Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday Celebrations - Goldtauna, US

This week we welcome an interview from a fellow blogger - Goldtauna. He is relatively new to gold blogging and gold making but he's doing well so far I think!

If you'd like to submit your own gold making Milestone Interview, instructions & more details are on my Milestone Interviews page. Any milestone is suitable - whether it be 100k or 10 million, we want to hear about YOUR story. Don't be shy! You've seen what others are sending in over the last few months so come on - tell us how you've been doing it!

Milestone amount?
200k this week! (Plus a Battle Bear that I am still trying to sell!) 
When did you start?
I started gold-making in October after finishing my first year of University 
Did you set a goal?
My goal initially was 20k. I really didn't set the bar high for myself 
First tips & tricks
Netherweave bags were a great initial start to my gold making. Buying the cloth at 10g a stack and selling bags at 30g 
When did you start a banker alt
I used to have a bank alt in Cata, just to send all my items to and stuff. But they got deleted a long time ago. Now I use Taunnie, my level 90 rogue who was previously unloved. She has no professions or anything yet! 
Best market over the years
I'm having a lot of fun in the transmog market, with alerts set up on my WoWuction of all the great deals. Another market I enjoy and made a lot from was the Fortune Card market.

Starting over - how?
Level Inscription and tailoring for bags and fortune cards. Once I build enough capital with these, start flipping again until I fall back into the same techniques I use now

Did you reach your goal? Set a new one?
I am well over my goal of 20k. I'm setting goal towards gold cap now, as most people do!

Favorite niche market
I would feel bad for not mentioning the Fortune Cards, but recently more into Battle Pets. These little guys are so fun to sell. 
Do you farm materials?
Nope, not unless I am really bored and have nothing to do. I used to farm my Netherweave when the prices went up a lot, and my girlfriend occasionally farms Herbs for me when she is bored. 
Lesser known gold making addons
Adibags, while not strictly a gold-making addon, is invaluable with it's bag set up. I really don't know what I would do without my bags sorted like that. 
Biggest oops!
Buying Shadowfang for 80k. While I flipped it for a lot more, I did it way too early in my gold-making career. It's also way too niche of an item for my liking and took a lot of work to sell. 
Biggest yay!
When I could easily buy my girlfriend a couple mounts she liked and not even think twice. Second would probably be winning a Darkmoon Rabbit on my second time going to the faire! Selling him off soon! 
How much playtime devoted to gold making?
At the moment, every minute because I'm bored of SoO. Just sitting around in Orgrimmar most of the time. 
Have one of every profession, with no double ups yet. Plan on levelling more in readiness for Draenor 
Love it! Buying one item for 20g and selling it for 20k is just so fulfilling. 
Vendor pets & pet battles
I love selling pets. They are one of my favorite items, although sometimes I get a little too attached. 
Advice for a new gold maker
Read, read, read! There is so much information out there for people to look up! Between Consortium, Nev, PhatLewt and others, they have covered heaps of topics to get you started! 
Reward yourself for reaching goal?
Not myself, my girlfriend. I bought her a Sky Golem, which she adores as it 'flies so awesomely! And I can get you herbs quicker!' She is over the moon for it. 
Share the blog love - my 'must read' suggestions
Sorry if I miss anyone out:
- PhatLewt's Gold Blog
- Auction House Addict
- Consortium Forums
- WoWEconomy subreddit
- Any blog that shows up on The Undermine Journal basically
And of course, my blog at A Little Bird Gold Me (

Looks like you're off to a great start Tauna - keep your brain in active mode and your eyes open for opportunities and I'm sure you'll be a Millionaire in no time! Good luck with your blogging too - I look forward to reading more from you soon.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Saturday Celebrations - Darkstar, Darksorrow-EU

This week we have a tale of multiple millions from Finland. Darkstar isn't your typical gold maker or WoW player by the sounds of his story - but he's still managed to amass quite a fortune.

