Thursday, 17 January 2013

20 Days of Goldmaking - Day 4 Bank Alts

The question for today in my 20 Days of Gold Making Challenge is "Do you use a banker alt/guild? When did you start doing that & why?"

To be honest, I really can't remember when I set up my banker guild but I do remember nominating one of my earliest alts to be my auction/bank runner very early on. In my Day 1 post, I included a picture of one of my old notebooks where I was keeping tally across my alts. I hadn't even found addons by that point so I was logging each alt & noting the gold totals! Nowadays I use Altoholic to keep track which is great because I now have alts on about 6 different servers!

In that picture, Pinkie was my banker at that time - & I had only been playing for maybe 2 months at that point. I was mighty pleased with those gold totals too - how things have changed huh? As for why I nominated her - I wasn't playing her very much & I didn't want to have my main questing alt popping back & fore to Stormwind. I also used the mailbox a lot to empty my bags so rather than have stuff flying all through the mail system, I'd send everything that might sell to Pinkie & then logged her at the end of each play session to 'do my auctions'. It was a familiar cry in my house at the time. Any response to 'come on, it's late, time for bed' was along the lines of 'but I still gotta do my auctions!' so that was another half hour gone.

In the end, I set my in-game alarm for a sensible time then would do my auctions. Later on in my WoW career, I ended up doing my auctions at the start, in the middle & at the end of my playtime!

I can't remember when I set up my bank guild but I bought the guild crest in February 2011 according to WoW Armory. I'm pretty sure I'd had the guild for a while by then - probably the summer before when I left my main guild. I know I definitely had my bank guild before Cataclysm arrived, purely because I did start to stockpile some stuff & my alts banks were full already!

That was my main reason for creating a bank guild - the extra storage space especially as I was getting more into the glyph market & had herbs & glyphs overflowing everywhere. It was also a small escape from guild life. I joined 2 other guilds after I left my original guild & although they were great people, I didn't feel as comfortable with them as I had in my old guild. I really missed my old guild & if I'm honest, I still do, even 2.5 years later.


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  1. Here is my Bank Alts post for the 20 days of gold making

  2. Like you, Nev, Inscription is what made my banker get a bank guild. But the nature of it changed.

  3. Also it's nice to have an alt who owns a guild (your own guild) with all the bank spaces. I have my own guild and store herbs/ore there now

  4. I have a banker/alt guild for each realm and each faction. I started doing that when I had no room in my own bank or bags and back before the bank tab cost 100 gold you would get the first bank tab free when you created a guild.


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