Monday, 29 July 2013

Win a Purple Puffer Fish! Giveaway Time Again

You've heard of Christmas in July and as my blog birthday is around Christmas time, I thought I'd have 2 Christmasses this year! Yup, I actually spent some real life cash & bought a TCG card to give away to one lucky reader.

I chose Bloat the Bubblefish card which gives a Purple Puffer Fish when it's redeemed because I love the big puppy eyes on real life Puffer Fish! I'll be honest though - I have no idea if it's a good battle pet or not but one of the Amazon reviews says "Very powerful aquatic pet, good to battle with elemental pets" so hopefully it is a good one! It travels behind you in it's own bubble so that's an added cute thing!

So what do you have to do to enter this draw? Just sign up for my mailing list - it's that big box over there on the right. I can hear you asking "Why should I sign up, Nev?"

  • Never miss a post because your RSS feed reader messes up or you don't have easy access to the internet
  • It's also one way of getting around internet content filters at work - each post I write here gets sent to the email address you subscribe with & most work based internet access doesn't block access to emails.
  • Additional content specifically for subscribers - content that doesn't make it to the main blog but that you might find useful or interesting or both. There's a free 3 part mini guide already set up & waiting for you as soon as you sign up too.
  • Subscribers only giveaways like this one - I plan on doing more of these as my finances allow it
  • Breaking news - if something time-sensitive to gold making hits, I'll occasionally send out an email blast - that's just a fancy way of saying I can email everyone all at once with the news.
So there you go - nice & easy to join in and see a bit of extra stuff from me. It's also easy to unsubscribe if you find you hate it but I hope you won't of course!

Closing date for entries will be 6am on Monday 12th August (UK time) - that means 1am East Coast US, midnight Sunday 11th in Central USA and 10pm West Coast US I think. For my European friends, that will be 7am or 8am on 12th (depending on which bit of EU of course!) and will be Monday evening for my Aussie & Kiwi friends. I'll number up all my subscribers & use the random number generator to pick a winner who will be contacted via email.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now & get your chance to win a cute Purple Puffer Fish pet to add to your collection!

PS It's a permission based mailing system so you will receive a welcome email and an email asking you to confirm your subscription. You need to confirm to be entered for the draw ok? Good luck everyone :)


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Saturday, 27 July 2013

What's Been Selling This Week? 27th July Edition

I've heard some people refer to this type of post as fluff or filler content & yes, to a certain extent, it is an easy-ish post to write. However, when I look at my blog stats, these posts always have some of the highest page views so I have to go by the numbers & assume that you, my readers, enjoy them or at least, are nosy enough to want to see what I sell!

Sadly I've had another distracted week & have really only been relisting what's in my bags & guild bank. I always start the week with full intent to get back into game & do some proper gold making & crafting but it rarely turns out that way, especially now I have my iPad to distract me too! It is saving me a fortune on my electricity bill though so it's not all bad!

What's Been Selling?

Okay, so enough blathering from me - what has been selling? Well, the crafted PvP items are still selling nicely - mainly the leather & mail items for the best prices but as Windwool Cloth was & and is still so cheap, the cloth PvP items are selling too, just don't show up on the screenie because the prices are lower.

The Living Steel Belt Buckles are the last of my stock as I'm now saving up my Living Steel for when patch 5.4 goes live. I think it's safe for me to say that the general consensus is that Living Steel & Trillium Bars are likely to be in very high demand for Engineers to make their new awesome mount - the Sky Golem!

MySales addon screen

I'm also saving up my Magnificent Hides as my Leatherworker will be busy learning & crafting the new version of the PvP pieces - the first few days of the patch will be crucial as the discovery based system of learning new patterns will make for very little competition at the start. I intend to make a killing on those & my Tailor too!

You can see from the screenie that Netherweave Bags & Mammoth Mining Bags are still going strong - I snatched up a whole heap of Netherweave Cloth for about 3g a stack so I can just follow the market price there - they rarely drop below 15g so it's all profit for me!

I wouldn't normally sell Golden Lotus just on their own but I snagged about 10 stacks for 20g per herb & I haven't been transmuting gems or making many flasks so I thought I'd get rid of a few for some easy profit. Then I logged my Jewelcrafter & saw just how many gems she had for transmuting & kicked myself! Another wake up call for me - I really must pay attention!