If you'd like to submit your own gold making Milestone Interview, instructions & more details are on my Milestone Interviews page. Any milestone is suitable - whether it be 100k or 10 million, we want to hear about YOUR story. Don't be shy! You've seen what others are sending in over the last few months so come on - tell us how you've been doing it!

When did you start?  
I started WoW maybe a week after it was released in Finland. I still remember how cool a game it was.. standing against Ragnaros and shooting with a wand! Hahaha! My gold making started late in The Burning Crusade. I started to fund the guild I was in and somehow I found it exciting when all the junk was sold out and we actually had good stuff in the guild bank. After our guild was dismissed due to inactivity, I started to collect some coppers for myself. 
What is your milestone amount?  
3 million 
Did you set a goal?/what's your new goal, if any?  
When I started saving gold, I dreamed of gold cap. Back then I knew no-one who had reached it but I remember checking a video from youtube about this guy looting the mailbox until gold limit. I think at that time I made a decision to do the same thing. It took quite a while to get my first million and when it finally came, I was so happy. It is kinda funny when 100g profit used to be so much, but now it's nothing. While writing this interview, I currently have 3,008,210g on my server. I think my next goals are 4th million and to get rest of the battle pets.  
When did you start a banker alt/ Do you keep the same banker alt? 
My banker alt is a lvl 35 rogue ( who uses staff :D ). I have two rogues because I also wanted a human female character so this male version was about to be deleted, but I thought I'd use it for a while as a banker. That "while" grew to be years. I practically run everything other than JC/alchemy items through my banker.  
Best market over the years? 
There is something in alchemy that I like. It was my first ever profession to pick up and has been my favourite ever since. I farmed earlier 100% recipes for it and I transmute gems to cut. Alchemy is also great since you can choose the specialization. I would say I have made 60% of my gold with Alchemy & Jewelcrafting combo.  
Do you farm materials? 
I used to farm quite a lot of herbs/ores, but nowadays I have no need since I can buy large amounts of stuff to shuffle. On rare occasions I might farm adamantite ore to make mercurial adamantites.  
How much playtime devoted to gold making? 
WoW has never been my #1 game since I played CoD in high level and now I play BF4 mainly, but when I'm logged in, I either farm pets or fool around with my banker. I try to visit WoW every day of course due to profession cooldowns.  
Latest market where I have found myself is flipping Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria green armour. I buy pretty much everything that is under 60g and put them back for 255g. It's not high volume market in my server, but it gives me good profit. So it is like safe investment. 
Advice for a new gold maker? 
We live in the world of information and you might be overwhelmed with all the options for gold making. You have no hurry to master all professions. Get maybe a few addons (Postal and Auctioneer) to start with and get two professions which can be used together like Jewelcrafting/Mining. You don't have to sell new materials, because people need older stuff to level their professions. Also set yourself a goal :) 
Shout outs for any blogs or podcasts that helped you along the way  
I have been too busy with school this Autumn/Winter so unfortunately I haven't had time to follow much anything related to gold making. I used to watch Jim Younkin's live streams, Tarou's videos and Blogs which were linked to the Undermine Journal. Two best web sites must be and 
Keep reading AH Addict blog, guys and girls. Enjoy WoW!

So I have to give a BIG GRATZ to Darkstar for reaching 3 million gold - that is quite a pile of gold for someone who doesn't call WoW his main game!

I find it curious how so many people find their favorite profession to be one of the first ones they pick up! I picked up Leatherworking on my first character and she is still a leatherworker and she is still my main alt too. She has almost every recipe/pattern from previous expansions and is working on the current PvP crafted items.

I guess it's the one I know best even though I left it alone for a while during Cataclysm. Is your favorite profession the one that makes you the most gold or the one your first picked up? I'd be interested to know so leave a comment if you feel like.


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Friday, 10 January 2014

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast - Episode 21 with The Godmother

For our first show of 2014, we invited the Godmother to join us to talk about her time in game and how she's accidentally accrued a stash of gold! If you haven't come across her on twitter (@alternativechat) or her blog Alt:ernative Chat, you should probably go say hello and have a read. She's opinionated for sure but she does have some great posts & ideas too and I have to say I fangirl'd a bit at the start of the show! I think I even made her blush a little too :)

We had a few technical issues but once we got those sorted out, Marcus started grilling the Godmother on her time and life in game over the last 9-10 years. For me as a Wrath baby, it was great to hear some of their early WoW stories.

