Saturday, 15 January 2011

Woo Hoo, Finally Made It!

I was hoping for 100k by 6th January as a doubling of my gold since Cata release but yesterday I finally got there - screenshot snipped from my altoholic summary :)

And in a big coincidence, Alaysha, my little auction house experiment hit another milestone of 3000g :) I have a screenshot but for some reason, I can't add a second image so you'll just have to believe me.

I scanned the AH this morning & bought a First Mate Hat for 500g as I seem to remember reading about these. Perhaps I should have double checked first but there was one other listed when I looked & it was at 5000g so fingers crossed for a sale soon.

In other news, I managed to sell one of the Elementium Geode pets I bought the other day as well as the other expensive items I bought. I mentioned which items in my Day 20 Update post & I've placed a lot of bids today for similar items. Any of the blue (rare quality) Cata items with bid or sale prices of 10 gold are probably worth a try - I'm pretty sure enchanters are scouting for these for cheap disenchanting so even if I only double the price & relist, that's still good profit. There are also some cut gems with really low bid prices - I'm looking at the rare gems again - the uncommon ones are still so cheap that there's little to be gained once you take into account the high deposit cost which you may lose if it doesn't sell.

So that's about it on AH Alt update - day 24, 3000g & lots of stuff still to sell. I haven't been quite as industrious at searching for bargains over the last few days so incoming gold has dropped but I'm being braver at trying some of the more costly items.

Can I get to 10k by day 30? I have no idea but I think it's a nice round number to aim for & way higher than I ever really expected at the start of this little experiment.


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