Monday, 17 January 2011

Yet More Obsidium Ore Prospecting!

So I've just about cleared the last bulk buy of Obsidium when I logged in this morning to find another sweet deal :) Yup, I am now the proud owner of another 1000 ores for a total cost of 2750g - that's just 2.75g each or 55g a stack.

This time, however, I've been really observant & kept notes of everything I've done to reduce this stack to profit. I decided to deal with the whole lot at once instead of in dribs & drabs to make record keeping easier. So what did I get? I got 53 carnelian, 35 zephyrite, 60 jasper, 47 alicite, 57 nightstones & 47 hessonite. I also got 17 of the rare quality gems but I'm ignoring them for the moment!

I'm still levelling my JC to 535 (yup, she's a draenai so gotta get extra 10 points) so the first thing I did was the Fire prism - that netted me an ocean sapphire & 2 demonseye to add to the lot above so I'm ignoring these too for now :)

I then started crafting - 30 Jasper rings (got 5 blues), 20 alicite pendants (got 2 blues) & 20 hessonite bands (got 2 blues). I sent the blues to my auctioneer & all the greens to my enchanter. I also made 15 carnelian spikes which went to my enchanter as well.

remaining stock
My disenchanting produced 39 lesser celestial essences (780g), 108 hypnotic dusts (864g) & 27 greater celestial essences (1620g) - all of which I am keeping for my enchanter to produce scrolls so I've valued these at today's prices if I had bought them with a total of 3264g.

At this point, I am already in profit - 2750g on ore, 3264g worth of enchanting mats & a small cost of 154g for the jeweller's settings means 360g profit at this stage. However I still have all of the nightstones (54), most of the zephyrites (32) and 27 jaspers as well as all the rare quality gems & all the blue quality jewellery to sell.

The nightstones & zephyrites will be used for JC dailies & sold at AH on those days. I may yet make Nightstone chokers to disenchant but even today they had an AH price of 25g each so I'll probably just watch the market & list when the prices rises. If all the blues sell, that's another 1382g (less AH fees of course).

I'm still getting JC cuts so for now, I'm just keeping my rare gems. I have an alchemist so I'll be sending some of the spare stock over to her to transmute to Shadowspirit diamonds as well. I'll be listing this stock over the next few days & keeping a tally so I'll try to report back soon (as long as I don't get this lot muddled with all the other stuff I keep producing/buying/selling!!

Can you see something I've missed? Let me know :)


  1. Not a bad haul Nev :) One thing I might suggest, and something that has worked out well for me, take a look at the Price of enchant chest mighty stats (+15) when shuffling I would set aside 10 lesser celestials and craft 5 or so of those, they have been selling upwards for 200g on my server, which is a crazy profit margin if you post sparingly. Good Luck!

  2. Gz on the deal and the haul. On my heavy pop server the prices are still surprisingly high, to the point that Obsidium ore is more than elementium, 85g and 90g per stack.

    The big problem is making gold, shadowspirits have dropped to under 200g with metas sometimes being less, JC blue rings are at 60 -70g and uncut/cut gems are a joke.

    Mighty Stats is a good enchant as you know I touched on in my post but even this is down to 80g per scroll :O

    Its hard work at the moment to make any gold at all unless you camp the AH for 10 hours at a time and as its a game thats not my idea of fun.


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