Then we got onto the goldmaking and both Marcus and I offered some tips and advice to how the Godmother could improve her gold making in game whilst not really trying too hard. If you're a veteran player just getting into gold making, maybe some of our advice will suit you too.

If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to cover, do get in touch with either myself or Marcus, we don't bite, honestly! We'd love to hear from you and of course, if you like us enough, we'd love some iTunes reviews or Stitcher thumbs ups too!

As always - you can find us on iTunes or Stitcher Radio or you can listen via the website if you prefer.

Show Notes
  • Welcome to the Pig and Whistle.
  • Godmother orders a large one.
  • Ten years of accidental gold making
  • Gold making hints and tips for veteran Warcraft players

Resources mentioned in the podcast:


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Monday, 6 January 2014

30 Minutes a Day Project - Day 28 Wrap Up

Well, I finally made it to the end of the project with only 4 days missed. Now for me, that's actually pretty darn good and I only missed those days due to being in hospital so I'm quite pleased with myself for that. However, I am also not so pleased with myself about how much I didn't make this month!

I listed the last lot of stuff at the end of Day 27 without really caring or watching how much I was listing for. And wouldn't you know it? As soon as I stop trying so hard, I have my best day of the whole month! When I emptied the mailbox this evening, I picked up almost 570 gold. I still have a bunch of stuff left to sell but only enough to fill my backpack so really, I think I timed that pretty well too.

Just for information, I thought I'd include the My Sales addon summary screen for the month so you can see where I made the most sales this month. Now obviously, this doesn't show profit but I was really lucky through the month and I'm not sure I made many losses all the way through the project.

I have to say, I think I really lucked out with doing this in December! I didn't even consider the Winter Veil festival when I had this idea but of course, Strange Dust is top of my sales list and I'd hazard a guess that it was almost all profit too! The Rugged Leather and Wool Cloth sales were bonus markets from Winter Veil too but I quickly fell into a habit of checking the herb market first and with the time limit, I mainly stayed with flipping herbs.

I did occasionally venture into other markets but too late in the month to show up on the top sellers list. The few recipes I picked up early on didn't sell very well although they did sell eventually. I wonder if I should have gone to get more and keep trying with those. 

So in the end, 28 days for 15 minutes a day should have resulted in  7 hours played time. As I found out very quickly, 15 minutes to do all the AH stuff is ok but it didn't give me time to record all the transactions so my actual played time is shown above at almost 14 hours. That means I spent about 30 minutes a day logged in but that was not just recording & making transactions. I also have some very chatty realID friends so a bit of that time was chat time too!

I did enjoy this project but I also found it very frustrating. I started it because I needed some kind of impetus to log in & do something productive but once in game, my natural inclination is to hang out in the Auction House for hours, just scanning for deals and absorbing price information so the time limit drove me crazy!

I hope you've found a bit of useful info somewhere in this diary of a newbie banker and just in case you're wondering, the closing balance of gold in her bag was 1713 gold. Not very good at all by my expectations but still not too bad given the restrictions.


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Sunday, 5 January 2014

30 Minutes a Day Project - Days 25 - 27

And so we come to the last of the daily updates - I've got one more post after this to summarise the whole project and wrap up some final numbers for you but I won't be boring you with big spreadsheets for a while again now! 

Day 25
I picked up almost 200 gold from the mailbox today which wasn't too bad considering I didn't have too much more actually listed on the Auction House! I did a scan and grabbed what bargains I could find quickly. I really am trying to buy a lot more stuff but there just doesn't seem to be that many obvious bargains around at the moment! I scanned the herb market as usual and dipped into the Mists cooking materials too but the deals were few and far between.

