Monday, 3 January 2011

Auction House Alt - Day 11 & 12

Day 11 Opening gold 1076g, just a flying visit - bought more stacks of cheap Cata herbs, bids on some Zephyrite for less than 7g each & loads of WotLK gems with bids below vendor price. I also found some mid size stacks of Embersilk Cloth with low bid prices - total bid spend 180g.

Late night mail check - oh what a disappointment! All my bids failed & Cata herb prices have fallen below 3.50g :( If I was on my main server, I would snap them up & hope for the market to bounce back because if the market didn't bounce, the herbs could be used to level my inscription or used by my alchemist. However, on this server, I don't have the liquidity to take the risk & it is very late so I'm playing safe & keeping my fingers crossed. Closing gold today 1041g but with 30 Cata herbs sitting in my bags.

Day 12 placed over 80 bids for all types of herbs - most for 1 or 2 silvers each. With herb prices this low, I'm tempted to start my banker on inscription - at skill level 75, the minor glyph research kicks in & some of those minor glyphs sell really well (as pointed out by Vince a week or so ago ). On the other hand, I've been buying glyphs at silly low prices for the last 2 weeks so perhaps this server glyph market is in a state of flux? Decisions, decisions!

The good news today is that the cata herb prices have risen again & now I'm kicking myself for not taking the gamble last night!! Listed the ones I did have & anything else that returned.

Late night mail check - most of the cata herbs sold & I won about 3 of the low herb bids! Closing gold now 1362g.

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