Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mysterious Fortune Cards Revisited

Back in December I wrote a post about  Mysterious Fortune Cards & how they were not for me at that time - I was still levelling my herbalist through the new zones & making a fortune from the herbs that all the MFC required. Well, the market has settled down, herb prices have dropped to between 50-75g a stack (mainly Cinderbloom) & I've dived in! I've even been barking in trade occasionally.

Admittedly profits aren't quite so high as they probably were in December but that's OK, I do actually want to leave the treadmill of milling/inking/card making/ listing to play this game sometimes which I know I wouldn't do if these were selling at this rate but for more money! I have some pretty major competition but they seem to be evening players so I'm owning the daytime market & letting them have some profits in the evenings - I'm so nice like that! lol

Yesterday I did have to giggle all day to myself - anyone listening in must have thought I'd lost it! There was a new entrant to the market who likes to list a 'full deck' of 52 then barks like crazy about how cheap his bulk purchase is compared to all those singles (mine!) but every time he barked, I ran out of stock! In the end I just made up 200 cards & listed 20 as soon as he barked then another 20 as they ran low. I didn't quite managed to clear my stock but I now know to just wait them out - I refuse to post at silly prices just to get rid of them.

If you really want to know how to play this particular bit of the game - have a read of the Masters' articles - Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card posts - he pretty much has it covered & this post has links to other great blogs that wrote about MCF's too.

In other news, I managed to get the Fortune Cookie recipe yesterday so today's plan is to try to create a Fortune Cookie market - my auctioneer has only seen about 200 so far according to my scan data so it may be a lost cause for now or no-ones really caught on. I have my fingers crossed & I'll let you know how it goes in a few days :D


  1. Nothing like having your competition give you a hand, eh Nev?

  2. Similar experience here as well. I try to stay logged on my AH toon as little as possible so sitting around barking for these sales doesn't fit my playstyle.

    Now that there are others barking I find their help quite nice.


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