And lastly, you'll see a few glyphs in that screenie - I am STILL trying to clear out the last of my stocks so seeing those sales come in is great - especially at those prices but I am definitely not tempted to make any more glyphs - I don't care how good the prices are, they have taken months to sell!

Plan For Coming Week

On my other blog, She Rides Dragons,  I often write about my to-do list for the coming week as it motivates me to actually get some stuff done! I may not do all of it but I do at least get some bits started or even finished occasionally! So I thought I'd do the same here - let's see if I actually get anything done this week, shall we?

  • Check out Enchants market & make scrolls - I know they sell, just been lazy!
  • Do my Cooldowns everyday on Tailor, Leatherworker, 2 Alchemists & Jewelcrafter - gotta get those JC cuts sorted out!
  • Transmute & Cut Gems - another market I've been really lazy about
  • Tailor - finish making those damn Netherweave Bags! All that cloth is clogging up my mailbox!
  • Blacksmith - if I have time, get her to the Isle of Thunder to get the Lightning Steel Ingot plans and start discovering some of the Plate PvP items!
I think that will be enough to get me started, don't you?  Hopefully the next sales report post will have more than just PvP gear & random stuff in it too. Have a great gold making week everybody!


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Friday, 26 July 2013

How Not To Lose Gold With Lazyness!

Today I earned a valuable reminder to not wear blinkers when making gold. I have my Trade Skill Master all set up & as I'm usually some kind of zombie when auction housing these days, I usually just empty my mailbox, hit the button to list my auctions & let TSM do it's thing. But today I almost missed a small problem that could have lost me gold!

One of my regular markets is Mysterious Fortune Cards - not the biggest market & not the most lucrative in terms of overall earning power but it is an easy one & brings in a few thousand gold quite regularly for me. I use the TSM Destroying search to find the herbs I need to make Blackfallow Ink (or Ink of Dreams to convert at the Ink Seller) and I have the 'regular' stack size box ticked as it has been for ages & ages now.

I've been having trouble lately finding enough cheap herbs to make the Cards though, so today, I did my search as usual and bought just the cheapest few stacks. The art of profiting from Mysterious Fortune Cards is to keep those ink costs down of course so when ink costs are up at 9g or more, it's really not worth the time & effort to make cards to sell at 15gold. I have tried creeping the price up but 15 gold is the sweet price point for my server.

So yeah, 6 paltry stacks of cheap herbs was all I managed to find today so that was a little disappointing. Off I went to search through my usual shopping lists and up popped Stormvine at 1gold each! That's strange though because they didn't show up in the Destroying search I'd run a few minutes earlier. Back I went & re-ran the Destroying search, thinking they'd just been listed perhaps. Nope, still didn't show up but then I noticed the check mark in that little 'regular stacks' box - unticked that & hey presto! lots of odd bits of cheap herbs popped up.

Okay, so I'm going to end up with a lot of partial stacks but as my DK/Scribe isn't making glyphs anymore or actually doing anything useful, filling her bags with bits of herb stacks isn't so bad, especially if I can keep getting so many cheap herbs!

So the moral of the story today is don't get blinkered or complacent when auction housing - check your settings regularly!


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Monday, 22 July 2013

Making Gold With Transmogrification - Ep 9, Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

WoW Gold Making Podcast
This weekend, Marcus Ty and I got together on Skype and recorded Episode 9 of the Journal of Marcus Ty podcast. It's my 2nd episode as co-host & even though I seem to have left my brain behind, Marcus coped admirably and didn't get too exasperated with me. We didn't talk about panties or knickers this time - just Marcus in leather & looking at plate bikinis and I don't think our American listeners need a translation for that! lol

For this show, our main discussion topic is Making Gold With Transmogrification and as I've not really dipped into that market very much, Marcus gave me a starter guide and some other useful tips that he's picked up during his time in the Transmog markets. We had a lot of fun recording the show for you, I do hope you enjoy it. As always, if you have any questions about this topic or any other topic, or have a suggestion for our future discussion topics, you can always email me here

You can find the show on itunes or go directly to the website, Journal of Marcus Ty and listen to the mp3 file from there. I've nagged Marcus a little to get the show on to Stitcher too so hopefully it should show up there soon.

