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Mists of Pandaria - Where To Farm Raw Turtle Meat

Where to Farm Raw Turtle Meat in WoW
Next up in my Where To Farm series is Raw Turtle Meat. This is used by the Way of the Pot (13) & the Way of the Oven (50) so if you are leveling all the cooking Ways, you will need 63 of these at least. As with all the previous mobs, these Turtles can also be skinned so if you can, take your Skinner!

For level 89's leveling through the Dread Wastes, head towards the Lake of Stars in the far SE corner. Just north of the Lake, you will find Chillwater Turtles - 394k health but with a 60% drop rate & of course, lots of lovely leather for skinning. If you do have to wait for respawns, you can always pop into the lake itself & grab yourself some Raw Crocolisk Belly {link} too.

Raw Turtle Meat farm areas - Dread Wastes
If you need Raw Crab Meat, you could combine Turtle & Crab farming over in the Briny Muck area - neutral mobs with the same health & drop rate as the Chillwater Turtles. I'm always a big fan of multi-tasking if you can.

For lower level alts around 86/87, there is the well known area between Grassy Cline & Pools of Purity in Valley of the Four Winds. The spawn rate is crazy good here & the Wyrmhorn Turtles have only 110k health. It's a well known leather farming spot though so you may have to find your little corner & hope for a good respawn rate. The Gold Queen has some good tips on this spot - funny thing is, I just got my Paladin here the day she released her post! Talk about good timing! Also close by are the herds of Mushan but that's for tomorrow's post.

Argggh! Just found out Blizzard have reduced the numbers of turtles here. I popped over & had a little try out - there are definitely fewer turtles there to start with but they still have a healthy spawn rate & I still managed to get about 30 Raw Turtle Meat in 25 minutes. As far as I can tell, they are in smaller groups or dotted around the lake so it's just harder to pull a huge number of turtles all at once.

Raw Turtle Meat farm area - Valley of the Four Winds
Looking at my server on The Undermine Journal, it's fairly obvious that the initial rush to farm here has slowed down. There is still a fair amount of Raw Turtle Meat available on the Auction House but today for example, the price has shot up to almost 10g each as there are only 50 or so available. Just 3 days ago, there were only 70 or so available but the price was just under 2g each! I guess someone decided that price was too low maybe? (hehehe!)

For sheer speed of killing, I'd say go to the Valley spot to farm this meat, especially if you are a skinner. If you're not, then maybe find a friend who is & really go to town on these poor defenceless turtles - win/win for both of you - you get the meat & your friend gets the leather. You'll have to decide between you what to do with Motes of Harmony though.

Mists of Pandaria Cooking Meats Series
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  1. Pools of purity seems horrible farming to me, i'm getting 1 meat every 50 or so turtles at level 90

    1. Are you actually at Pools of Purity though? The turtles for farming are at a pool east of there, at the very end of the Grassy Cline. Not sure this pond has a name though but I've had good results even since the nerf.


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