Sunday, 9 January 2011

Obsidium Ore & Prospecting - sort of an experiment!

A slight change of direction for this post today - I'm still plodding along with my lil' auction house alt but I've spent most of my WoW time this week levelling Jewelcrafting on my level 75 DK & putting a few points on her Inscription too. Just out of curiosity, I kept a log of results from prospecting Obsidium Ore so following on from Smudger's 24hr Elementium Ore Project, here are my results so far.

I haven't been able to max her JC to 525, she's sitting at 501 for now whilst I get some of the daily tokens. I've been stockpiling most of the gems from this prospecting for 3 reasons - a) prices are ridiculously low at the moment for almost all cuts, b) I'm in no rush to get the capital invested back just yet & c) I can cut anything other than the standard trainer learned cuts!

I've bought 1120 ores (56 stacks) at various prices over the last week or so, with a total outlay of 3940g (3.52g per ore average). Results so far :-

Carnelian - 48 (aver price 22g) - 14%
Zephyrite - 50 (aver price 20g) - 15%
Jasper - 73 (aver price 12g) - 22%
Alicite - 45 (average price 13g) - 13% 
Nightstone - 60 (aver price 55g) - 18%
Hessonite - 60 (aver price 33g) - 18%

Inferno Ruby - 4
Ocean Sapphire - 4
Dream Emerald - 1
Amberjewel - 0
Demonseye - 2
Ember Topaz - 3

What I find interesting is that the two most expensive uncommon gems have the highest proc rate in my sample. I'm going to keep my results going and see if it evens out over time. I hope not because this is the good news :)

The other snippet that may be of interest to number crunchers is that I usually prospect just 100 or 200 at a time. These have produced 31/30/62/31/61/62/30/29 total uncommon gems per session - very consistent numbers I think.

I've sent 9 of each to my alchemist to transmute to Shadowspirit Diamonds, made some Carnelian Spikes for skill points & to sell and made a bunch of the Alicite pendants & Jasper rings to be disenchanted & turned into much more profitable scrolls.

As I said above, I'm holding on to most of these gems but even at these silly low gem prices, the uncommon gems alone are worth approx 8800g, a possible profit of 4860g before taking the rare gems into consideration. If I take care when timing my auctions, I've seen Nightstones at 80g & Hessonite at 45g, even Zephyrite jumps to 30g on occasion so the possibility exists to increase that raw profit quite considerably. Now these are the sort of numbers I like!

I haven't prospected much Elementium yet but I'm keeping a tally for that & also for any herb milling I do. The herb prices are still very high though so I'm being much more cautious there - I think one expensive habit is quite enough for the time being, thank you very much!


  1. Hi matey, Good post. The rare drop rate off Elementium ore is substantially more than Obsidium but as you alluded to, the rare prices are absolutely rubbish at the moment. In my post for tomorrow :D

    I've added you to my blog roll and i'll link this post in my Elementium ore one.

    Keep it up

    Smudger Warcraft Corner

  2. Well-written, Nev.

    As Smudger mentioned, Elementium procs about 1 rare per stack, in contrast to the 1 for every 3 stacks of Obsidium.

    Elementium also only procs 4 uncommon gems per stack, in contrast to Obsidium's 6. Elementium is really only worthwhile to prospect when you can cut the rares and sell those, as uncut rares don't fetch much on the AH

  3. @Smudger, thanks for the comment & blog roll add. I'm still collecting data for my Elementium prospecting as the prices still haven't dropped on that ore yet but I had planned this post then saw yours & thought it would tie up nicely :)

    @Stede - yeah, my initial data shows more rares per stack but my sample size is so small, it's hard to see much benefit for the moment as the ore prices are still so much higher than the Odsidium ores. On a side note, I'm gonna get my first recipe for a cut today, once I get the daily done.


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