Topics Covered in Episode 9
  • Welcome to the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind.
  • Nev and Marcus discuss their Week In WoW.
  • What’s with the Blizzard in-store helms?
  • Listener’s questions and answers.
  • Marcus goes in search for Bandit Pants.
  • Nev goes shopping for Platekini.
  • How do you make gold with Transmogrification?
  • Round-up
Resources & Contact Details

If you don't know, Marcus has written a very extensive gold guide and is working on updating it all the time. I've been an affiliate of his for a long while now as I believe it is one of the best gold making guides out there. You can get more details at his Auction House Secrets site. It's not for experienced gold makers of course but if you're just starting out, you will find it very helpful and there's a 60 day money back guarantee too!


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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Titansteel - Transmuting for Gold

Quite a while ago now, Marcus Ty mentioned on Twitter that he was making a nice profit selling Titansteel Bars on his server. It's definitely a niche market & I would say it's really only used by Engineers to make the mechano-hog/mekgineers chopper these days as most of the other uses for Titansteel were epic armor items that have been superceded now.

I have some very fond memories of my guildies scrabbling around, talking in code almost on skype as they tried to pull together enough cooldowns to make me & my husband our first pieces of Wrath epic gear. I learnt the code very quickly after that as I had an Alchemist & a Miner and I became part of the welcome wagon for brand new level 80's in our guild. We only did it for new players reaching 80 for the first time - after that, they had to pay the materials cost at least otherwise we'd all have been broke!

So I decided to have a little dabble in this market on my server and as I often do, I put together a small spreadsheet to clarify the numbers for myself. Below is a screenshot but I have put the spreadsheet on Google Docs and made it public so you can go get a copy for yourself if you'd like. Please, please don't edit the online version though, save your own copy to play with :)

I've tried to keep it fairly simple but as always, there are multiple ways to get to a Titansteel Bar. You will need a Miner to smelt the Titansteel Bar but also to smelt the Saronite or Titanium Ores as well. If you go for the Saronite Ore -> Bar -> transmute to Titanium Bar option, you will need an Alchemist too but the good news is that the Saronite Bar to Titanium Bar transmute has no cooldown and of course, if you are a Transmute Master, you could get some bonus Titanium Bars too!

Titansteel Crafting Spreadsheet
I've also included the possibility to use Frozen Orbs in exchange for the Eternals - there's a gnome on a flying carpet just outside the Engineering Auction House in Dalaran who will exchange the Orbs for you. I found that Frozen Orb prices bounced around quite a bit so watch the market for a few days before you buy - what you think is a low price may not be!

Don't forget as well that Eternals can be created using 10 Crystallized of the same type (crystallized fires for eternal fire etc) so check those prices out too - again I found that using Crystallized Earth to make Eternal Earth was a cheaper option but 10 Crystallized Fires were always more expensive than a single Eternal Fire! I haven't included the Crystallized items in my spreadsheet - it was already getting more complicated than I wanted and I actually do that math in my head when I'm in the Auction House anyway.

You can see at a glance that any of the ways to make Titansteel are profitable on my server - on this particular day! The raw materials prices I used were actual prices at the time, not averages or recent sales data from The Undermine Journal. Some of the routes to Titansteel are much more profitable than others - I'd guess that buying Titanium Bar to smelt is always going to be the most expensive way as other miners are adding in their own profit margins when they list smelted Bars on the Auction House.

But don't stop there - it may be that there isn't much demand for Titansteel Bars on your server so have a look at the demand for Titanium Bars - there's still profit there.

I hope this simple spreadsheet helps - after a while, you will know your numbers & probably won't need to use it but it's always nice to see the math worked out when you first enter a new market.


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Monday, 15 July 2013

Gahz'rooki - Battle Pet Gold Mine Maybe?

If you've been doing the Battlefield: Barrens & Darkspear Rebellion quests in patch 5.3 then you will probably be familiar with the weekly quest to earn your Radical Mojo and 200 Valor Points. Collecting various supplies also gives you access to Epic armor items with an ilevel of 489 - not the best but certainly very handy for any fresh 90's! You will need a Radical Mojo for each piece of armor though so it's not quite as easy as it might sound!

If you've got the armor you want and have a spare Radical Mojo, you can purchase a Gahz'rooki's Summoning Stone from Ravika, the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster located just outside Razor Hill. It's a rare quality battle pet in the form of a Hydra which in itself is great fun as I really like those little critters!

