Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Arrrggghhhh! One of THOSE days!

I'm pretty new to this blogging lark. I'm enjoying it so far but I jumped in with a specific idea & no real plan for the future - although actually, that's pretty normal for me. So today, when I sat down to write a post, I got a bit stuck - so many good writers & blogs out there with so many topics covered already, where or how do I make mine that little bit different?

Well, I'm pretty new to this gold making lark so I figured I just need to write about what I'm learning, how I'm working things out & link to the various posts that inspire me to try different things or make me want to ask more questions on a subject.

I've already started keeping notes for prospecting (see my Obsidium Prospecting post), milling & disenchanting with a view to sharing my findings. I've also been questing with a Potion of Treasure Finding active to see how that affects loot drops & keeping a gold tally while I'm questing from 83-85, just to see how much accumulates without being noticed.

So I guess what I'm trying to get at, is - are there any little experiments you run for yourself that I could try or other random ideas that you haven't got around to or can't be bothered with? Have you done a blog post that you think I could follow up & link to?

Let me know what you think so far - I love receiving comments (as do all bloggers I'm sure), they let me know that I'm not talking to myself!


  1. What are the best, easily obtainable vendor recipes/Items that you can sell on the Auction House? I tried some of the cooking recipes with limited success. The one that has been selling for me is the Philosopher's stone recipe from Tanaris. I've got as much as 59G for one, but average around 25G-30G.

    Love the Blog. Cheers!
    -Laki (Zul'Jin)

  2. Perhaps a post about how do you study the AH/market on your server? One of the most common advice I have read from various AH goblin blogs is "know your market", i.e. faction population/ratio, raid progression, even guild raiding schedule...etc.

    As a retired raider, I find this aspect of goblinism fascinating as it requires me to stay on top of the raiding scene w/o actually raiding.

  3. This is by far and away the hardest part of maintaining a blog. As you know, im not keen using other peoples posts so that leaves just keeping it fresh yourself.

    I had tried to set myself different things to do every other day with different professions but then realised it gave me too much to do and I was losing gold, however in hindsight I like to experiment so I'll probably keep going and see where the journey takes me to.

    No way to find out about a market unless your in it.

  4. If you have an enchanter, I think it'd be awesome to get another blogger's perspective on selling the Enchant Cloak - Stealth scrolls. A few other bloggers have posted about the scrolls, but I think I'm the only one who has written about actually trying to sell them. As you know, it hasn't been a success for me so far, but if you're willing to take the risk, it'd be interesting to see if your server is more receptive to the scrolls.

    You could also do a post about selling Cata enchants. You hinted at your success with it in the comments on my blog, so why not make an official post out of it!

  5. The good thing about having that type of day is that it does end....

    I do want to ask you a few questions...(write the answers down on a sheet of paper. No, don't keep reading....get a sheet of paper and pen. Answer as I ask. Cmon, play along....) ARE YOU READY? OK, GO!

    On your sheet of paper, divide it into three areas: Expect.....Like......Hate. Now fill it in.

    What do you expect/like/hate when you read someone elses' blog?

    What do you expect when someone has a new post?
    Length? Quick and to the point? In depth?

    Did you like the pictures? The links? The content? The wording? The rambling on...and on...and on...and on...?

    What do you hate? The colors (or lack of)? The ads? The spelling mistakes? The incomplete sentences? (if you hate all these, then you pin pointed my blog....haha)

    Ok. Now look at your answers. Make your blog coincide with what you wrote down. You own this blog. You can have the perfect blog. Exactly what you want. Don't let yourself settle for anything less.

    I hope you can make sense of my rambling there. Gettin late and I am tired. Anyways, good luck, and hope to see some more great content coming from you soon!

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

  6. Wowser! didn't expect to see this when I logged in this morning :) Thank you all for taking the time to comment & I hope you find future posts comment worthy too :)

    And now for some replies! lol

  7. @Todd - My AH alt has been selling the cooking vendor recipes from Old Town in SW & the Moth Eggs from Exodar. She's only lvl 10 so getting around to some of the other vendors is a bit tough. I am levelling a hunter on the same server so as & when she picks up the recipes, I'll bear this in mind & do a post once I have some worthwhile info.

  8. @Der - hmm, that's a very good question & one I'm not sure I can answer with any great clarity yet! lol I'm not a raider so I just watch certain markets that I'm interested in (mostly cata mats at the moment). Tbh, I'm not making flasks & stuff yet so I've kinda ignored this aspect - maybe I should pay more attention to it in future.

  9. @Smudger - Thanks hon, you're doing fine, I really enjoy reading your blog as you have a different aspect than the more experienced gold bloggers & it just makes for good reading. I'm hoping I can do the same in my little corner too :)

  10. @Vince - Oki doki - that sounds like a good idea, thank you. I still haven't managed to sell those second set of scrolls though! I'm going to add the stealth scroll to my to do list.

  11. @Alto - Oh my gosh, what a response, thank you so much & no, it wasn't rambling, it was more like a stream of consiousness :) I think it deserves it's own blog post in response so bear with me while I ruminate & cogitate on an answer for a few days ok? lol

  12. As you quoted in the first part we're all stuck with this problem. What to write? Why write something others have already done? What shall I write my next article about?

    I'm always carrying a piece of paper or a device where I can make notes on when I get an idea. I've got a lot of drafts ready to be written but not all will eventually make it to the blog because they're either not relevant or not going to work.

    On topic of why creating a post somebody else might already have, It's YOUR blog. The more content you have on there the more that adds up to the completeness of your blog. This will make sure people will more often search for this content on your blog instead of others when they really like your blog. Sometimes re-writing an article on a vital topic is also a very nice reminder because certain topics may have an article written for them that's already a few months old which may be outdated or missing some additions or even be forgotten about.


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