Friday, 31 December 2010

Auction House Alt - Day 10

Just a short post today, did my usual stuff, starting gold today is 802g & decided to take a gamble on these Mysterious Fortune cards that everyone is writing about! Put bids in for 10 at 30g each but it's a long shot 'cos long auction time but we'll see. They are selling for about 40g each on this server so that's a cool 10g profit per card if I can get my mitts on them :)

Managed to find a JC'er to cut a Smooth amberjewel for me, 20g tip plus 8g for stone but listed at 110g. Keeping my fingers crossed. Balance at this point 481g but with lots of auctions still active.

Late night mailbox check shows my bid for the cards failed but all my recipes, some of the glyphs & all the cata herbs sold. Closing balance 1076g - wooooo hooooo!

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