So why am I telling you about a cute battle pet on a gold making blog? Well, when patch 5.4 is released, that will be the end of the Battlefield: Barrens stuff & the Quartermaster will be removed from the game, creating a void in the availability of this pet. It has been confirmed on Twitter that Gahz'rooki will become a rare drop but we don't know yet just how rare he will become.

I've been watching the price on this pet drop recently as more & more players complete their Battlefield: Barrens stuff & just throw this spare pet onto the Auction House. Prices on my 2 main servers are less than 500 gold now and sometimes as low as 250 gold. I think it's definitely worth a small investment to stock up on a few of these now - they aren't one of the best battle pets but for collectors of rare pets, it will always be attractive.

I'm not going to go crazy & fill my bank with them but I am going to snatch up any of the really cheap ones. It's a risk & a long term strategy - it's unlikely they will sell like hotcakes but as a small but steady flow of profit, it will be just another string to my bow.


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Sunday, 14 July 2013

What's been Selling This Week

It's been a while since I did a 'What's Been Selling' post but honestly, I haven't had much to show you as I've been slacking off! However, I'm starting to ramp up my game time again now so hopefully, my sales should improve too & might be worth showing!

This post is a little different as I'm now making gold on 2 servers, the 2nd server has twice the size Alliance population than my own but I have only a bank alt there. I wouldn't be lying if I said I'm finding it a little tough - I haven't flipped seriously in a long time and I'm not finding many good deals in my usual go-to places.

The story behind this little alt is that I joined a Gold Speed Run about 18 months ago & she's been sitting here with cash in her bags ever since! I've recently got into pet battles & as I mentioned in my Making Gold With Pet Battles post, @Socowow gave me the hint to look at multiple servers to find cheap pets. I came to this server, knowing I had some cash here & immediately spent a big chunk of it on pets for my main! But there are so many cheap pets here that I decided to stay & try to fund my new pet buying habit via flipping!

You can see from the screenshot below that I haven't managed to find much stuff to flip - the pristine hides were left over from the Gold Run but are still selling quite nicely. I'm going to have to check out that market back on my main server I think - do the costing & see if it's worth a dabble!

I fell back to the cooking materials as a source of items to flip - I can often find a few extra cheap meat & vegetables to sell for higher prices but we are talking small profits so I quickly got fed up with that! Herbs has always been a good traditional market for flipping too - players pick up a few herbs at random when leveling & if they don't have a use for them, they often just throw them on the Auction House for silly low prices. But again, I found slim pickings there too!

Next up, I went looking for the 80-84 green armor items - the Mists of Pandaria items that Cataclysm level alts can use - it makes questing so much easier when you're overpowered! I did manage to find a few bargains - all the green armor shown above were bought for 50 gold or less & flipped for 100 gold or more, depending on the market. But as I expected, there are already several gold makers playing in those markets so I'm only getting a little sniff of profit when they aren't looking!

My main server is a much different story of course! There I have access to all my maxed professions and a whole heap more gold to invest but it's a much smaller population (about 22,000 I think) and although I know these markets better, my customer base is much smaller & I do have competition here too.

My main market here is still the crafted PvP gear from Tailoring & Leatherworking - I managed to pick up so much cheap Exotic Leather at the start of the patch 5.2, that I am still working my way through it! By only using the daily cooldown to make the Magnificent Hide, my cost is only 30 gold per Hide but that would leave me short on Hides so I've been using the non-cooldown way too - at 75 gold per Hide that way, my costs are still way, way below the sale prices I've been making so it's happy dance all the way to the bank on those!

I also picked up a whole heap of Windwool Cloth at less than 20 gold a stack and I still find quite a lot for 30 gold a stack now so again, most of the tailoring items are costing me only 30 - 45 gold to craft and although their prices are nowhere near as high as the leather/Mail items, it's still a great profit.

You can see by the screenshot above that good old Living Steel Belt Buckles & Netherweave Bags are still selling but sales on those have slowed right down - this screenshot is particularly bad as I didn't even log in for 3 days during the period it covers! 

I still have a stock of Mammoth Mining Bags from earlier in the year. I was quietly raising the prices when along came another seller & dropped them back down to under 200 gold. That was around the time I started losing interest so I just left her to it! Now though, there is a new player in that market who has jumped straight to high prices - I like this competitor! He has his bags up at 800 gold or more so once again, I'm just dropping a few in here & there.