As you can see, I did pick up 3 cheap Clockwork Rocket Bot pets for around 120g each - I'm hoping these will sell quickly but I have my doubts to be honest, I haven't had a huge amount of success with Battle Pets. These may turn out to be better as longer term investments - once the buzz of Winter Veil has died down and these aren't so easily available, they should fetch a very nice price but sadly, that will be too late for this little project.

Day 26
Only 125 gold from the mailbox today but that's partly a timing thing again as I logged in early today and late evening yesterday. At this point, I still have a bunch of auctions still listed from yesterday so they could still sell at some point today.

I grabbed another piece of level 83/84 green armor for just 18 gold. I don't have a grip on this market on this server so I played it a bit safe and relisted it for just 75 gold. On my main server, I'd be relisting at 185 - 199 gold but only because I have that market almost to myself there.

I did pick up a sweet deal on the Briarthorn though - I just hope it sells for that crazy high price! I'm already regretting buying the Khadgar's Whisker for so much - it seemed like a sweet deal given the current prices but when I was filling in my spreadsheet, I realised the whole market was inflated and I think I'm probably going to lose on that one.

It does show the importance of checking trends though - this isn't going to kill my efforts or bankrupt me but if I was investing in a much larger purchase, I'd have been stupid not to check out the market averages on The Undermine Journal at least.

Day 27
So given that I missed 4 days at some point during the month, today is 31st December and it's the last official day of this project. The mailbox gave me about 270 gold and as I suspected yesterday, the Khadgar's Whiskers didn't sell.

As I was listing the remaining stock, I did buy a few bits and pieces, just to raise the bottom price in those markets. Sometimes, it's worth spending a few silvers or gold to clear out the bottom items before you list your own stuff. It's what I've been doing all along of course - buying the very cheapest items and relisting them at a higher price but if you're not used to flipping and you're trying to sell stuff your alts have picked up, it may be a new(ish) idea to you.

I relisted everything in my bags and logged off. Tomorrow I'll collect my gold and say a fond farewell to Kalanna, my banker.


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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saturday Celebrations - Weale, Silver Hand-US

This week we have a story of a self-made millionaire, Weale from Silver Hand-US server. With a slightly different outlook on gold making, Weale avoids the traditional markets and has made reselling his own.

If you'd like to submit your own gold making Milestone Interview, instructions & more details are on my Milestone Interviews page. Any milestone is suitable - whether it be 100k or 10 million, we want to hear about YOUR story. Don't be shy! You've seen what others are sending in over the last few months so come on - tell us how you've been doing it!

What is your milestone amount?
1 Million total Altoholic gold. 
What got you started making gold and when?
I've always had "some" gold but I never really focused on accumulating it. It was sometime around the end of the year in 2012 that I started taking "making gold" more seriously. I cleared a couple hundred thousand with a lot of effort put into crafting during the early weeks of MoP so I did have maybe 200-300k spread around on Silver Hand Horde characters when I decided I would try to "make a million." 
Which markets have you concentrated on, if any?
I've made most of my gold this year by reselling. Not all but I would say maybe 60-80%. I started reselling items on a lark around the beginning of 2013, and was surprised what a decent business it was. Ultimately it became what I concentrated most on. 
Biggest successes or biggest failures
Well I sold the first bar of Living Steel ever put on our AH for 20k. That was ridiculous. But the biggest success was certainly figuring out a way to resell efficiently. I keep about 1,000 auctions up and I have my search and pricing pretty smoothly automated. 
In the world of failures, I avoid most "obvious" crafted items like gems, blue gear, flasks/potions etc, because they are just a lot of trouble for the amount of money they bring in. (On my server anyway.) Occasionally I will cut gems and scribe glyphs for alts and when I do, I often make a batch to sell. I also try to make desirable items from casually or cheaply collected materials -- the 553 pants, or Sky Golem/Pierre. Even if those sell at the supposed materials cost, my actual materials cost might be 1/2 that or less. 
The battle pet market is terrible on my fairly small economy server. I thought it might be a good thing at first, but eventually I just wound up with 1-1/2 guild tabs of pets that I will try to sell some day if/when we get connected to other servers. 
Advice for new goldmakers
If you want to resell, you need to be able to log in multiple times per day and have your mail -> AH process working smoothly. You need to be prepared to relist some/many items for months. 
If you are selling crafted items, get the materials as cheaply and quickly as you can. 
Don't buy ANYTHING for yourself unless it's really important. The only things I even remotely splurged on were enough battle pets to get me the collecting achievements.
If you have a bunch of level 90 alts, ALWAYS do your Lei Shen treasure runs. You can easily get 300-500 "free" gold and 2-3 spirits of harmony for your 10-15 minutes of work (go find a key, do a run). That is a lot of gold and spirits per hour. 
Shout outs for any blogs or podcasts that helped you along the way
Pretty much figured it out all on my own. 
What's your new goal, if any?
3-4 months ago I was sure I wouldn't make it to 1 Million by the end of the year, but I passed 1 Million in gold last week. I might make it to 1.1 Million by the end of the year. Meanwhile I have an inventory of stuff worth maybe 2 Million more, about half it listed regularly, the other half chilling out in a vault. 
I think I will continue to do what I'm doing but spend some of the money I make on luxuries. I feel like after being reasonably successful this year, I've earned it!
So there we go - reselling is big business for Weale - Congratulations on your first Million gold and may it continue to pour into your bags!

