust or mid range leather are fairly expensive now so I usually list those in mixed stacks. People who don't care about the price & just want a lot will buy the full stacks but people who just need a few will buy the singles or 5's where they may hesitate to buy the full expensive stack.


So there ya go - very organised, precise cherry picking for glyphs & gems, total gut/instinctive reactions for everything else - couldn't get much further apart in methodology but it works for me. I certainly wouldn't suggest it as good for everyone but I can't be the only disorganised gold maker out there, surely? lol

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Maximising Your Gold Making Potential In Time for Mists of Pandaria

Not daydreaming, planning! © Nev 2007
I will admit I'm pretty bored in game right now but then I have a lot going on & am struggling to focus on any one thing! I have started dabbling on my EU server again, just little bits here & there to get myself back up to speed. But I haven't been keeping up with much of the Mists of Pandaria profession information that is coming out or the changes to glyphs or pet battles etc.

So I sat down & had a think about what I need to do now to maximise my gold making potential for when Mists of Pandaria is finally released. When I saw the topic for this month's Carnival over at Cold's Gold Factory, I thought my list might fit quite nicely so here it is!

"What Do You Recommend Players Do During The Current WoW Lull To Benefit Gold Making In The Future?"
  • Have a good rummage through all my various banks and bags, clearing out stuff that has been sitting for those 'I might need it' moments that never happen! So far I've made about 4000 gold on just those bits & that's just from 3 alts. I still have 4 more to go.

  • Read up on other blogs to see what others are recommending to stockpile, make a list of all of them & then decide which bits I agree with & start building my own little pile.

  • Read up on Mists of Pandaria in general - try to get a feel for how changes will affect my stable of alts & their professions. I'll be looking at Inscription in particular - it's been my main gold making source in World of Warcraft since I started trying to make gold.

  • After all that reading & list making, I'll have another look at which alts have which professions. My main server is still the one I landed on when I started playing, so my professions weren't thought out carefully. I know I need to drop the partially leveled Engineering on my Paladin. She is my Leatherworker so I want her to have skinning again although that does mean I'll probably have to move my Warlock banker on a few levels - she's also a partially leveled Engineer!


This is my first expansion event since I started making gold in any serious way so stockpiling is a bit new to me. Yes, I could have stockpiled for some of the major patches during Cataclysm but I was having way too much fun elsewhere to worry about that too much! With the current lull however, I am thinking much more seriously about building some reserves. I don't have a list yet, I have a lot of reading & planning to do but I'll post it when I get there :)


I have all professions except Engineering & Skinning so I need to look at those in detail to see if anything jumps out at me as a possible opportunity. As I mentioned above, I'm going to re-level skinning on my Paladin main so I'm thinking I will keep all that leather & hides - there will be a lot of new monks (leather wearers) & new alts being created who might pick up Leatherworking.

If I level skinning effectively, I may be able to put together a 'profession leveling kit' & sell all of it for one large sum of gold or I could put the individual stacks on the Auction House for exhorbitant prices & take advantage of the need that some people have to power level as fast as possible, regardless of the cost!

If you are thinking of leveling a gatherer yourself before Mists of Pandaria, this may be a thought for you too. You can check wow-professions & make sure you have everything needed to level a related profession.

Leveling an Alt

There's a lot of talk about leveling alts now before the new expansion hits. It's one way of expanding your gold making machine but if you do level another alt, think! There are lots of things you pick up whilst leveling that may make you more gold later than if you sell it now. Those items that you had a hard time finding on the Auction House when you were leveling a profession or the ones you had to look up & go farm yourself.


If you made it all the way to the bottom here then gratz! My conclusion is that I have a lot of reading to catch up on & a lot of list making to do! This will actually be quite a change for me - I'm very much a laid back, get there eventually kinda gal when it comes to gold-making! Most importantly for me, it's something I can be doing in little bits & pieces as my energy allows but it will also be a challenge. I've been looking forward to Mists of Pandaria anyway but a new angle, a new plan of attack will bring back some of the fun that has kind of drained away in the lull.

So that's it so far :) have fun & happy gold-making xxx

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Did Ya Miss Me?

© Nev 2005, Keeping Watch for Opportunities

I've been rather lax this last week or two - hardly any gold making going on & I've been so busy levelling alts with friends & guildies that I didn't even realise how long it had been since I posted here! I think I must have needed the break & with the loss of all my sales data & TSM settings, it made it quite easy to just walk away for a few days.