I picked up a whole heap of cheap Ghost Iron Ore recently and am still working my way through it - mainly on my Miner, smelting it to bars for my 2 Alchemists to transmute to Living Steel. I'm not making any more Living Steel Belt Buckles though - I'm saving my Living Steel for the Sky Golem Mount in patch 5.4 & keeping my fingers crossed that Blizzard let it go live this time! I am sending some of the Ore to my jewelcrafter though - she's really been under-utilized this expansion so I'm trying to catch up with my gem cut daily cooldowns. 

Overall, for a really lazy week in gold making effort, I'm ok with my numbers - I definitely need to get a grip on the Enchanting & Gem markets though - I know for sure I'm missing large chunks of market coverage by not paying attention there & I really need to level an Engineer! I'm debating whether to level my abandoned Warlock Engineer or to drop Tailoring on my 2nd alt & change her to my Engineer. Can I face leveling through the low levels of Engineering again? I don't know yet - watch this space!


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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What Makes a Good Gold Maker?

About a month ago, my fellow gold maker, Phat Lewts made an interesting, slightly ranty post about an addon called Total Gold Earned and I have to say, I fully agree with his point of view. Reading that post triggered an idea for my own post but knowing that Selltacular at Copper to Gold had recently taken over Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival, I realised my post idea might be a good one for the Carnival so I emailed Selltacular & held off writing this post.

What is your definition of a good gold maker? How do you measure gold making success?

First let me add my comments to Phat's original post - he talked about how easy it was to inflate your Total Gold Earned figure as it only adds up the total of items you sell in the Auction House. It takes no account of any tradechat transactions or any done via trades with friends or via mail so it also underestimates on that side.

The other area where this little addon falls down is that it can only look at your current stable of alts - my total gold earned looked abysmal to me until I remembered that I hit gold cap during early Cataclysm & have since deleted that banker alt (and she wasn't my first deleted banker either)! So this addon doesn't & can't take that into account and I won't be publicising my totals anytime soon, that's for sure!

So how would I measure success?

If you measure success by how much liquid gold someone has (available gold value in bags & banks), then you are almost missing the point! If I have 1 million gold just sitting in my bags for months on end, I'm not a good gold maker anymore - I've either stopped gold making & just enjoying being rich or I've been playing WoW for a long time and haven't spent anything! Even the worst gold maker can accumulate a tidy amount of gold as long as they aren't losing on every sale - all it takes is time & not spending on expensive items.

So does having a large amount of gold & a huge list of active auctions make you a good gold maker? Nope! I'd say you're on your way though - you do need to have your fingers in many pies & have lots of stuff to sell BUT it needs to be the right stuff!

Does having a high 'total gold earned' value in your game statistics make you a good gold maker? Nope! I think Phat already covered that one!

To be honest? I'm really not sure how I would measure success - there are so many factors involved & so many personalities in this gold making community that there are countless ways to try to define 'success' - personally I go by gut instinct - if I like the way a person writes/talks about gold making, if I know that some of their techniques/methods are ones I use myself then, to be honest, I really don't care how much gold they actually have or how much they are actually making! I'll try their techniques for myself or use them to form the basis for my own experimenting with markets.

What is my definition of a good gold maker?

Using your brain & being curious about new markets is a great asset to any gold maker - addons are great but if you just follow a guide & use it on automatic, you will make expensive mistakes! Using your brain is not just about working out crafting costs before setting your selling prices either. It's a way of thinking, of being keen to learn and being quick to take advantage of new stuff coming out, spotting trends and knowing how the markets work on your server.

A good gold maker is also patient - there's no point rushing to sell something and dropping your prices to sell 'bargains' when with a little patience, you could sell it for full price. Being first to capitalise on a new market or to resurrect an old one is not the same as rushing to sell stuff. We've all seen the amateur sellers in trade chat - dropping their prices quickly in a desperate attempt to sell it now!

In my mind, a good gold maker is also organised - lots of professions leveled and working together to maximise profits, having buy lists of raw materials, ready to grab anything & everything that falls in their pre-set price ranges and making best use of their in-game gold making time. Sitting at the Auction House, farming or crafting all day & making lots of gold that way doesn't make you a good gold maker, just an inefficient one with lots of time to waste!

Am I a good gold maker?

Honestly, I don't think so! I do use my brain & I am patient but I am really unorganised. I do have all professions except Engineering but I don't always make best use of them these days. I actually enjoy faffing around, crafting a bit here & a bit there, scanning the auction house manually and just absorbing prices & spotting trends but I wasn't always like this.

