Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Drowning in Zephyrites?

I posted a few stats from my big Obsidium prospecting session a little while ago but since then I've been buying ores at anywhere from 26-50g per stack & following my methods from that post. I'm 8k up in four days so I feel it's going fairly well but now I'm absolutely drowning in Zephyrites!

I've been crafting necks/rings & spikes to disenchant or sell the blues then selling the enchanting mats. We've also had 3 nightstone & 2 jasper JC dailies in the last week but no Zephyrite dailies so I haven't been able to get rid of any that way.

I figured I wouldn't be the only one with this problem so I decided to have a look at my options.

First off, the raw gems are selling for maybe 7-10g each but with a 5g (ish) deposit & hundreds of them on the AH I need a sell price of at least 15g to make any gold (cut & vendor =9g + 5g AH deposit if it doesn't sell).

I've only just maxed my JC so trying to find a cut for the zephyrites that sells well seems a bit silly as I only have a few cuts available so far. I don't want to 'waste' my JC tokens on zephyrites just yet. Having looked at the prices of cut zephyrites, even the perfect cuts are selling for maybe 25g if it's a really good day.

With the upcoming changes (summarised nicely by JMTC) to meta gems, I have been making shadowspirit diamonds, ready to cut as & when the new cuts are available but this eats into my stocks of the other gems which are making gold in other ways. I'm trying to find a happy balance between using the other gems this way for stock & still making gold now.

So the only other option I can see for now is to utilise my alchemist & transmute zephyrites (+ azshara's veil) into ocean sapphires. I have one cut available for now but should be able to get another later today (unless it's the Elemental Goo daily, 'cos my JC'er is only lvl 76!).

Luckily I have a herbalist questing thru Vashj'ir at the moment so I don't have to lay out cash to get the herbs required, just a lil' bit of extra time picking flowers as I go.

I need to watch the Ocean Sapphire market a bit more closely over the next few days - I've not been that interested in the cut gems yet as I have so few cuts but now seems like a good time to get interested!

What do you do with all your excess zephyrites? Have I missed anything obvious? Let me know what you think.


  1. So far on my server at least, Ocean Sapphires are Plentiful, I've made decent sales with the Sparkling and Stormy cuts, but I still have about 100 Sapphires in my bank, what I've been doing with my Zephyrites is cutting and vendoring them on my JC, but using that cash to eat the Cost for the mass quantities of JC settings I go though. for the time being it seems the best option.

  2. Cutting and vendoring seems to be the only real option with Zephyrites right now. I always save a stack or so for the daily, but even then I'm not sure how great that is. That was the daily this morning, and when I logged on, there were only three posted in the AH. So I bought them, and posted a bunch of my own at 50g each. This was about ten hours ago. None have sold, and the prices have been undercut down to about 15g each. My guess is that given how useless Zephyrites are, most JCs have a few hanging around from the last time the prospected, and as such not as many of them need to buy them for the daily.

  3. Hey Nev o/

    Looks like cut and vendoring is the way to go, unless your on a high pop server that is. I guess the daily would rake in more sales then.

    My problem is Amberjewels, I have a ton of those things and it always seems to be more amberjewels that prospect out of eternium ore (obsidium ore still more expensive here). Under 10g for a rare gem, haste one going for 15g or so.......

    I also have the spirit cut for sapphires and it goes ok, but the cut gem market is cut-throat and you need to camp the AH for a few hours to make it pay.


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