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Mists of Pandaria - Where to Farm Wildfowl Breast

Where to Farm Wildfowl Breast
Wildfowl Breast drops from most of the large birdlife in Pandaria - not only Cranes but Bonesplitters, Corpsepickers & Plainshawks too. Wildfowl Breasts are the most widely used meat in the various cooking specialisations too - 13 for Way of the Wok, 50 for Way of the Steamer & 25 for Way of the Oven so that's at least 88 you will need if you want to complete all the Ways for the final achievement.

Initially the drop rate of Wildfowl Breasts was really high but has since been lowered so it's difficult to tell for now what the average drop rate is. Most comments seem to indicate around a 40-50% drop rate which is still not too bad as there are loads of mobs at lower levels to farm.
Wildfowl Breast farm areas - Valley of Four Winds
There doesn't seem to be a 'best place' to farm these so I've picked a couple of areas I found whilst leveling. As you are questing through Valley of the Four Winds, you will probably find yourself killing Glade Hunters, Glade Singers & Glade Sprinters in the Gilded Fen, just south of the Pools of Purity. These mobs have 147k health and move around a fair bit so you could easily pick up 2 or 3 at a time or just chain pull if that's your preferred farming method. They are only level 86 mobs & my undergeared DK is killing these quite happily so a well geared 90 would probably cut through them in no time!

Also in Valley of the Four Winds are the Whitefisher Cranes with just 139k health. These are in the far west of the zone, just below that annoying Headland that I couldn't explore at level 86 or just south east of Paoquan Hollow in the Singing Marshes.
Wildfowl Breast farm area - Kun-Lai Summit
In Kun-Lai Summit at level 87ish, you will end up questing in Shado-Li area up against the wall to Townlong Steppes. Once you've finished rolling barrels onto your enemies, you'll find the Kun-Lai Corpsepickers hard at work on the piles of dead bodies. With 215k health, these are a little harder to kill than the Cranes in Valley of Four Winds but they are in a smaller area & respawn fairly quickly. Not the most pleasant area to spend time in, the drop rate seems to be around the 50% so if you want to get your own back on these carrion birds, this is your spot!

Another lower level area is in Krasarang Wilds, all along the river area between Thunder Cleft & The Incursion area. There are also tigers in the forest so if you do manage to clear all the birds, you can kill tigers whilst you wait for respawns. I didn't farm here heavily as I was in full quest mode but the Carp Hunters have only 147k health so should die easily to a level 90.
Wildfowl Breast farm area - Krasarang Wilds
I'm questing again on my DK, working my way through Valley of the Four Winds. I've done the Gilded Fen quests & also the quests to get grain at the brewery (where those annoying little imps are!). The Hawks that have stolen the grain bags also give Wildfowl Breasts & I already have 28 in my bags without having to farm at all. Sweet! It helps to have some music going & a good mouse saves your wrists from fatigue too

Mists of Pandaria Cooking Meats Series
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  1. Thanks for posting these locations, I am going to be needing a lot of these as I level my cooking. I was planing on doing some research on this until I found your post on TUJ this afternoon. Now I don't have to because it's all right here. Thanks again for taking the time to share this info, it's much appreciated.

    - -

  2. Glad I could help Zen - I did the research cos I need them too & thought I wouldn't be the only one :)

  3. Great post as always, Nev. Just wanted to point out that if you're farming the Glade ones, you may want to avoid the Singers. They can put you to sleep, which, while not generally dangerous, can get really annoying if you get multiple ones in a group.

  4. lol, tell me about it! I'm just doing a quest there now & found that out! lol. I must remember to make better notes when the first alt goes through! d'oh

  5. These are awesome! Thank you so much for putting it together and posting it. Super helpful. I have been trying to finish leveling my cooking and was running around trying to find the best places to farm. I found another great place for the Wildfowl Breast. Valley of The Four Winds, near the Imperial Granary not for from Halfhill. I didn't pay attention to what level the mobs were but there are a ton of birds, they have a decent drop rate (I spent 30 minutes there and got 30 Wildfowl Breasts, and they respawn quickly. Happy Farming!


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