This is a bad habit I've got into since I started playing solo so much and since I hit that magical but anti-climactic 1 million gold. Yes, I've got lazy and you can tell by my lack of blog posts but I also know I can ramp it up whenever I feel like it. I hope I feel like it soon - my blog is nagging at me for some attention!


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Monday, 8 July 2013

Sky Golem - New Engineering Mount in patch 5.4?

All the Engineers I know were getting excited for patch 5.2 with the datamined Sky Claw mount becoming available - sadly it never made it to the live release & Engineers have been moaning about it ever since! With the release of patch 5.4 on the PTR, a similar mount was datamined called 'Not Sky Claw' which it was assumed was a placeholder name but now at last, Engineers are rejoicing again! Yup there's a new mount called the Sky Golem that apparently replaces the Not Sky Claw!

Sadly, it looks as though this isn't going to be a 2 person mount but one which will let you pick herbs without dismounting. I can live with that disappointment though - this mount looks absolutely amazing & for now, at least, isn't marked as Engineers only so hopefully it will be sellable like the Mechano-hog/Chopper mount from WOTLK days.

It's basically a Shredder suit and from early reports on Wowinsider & MMOchampion, it has 4 different colours. The materials are currently shown as 30 x Jard's Peculiar Energy Source & 30 x Living Steel, with the Jard's being on a daily cooldown, requiring 10 Ghost Iron Bars to make and are bind on pick-up!

This means that it will be at least 30 days after patch day before an Engineer can craft this mount as long as they don't miss a cooldown too! I think the first Engineers to get this crafted will make an absolute killing on the Auction House - I would happily pay 50,000 gold for it and with the crafting cost being less than 20,000 even on an expensive server, that will be a nice chunk of profit for someone!

Where did I get my crafting cost figures? Well Living Steel on my server, hovers between 450-550 gold each so average that to 500 gold x 30 = 15,000 gold. Add in just 30 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore (or 10 Ghost Iron Bars) at even 100 gold a stack would equal 3,000 gold - total cost around 18,000 gold.

I don't usually buy Living Steel as I have 2 Alchemists & use their cooldowns most days but I think I will keep an eye on the prices & snatch up a few when the price does drop below 450g. That will allow me to continue making a profit on my Living Steel Belt Buckles whilst keeping some Living Steel in reserve for the mount! The other option for Living Steel is the transmute spell that uses 3 Spirits of Harmony - I don't know about you but I just don't have that many Spirits & I sure as heck don't want to go & farm them!

I think it may be time to get my Engineer leveled at last - that means I have to resurrect my unloved Warlock & get her from 50 something to 85 at least - Yay! yet another project to add to my list!


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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast Gets a New Co-Host

Podcasting - Am I doing it right?
After a couple of years of various people asking me to do a podcast or some kind of audio, I've finally found a little corner of the podcast world that suits me just fine! Yes, Marcus Ty asked me to join him on his new-ish podcast The Journal of Marcus Ty so a couple of days ago, we recorded our first official joint podcast!

This is episode 8 and I guested on episode 7 just a couple of weeks ago. I'll be doing a show notes post here for each show and of course, we're happy to take any questions you may have about gold-making or suggestions for our discussion topic and you can leave comments here or contact Marcus or myself via the links at the bottom of the notes :)

This week we spoke a little about patch 5.4 and a whole lot about how to make gold without professions. We also had a lot of fun & I'm sure Marcus has had to edit out quite a few giggles from me! There's even a little British/American translation section with panties mentioned :) I hope you enjoy the show & the accents!

You can find the all the shows on Marcus's website Wow Gold Journal or you can subscribe on iTunes if that's your preference.

Show Notes
  • Welcome to the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind.
  • We discuss our Week In WoW.
  • A little extra patch 5.4 info from the PTR.
  • Nev has a new iPad!
  • Ructions on Twitter - Is Blizzard moving to Micro-transactions
  • Shopping in the TSM 2.0 Beta
  • What happens when you reach 999,999.99 gold?
  • Gold making without professions - several methods dicussed
  • Round-up, thank you's & farewells :)
Contact Us & Site Links mentioned in the show


Check out
Marcus Ty's Auction House Secrets

Image © Adactio under Creative Commons licence