Sunday, 27 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 9 Favorite Niche

Hmmm, my 20 Days of Gold Making questions seemed like a pretty good list to me originally but now I'm trying to write the posts, some of them are stumping me! Today's burning question is "What is your favorite niche market & why?" but I'm really reaching for an answer for this one!

I'm really not very organised in my gold making endeavors, I jump in & out of markets, craft a bit here, flip a bit there so narrowing it down to one niche is kind of difficult. I've had pretty good sales with the Netherweave Bag market, Essence of Air & the related enchants do well but not very often & of course, glyphs (if you can call them a niche market!). Niche to me though, means a smallish market, very specialised & not necessarily a huge profit earner. It has a narrow target audience, usually few competitors & not a huge supply of the item which allows for higher prices & profits albeit in smaller sales quantities.

Working with that definition, I'd have to say low level enchanting materials is probably one of my favorite niche markets. I periodically dominate the Strange Dust market & have always had good profits from the Greater Eternal Essence market. I'm a bit of a hoarder so any armor drop that doesn't have a transmog value, good stats for levelers or just doesn't sell, usually get disenchanted. I also used to buy very cheap green armor off the Auction House to disenchant, in an effort to get the guild achievement for disenchanting 25,000 items -  Dust, Dust and More Dust! I should probably get back to that soon as we never did manage to check that one off the list!

When I was leveling alts all over the place, my enchanter was kept pretty busy disenchanting every day so she has a bank stuffed full of all sorts of dusts, essences & crystals from all levels! It makes for a very pretty view when I open all her bags but right now, I'm just trying to maximise the sales prices to clear some space!

As I'm sitting here writing this, I suddenly thought 'why don't I try a 'profession package'? lol, I have so much saved up, I could probably put together a full leveling kit & sell it via trade! I've heard/read of others doing this with various professions, maybe I should give it a try! I just need to check what I have already, fill in the gaps & start barking! I'll let you know how that goes :)


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  1. The picture with this is really great. Can I get some of that Arcane Dust right at the front there?

  2. One of my guildies sold profession packs at the beginning of MoP - they sold really well


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