Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Second Dumbest Server on WoW maybe?

There has been a bit of a theme running through the gold blogs over the last couple of days, but Wes at CappedbyCata said it best in his I think I play on dumbest server in wow post! I logged on yesterday evening to find the AH on my server flooded by stacks of Obsidium Ore at just 50g per stack. I immediately bought 40 stacks before getting cold feet as I couldn't see the end of the listings! I passed word to my hubby who took his fill then logged an alt to go & let my guildies know. Two of my closest friends in guild managed to take their fill, as did several other guildies that I know about. Happy days all round then!

So why is my server possibly the second dumbest server on WoW? Well this morning I woke up extra early (about 6am ugh!) so I logged on as it's something quiet to do without disturbing sleeping beauty next door! What did I see? Over 250 listings of Obsidium Ore at less than 2.5g each! Luckily they weren't all in singles otherwise I may have passed but I just couldn't resist! I am now the proud owner of 90 stacks of Obsidium Ore at an average price of 50g per stack. I took out all the auctions below one guy who had his listed at 6.50 per ore & promptly relisted maybe 30 stacks in various multiples at 6.45g per ore.

 Besides watching the AH like a hawk for the next few hours, I foresee a LOT of prospecting, crafting & d/e'ing in my near future. I'll try to keep detailed notes and report back soon. It does follow nicely from my Obsidium Ore & Prospecting post and also I'll be keeping an eye on Mageshadow's post on Making Gold with Obsidium just to make sure I don't miss any tricks.


  1. Hehe, I love those "Oh S**t" moments.

    Looks like you guys got a nice deal though and hopefully the "jiggy jiggy" from Mageshadow's post will earn you and the hubby some gold.

    Keep us informed on how it pans out. I also tried it out but I have the dumbest server in regards to the raw materials and scroll prices :P

  2. Scroll prices are so stupidly low (5g for new Cata enchants??? I ask you!) that I've been buying them rather than using my own mats! It's far cheaper for the moment to use other people's scrolls although I will need to level my enchanting a bit more so I guess I'll be adding those to my bulging gbank of stuff to sell 'later'.

  3. Grats on the killer ore deals. Elementium ore on my server is still hovering around 100g, although the farmers do work harder/more on weekends.

    Having maxed out my enchanting, I have found buying scrolls off the AH to use while selling off dusts/essences to be more profitable. I also keep a watch on /trade; people tend to tip well for Cata and twink enchants.


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