Friday, 28 January 2011

Don't Be A JOAT!

As a follow up to my butterfly post on Monday, I thought I'd fill you in on this week & what I've learned already.

I've learned that no matter how many lists you have/make, there's always something else that pops up & grabs your attention! I've been pretty good at sticking to my intended routine but the bit about doing my JC daily & listing the appropriate gems on the AH has kinda fallen off. Once I start seeing those 'a buyer has been found' messages pop up in my chat box, I just have to dash back to the bank to see if I've got any more to list or 'damn, I've run out of xyz, gotta prospect more ore' 'craft more rings to d/ench' or whatever it is that's grabbed me.

You've heard the expression " jack of all trades, master of none"? Well, I think that's me - I have a pretty good understanding of most of the profs by now (except BS & Eng) but I've never stayed concentrating on one market long enough to become a master.

At least one of the main gold blogs had a post about diversification but I've just spent 20 mins looking for it & can't find it so someone link it pls so I can give credit! Diversification is good, it allows you to have experienced fingers in many gold making pies but there is a qualifier there - you need to build up knowledge & experience in a single market before you jump into the next!

Markco explained it pretty well earlier this week in his post as did Ali in her guest post mentioned in my post linked above but it actually takes a bit of sitting down & thinking about before you realise that that is exactly what you're doing (or not doing, as the case maybe).

This last few weeks, I've got the gold fever. I'm not much of a history student but even so, I'm getting a taste of the addiction/fascination with gold that created whole towns on the basis of a few nuggets of the real stuff found in a river in the 1800's.

I get such a buzz when I see those 'buyer found' messages, it's ridiculous! My hubby can always tell when I'm emptying my mailbox by the k'ching sounds & apparently when my Mysterious Fortune Cards are selling well, according to him, I cackle in my corner!

So what can you take from this ramble that will help you make gold? Hmm, tbh, I'm not sure but perhaps my message today is - are you jumping around, from crafting to listing to farming to ah camping to disenchanting to barking & back to listing? If you are, how much other WoW stuff are you actually doing as well? When was the last time you put a level or two on an alt or got an achieve? I know my JC'er hasn't left Stormwind in weeks & she's not even my banker and my poor little shammy is sitting in the Hinterlands somewhere, totally abandoned.

So go on, be a devil, let your bank/auction alt have a break & go & get some levels done. Hey, getting to 50 opens up the next lot of profession training, maybe that will make you some more gold down the line!


  1. Also taking it slower too, after hitting a personal milestone last weekend. Not tired of making gold by any means, but now I want to make things more efficient.

    Streamlined toon/bank swapping to three main toons. Logging/relogging is a pain, and I can judge prices better w/ prof addons like LilSparky on the toon w/ that particular prof.

    I also added two more things to my daily agenda. First is to level my priest and her tailoring (just made it to Outland now; tailoring is about Outland level too). Secondly I am hitting heroics when I can and religiously doing Tol Barad dailys on all my lv85 toons, both to let out steam and for them decent weapons at revered.

    Speaking of diversification, have you looked into BSing lately? Belt buckle and lv85 PvP gear market are suppose to be quite decent.

  2. This is an extremely pertinent issue for me right now. I've been putting off leveling a few alts and gearing up my main for a while now because the gold-making has been going so well.

    I've mentioned to a few other people that I've had to force myself to log into an alt and gain my level goal before I even log in to check my mail.

    It has been painful at times, but I am finally getting them leveled, so I think it's working...

  3. Thanks so much for the mention:)

    Diversification is great as long as you study the market first and prior to the jump. That is the absolute best way to minimize your risk and any gold loss.

  4. This is always my problem, I posted about it in a post called "spreading myself to thin". If I read a new thing I have to try it straight away instead of letting my markets burn down or go cold first then hopping on something else.

    Using more than one market will help to earn one more gold but it is also the cause of many a confusion for newer goblins.

  5. Funny that I found this post from Alto's blog. Never been here before so I poked around a bit. I like the content, and I'm sure I'll be back.

    Why was it so funny that I found your post? Because for the first time in a couple months I posted on my own blog, and the topic was the same as yours essentially--

    I have found the balance between leveling and raiding on one side and gold on the other is very tricky to maintain. I have managed to get to all my profession goals (for the most part) but at the cost of not being able to enjoy content.

    That stops this week for me. I will use MySales to get a good week long list of what I sold and craft all I plan to sell next week one time, most likely on Monday night. If I run out, I will craft more next week but not during the current week.

    Hopefully I will then have more time for playing WoW instead of playing the AH.

    Nice post.


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