Tuesday, 29 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 10 Farming

The next burning question on my 20 Days of Gold Making is "Do you farm materials? Why? Why not? & Which ones? Where?" Oh I phrased this one really well, didn't I? lol

Ok, so my short answer is 'not normally' which doesn't really tell you anything so let me explain. I tend to buy most of my materials off the Auction House over time - I have a list of items I buy when I see them below their normal price & I save them up until I have enough - things like Spider's Silk, Large Fangs & Essence of Air which can be a real pain to farm myself.

I do farm some things though - Embersilk Cloth farming at the Fractured Front is always a fairly efficient way  to farm, especially if you use a Potion of Treasure Finding at the same time. I used to fish the Darkmoon Faire Shipwreck Debris pools occasionally for Embersilk too. These allow a fisherman to catch a Sealed Crate with lots of goodies inside - if you have upgraded to Mists of Pandaria, these crates now contain Mists level craftables such as Windwool Cloth & Trillium Ores as well as food & other stuff. If you haven't upgraded to Mists then they are still viable for Cataclysm goodies such as Embersilk Cloth & various Volatiles.

I also farm to 'test' areas for posts - there's a tab up top there with all my farming related posts if you are looking for good farming spots. I've not done much farming at all since Mists of Pandaria as I've been leveling & generally mucking about with all the new Mists related activities but I have no doubt I'll be farming things again later in the expansion, once I need  new post ideas or get frustrated with a lack of something on the Auction House!

These days of course there's also the Tillers farming - now this I do - I only have one full size farm so far which is producing either Motes of Harmony or various herbs (mainly for Golden Lotus supply) but I also have all my other alts with farms started so they can produce vegetables. I've eased off with the baby farms for now as I'm trying to be more focused with my time - those dailies definitely take up a chunk of my play time & I'm only doing one faction at a time!

I know farming materials isn't the best gold making method & certainly isn't very time-efficient but sometimes, you just need to turn up your music & go kill stuff - picking a good farming spot & letting rip with the AoE is very soothing after a frustrating day!


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  1. That Farmer Yoon is a lazy fellow. I understand the antipathy of the Mudclaw clan towards him.


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