Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Most Excellent Problem!

I'm leaving my AH alt running in the background for a few days - I'm still doing the same old stuff whilst levelling my new little hunter over there. I'll do some intermittant progress reports but in the mean time, I need some help on my main server gold-making endeavours!

So what's this excellent problem then? I hear you ask - well, basically, I'm jumping around tactics & professions like a cat on a hot tin roof - so many options, combinations & possibilities that I just don't know where to start making a plan of attack! I know I need a plan, doubling my gold in the last month is purely down to the inflated prices of cata mats but I want to maintain this level of income if not increase it.

A bit of background might help I guess so here it is :) Mid-October 2010, I had about 25k across all alts at the time that I first discovered many of the gold blogs in my list over there ===> 
By the time Cataclysm launched, I'd reached the dizzying balance (for me, anyway) of 50k-ish & am currently sitting at 92k, having powerlevelled a Jewelcrafter yesterday (only at 495 for now but just started dailies, so that will help). I put this rapid improvement down to reading so many informative blogs each day & trying out some of the techniques so I thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts & experience with us newbies.

I currently have mining, herbing, skinning, alchemy, cooking & fishing at 525, enchanting at 500, leatherworking at 485, inscription at 450 (still!) & now JC at 495. During cata, I have been making gold mainly by farming as I quested, maintaining a small but steady glyph business & doing my daily volatile life -> air transmutes.

So, where do I start to make this chaos into an orderly routine? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, even if you just point me to an older blog post that I may have missed.


  1. Ever thought about creating a rotation schedule on a google calendar or something?

    Personally, once i get my main to 85, i plan on installing some sort of rotation system where i spend 1-2 nights a week on each alt character....and intermingle as necessary....not sure how the intricacies of the plan are going to work, but will probably create a google calendar to track my progress...

  2. I wouldn't even know what to do with all your options....I would advise you to write down your big hitters in each prof (daily cooldowns, easy daily skillup, daily quests) and start from there till they max level.
    Second, I would set up a game plan on your AH schedule. Since you have a scribe and a gemmy, there is a ton of posts you can do daily in your AH routine. I wrote a few blogs that can help you streamline your process.

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

    Just remember, you need to keep an eye on the AH ebb and flow and adjust as necessary. Good luck, and nice blog!

  3. hey nev, just been able to look at ure comment after a mad spell since christmas, thanks. Looks like this blog's a good 'un will read it through when i'm not snowed under.

    and congrats on the mention on jmtc


  4. @ Pcgamerma - that's a good idea - I deffo need some sort of system or routine. It's just deciding what goes where that's flummoxing me at the moment :)

    @ Alto - thank you, I have been back to your blog & read everything back to just before cata hit! I made some notes so once I get my head around them, I may be back asking questions! lol

    @ Leigh - thanks :) not sure which comment 'cos your profile is not public so I can't get back to your blog to find it :) Leave a link here if you like - that way, I can visit again sometime! lol


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