So I don't have much to report on the gold making front, I've been rather busy spending it actually! But I do have rather exciting news (for me, anyways) - Cold has invited me to become a regular writer over at Goldgrub's Goblin Academy & with some nervous excitement & trepidation, I've accepted the Wednesday posting slot. I hope I can do myself proud over there but rest assured, I will still be writing here too. There's definitely some overlap between the two blogs so if you're a regular reader here who's just starting out on your gold making journey, I'd definitely recommend having a peek over there too.

I've always tried to write for the new to middle level of gold making experience. I don't usually comment on the very latest happenings (patches etc) because I'm not that experienced in those areas myself & some of the wonderful blogs in my long list over there ==> do the high end stuff so much better than I can.

I'm hoping that by writing for the very newest goldmakers over at Goldgrub's, I can focus more on the middle levels here. That's not to say I won't be wandering into very new goldmaker or very experienced goldmaker territory here, just that those 2 vastly different groups have such different needs, that it's difficult to cover everything for everyone.

As for this blog - where do I go next or what shall I do next? Now that I've reached my goal, I've got my thinking cap on for what my next target should be. I will probably go for 2 million or maybe more but I'm pretty certain I don't want to glyph all the way! I've got a few ideas bubbling away in the back of my mind but for now, I'm just enjoying the rest of Azeroth outside the Bank & Auction House. Posts may be a little sporadic here until my ideas gel into a strategy but if you've been reading a while, you're probably used to sporadic anyway :-P

As always, feel free to make suggestions/ask questions, either in comments or by email & if you have any ideas you want me to test, just let me know.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mysterious Fortune Cards Revisited

Back in December I wrote a post about  Mysterious Fortune Cards & how they were not for me at that time - I was still levelling my herbalist through the new zones & making a fortune from the herbs that all the MFC required. Well, the market has settled down, herb prices have dropped to between 50-75g a stack (mainly Cinderbloom) & I've dived in! I've even been barking in trade occasionally.

Admittedly profits aren't quite so high as they probably were in December but that's OK, I do actually want to leave the treadmill of milling/inking/card making/ listing to play this game sometimes which I know I wouldn't do if these were selling at this rate but for more money! I have some pretty major competition but they seem to be evening players so I'm owning the daytime market & letting them have some profits in the evenings - I'm so nice like that! lol

Yesterday I did have to giggle all day to myself - anyone listening in must have thought I'd lost it! There was a new entrant to the market who likes to list a 'full deck' of 52 then barks like crazy about how cheap his bulk purchase is compared to all those singles (mine!) but every time he barked, I ran out of stock! In the end I just made up 200 cards & listed 20 as soon as he barked then another 20 as they ran low. I didn't quite managed to clear my stock but I now know to just wait them out - I refuse to post at silly prices just to get rid of them.

If you really want to know how to play this particular bit of the game - have a read of the Masters' articles - Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card posts - he pretty much has it covered & this post has links to other great blogs that wrote about MCF's too.

In other news, I managed to get the Fortune Cookie recipe yesterday so today's plan is to try to create a Fortune Cookie market - my auctioneer has only seen about 200 so far according to my scan data so it may be a lost cause for now or no-ones really caught on. I have my fingers crossed & I'll let you know how it goes in a few days :D

Monday, 20 December 2010

Well, hello there!

Just a note to say Hello! and introduce myself. I've been playing WoW since October 2009 & currently have a level 85 Paladin (ret/tank), a level 83 Rogue (combat) & a lvl 81 priest (holy/shadow). I also have a DK at 75 and a host of smaller alts, my current favourite being a lvl 33 dwarf shaman.

As for professions, I have mining, skinning & herbalism at 525, with Leatherworking, alchemy, enchanting, inscription & tailoring at 450+ & working towards 525 on those. I also have blacksmithing, engineering & jewelcrafting on some of the lowbie alts but none are particularly advanced as yet :)

I've always dabbled at the auction house, almost since the beginning. I'm an accountant by trade so I suppose it comes naturally but it was only about 6 weeks ago that I started reading some of the excellent gold blogs out there. Since then I've gone from about 20k to 75k gold which is nice but not enough and wayyyyy too slow for my liking so I'll be reading more blogs & trying to put their tips & advice into action more effectively.

So for starters, a big thank you to Markco & Cold for all their hard work that helps so many & to Miss Mediocre for her lovely chatty style that makes her blog so enjoyable to read.