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Mists of Pandaria - Where to Farm Mushan Ribs

Where to Farm Mushan Ribs
Strangely enough, I couldn't find any decent photos of a Mushan for my post header but I imagine their ribs would be familiar to Fred & Wilma! So where to farm Mushan Ribs in Pandaria? As usual, you have a choice of places, some better than others depending on your character level.

Starting off with the level 86/87 farmers, I'd suggest Valley of the Four Winds, at the Grassy Cline, not too far from Pang's Stead at the start of the zone or in the far south west, near the Nesingwary Camp (that guy gets everywhere, doesn't he?). At the Grassy Cline you will find Adolescent Mushan with 276k health as well as adults with 322k health. Both have a drop rate for Ribs of around 40%.
Mushan Ribs farm areas, Valley of the Four Winds
However, I found them a bit tough & slow to fight, especially as it's close to the Turtle farming spot I mentioned yesterday & there's almost always someone farming in that area. A better spot for these I think, is the Nesingwary Camp area. The Dustback Mushan there have only 129k health (unless you stumble into the Dustback Warders with 322k health!) and still have around 40% drop rate. As a small bonus, there are also turtles & tigers in the area so you can combine all 3 meats in your farming session. The one annoying thing I found was the stealthed foxes! There I was, happily questing away & Bam! damned fox appears & throws everything off! lol

At level 89/90, there are plentiful options including the Longshadow Mushan & Longshadow Bulls in Townlong Steppes. Both have just 271k health & a better drop rate of around 50%. It's a fairly big area though so you may have to run around a bit.
Mushan Ribs farm area - Townlong Steppes
Another option at level 89/90 is to head to the SE corner of Dread Wastes again, this time just south of the Lake of Stars. Here you will find a plentiful supply of Bluehide Mushan with around a 60% droprate (per Wowhead). However, they also have 394k health so killing them will take a bit longer than the Townlong Steppes area but if you are level 89, just think of the XP gains!  The other plus point for this area is the proximity of the Crocolisks in the lake & the Chillwater Turtles to the north & east. Combination farming is great if you are farming for leather & want to sell the meats on the Auction House.
Mushan Ribs farm area - Dread Wastes
My personal preference here is the Townlong Steppes area - middling health level & middling drop rate. With my new found lust for killing on my Blood DK, I'm not skinning these though - a serious boo-boo for a goldmaker! I took my skinner over there & logged in & out to try to skin as much as possible - that slowed me down but at least I got plenty of leather too. Long term, I have to rethink who is going to be my Skinner. My DK has Jewelcrafting & Inscription - both profitable professions but more importantly, both have lots of items learned via research & dailies so I just cannot bring myself to drop either of those professions. My other option is to work out what the heck I'm doing wrong on my Paladin but for now, I'm just poodling along, enjoying the scenery in true Pandaren style!

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