Monday, 14 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 1

Here we go then - day 1 of my 20 Days of Gold Making. Todays question is 'when did you start gold making & what triggered it?'

I found the lure of gold very early on - in fact, if I remember correctly, I had enough gold for my riding training & mount at level 20 by the end of my 10 day free trial just by questing & selling vendor junk. It helped that I had about 6 different alts all running through starter zones in those 10 days so when I finally took the plunge & converted to a full account, all I had to do was send all the gold to my main.

I didn't set up a specific banker alt straight away but I did allocate one of my lesser played alts to be the auction house alt. As I was only questing at this point, any useful items were checked for sale price at the AH & sold if possible. I do remember clearly finding the cooking recipe vendor in Stormwind & selling loads of those recipes during that first Pilgrim's Bounty holiday. 

I used to keep a daily note of how much gold each alt had - I'm an accountant by trade so keeping track seemed natural & obvious to me. I remember lending 6000 gold to a newish guild member whilst my main was questing in Hellfire. I had all sorts of whispers from my closest guildies, telling me I was silly to trust this guy, what if he didn't pay me back etc but that 6k was only a small chunk of what I had already accumulated & I knew I could easily write it off if he didn't repay me.

2 months into my Wow career :)
My faith in him was rewarded though - he had needed the gold to dual spec so he could fill a gap in the raid team & once he had done that & upgraded his gear properly for raiding, he spent about a week just farming to make gold to repay me. He sadly left guild a while later to join a more aggressive raiding team - we were definitely not serious raiders! I mean we raided regularly but when your 2 healers are prone to giggle fits & the tank is a funny guy, things tend to break down a little, you know?

Anyway, fast forward to August/September 2010 & I found myself guildless & very very lonely in game. Cataclysm was coming but without a guild, I didn't know quite what to do with myself so I turned to the Auction House. It wasn't a conscious decision but as with any new project, I threw myself into it. If you go back & read my very first post here, you will see I thanked Cold & Markco for their useful blogs which I found in those first weeks of my gold making endeavors. From there, I found loads more, created my Twitter account & generally started soaking up information like a sponge!

By the time Cataclysm arrived, I had about 60,000 gold, a specific bank alt & a whole arsenal of markets, professions & tricks to run. Just before Cataclysm arrived, I rejoined my old guild but it was a very different guild with all the raiders having left overnight. I continued to pretty much run solo with occasional guild dungeon runs but I was so busy making gold, I kind of lost interest in social playing! I started this blog in the December & pretty much haven't looked back since.

Edited to add: Cold over at Cold's Gold Factory runs a monthly blogging carnival and in support of my 20 Days of Gold Making, has made Day 1 the topic for the February Carnival. Thank You Cold, for all your help & support xxx


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  1. I needed bags. That's what I started making gold for.

    1. Thanks for joining in - I shall look forward to reading your answers :)

  2. I started making gold three years ago and it was triggered by the fact that I wanted a Chopper mount. I farmed for the mats and the gold to have a guildie make it for me. :)

  3. Hey, i also started making gold when i wanted a chopper mount, i remember spending hours farming all the leather and ore i could to save for that. That was before i had any production skills, just found your blog, will bookmark it and keep reading the new updates


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