Sunday, 26 December 2010

Mysterious Fortune Cards & Adventurer's Journals - not for me!

As you can see from my blog list, I read a lot of the most popular gold blogs out there. Most of them have at least mentioned the Mysterious Fortune cards over the last week or so but I am yet to jump on that bandwagon - why? because the demand for these has stripped our auction house almost bare of Cata herbs so the prices have skyrocketed!

I've also found a lovely quiet spot in Vashj'ir which nets me 2.5-4 stacks per 10 minute circuit (as well as 15-25 volatile lifes) & they are selling at 12-18g a piece, almost faster than I can list them! With herb prices so high, a single blackfallow ink can cost as much as 60g & the cards are selling for about that too so I'm giving them a miss for now.

I mentioned the lack of Outland herbs for Ethereal Ink to my husband & he decided he needed to get his Explore Outland achievement & made a killing on the Outland herbs too. They are selling individually for 8 gold or more, as the scribes are not forking out for the Cata herbs to mill and exchange, but are buying the correct herbs for each type of ink they need.

Obviously this is not happening on all servers, so if you have a level 80+ herbalist, it may be worth checking out the various prices before deciding where to spend your time - herbing for xp & profit or levelling inscription for profit.

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