The funny thing is that I don't usually resell stuff, especially transmog or high level armor - transmog just didn't seem to take off on my small server and I've lost touch with the high end stuff so I steer clear of it. However, for the last month, I've been doing my 30 minutes a day project and reselling is pretty much all I've been doing, albeit at the very bottom end of the markets!

Having read Weale's story, maybe I should look at it again - at the very least, it will give me something to write about and I can afford to take a risk here & there now too!


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Friday, 3 January 2014

30 Minutes a Day Project - Days 22 - 24

OK, time to play catch-up! I'm a few days late writing this up so it may be a bit sketchy on the details! Had a lovely quiet Christmas Day with just Mum and Bro and then Boxing Day there too (that's the day after Christmas for my US friends), so I didn't get much time online.

Day 22
Basically I just emptied the mail box and had a quick skim - saw a whole bunch of cheap Mageweave Cloth, grabbed it, relisted and dashed off to Mum's for lunch! It was nice to see such high prices for the Bolts of Linen Cloth and Silk Cloth though. I find it really hard to understand why the Bolts sell for so much more than the cloth - it's the same with the Bars of ore versus the ore prices - you can almost always guarantee that Bars/Bolts prices will be higher than the simple material cost.

Yes, I understand that one more process and therefore a bit of additional time has gone into making them but to buy cloth at 10 silvers and sell the bolts for almost 1 gold is crazy mark-up! I'm not complaining though - it's a great way to make some starting capital as you only need the most very basic training in Tailoring or Mining to craft them both and you can easily make a lot of gold if you have the time.

Day 23
So the holidays are over and it's time to get back to the Auction House. Not many sales but a nice chunk of change in the mailbox today. The 3 stacks of Silkweed netted me almost double the amount of gold I paid for them and the Mageweave all sold too.

I spent almost all of my 15 minutes today snatching up the cheapest items from a variety of categories. Herbs have proved to be a good source of profit so of course, I look there first. Today though, I also checked out the Mists cooking materials, the cloth and the Ores/Bars markets. There were loads of listings for herbs at silly low prices - Terocone and Talandra's Rose had really large gaps to the next priced auction so I nabbed those. I just hope they sell for that crazy high price!

I am having real problems spending large amounts of gold though - I'm so risk averse and very aware of my time limits so I'm going for the obvious bargains. I think perhaps if I had given myself more time, I'd be taking a bit more of a risk with the level 83/84 green armor market. I don't want to be left with a bunch of stock at the end of this project so I'm playing it safe I guess.

If this was going to be my new playing server, I think I'd be more inclined to just go for it, knowing that the stuff would sell eventually. I'd also be leveling alts, picking up stuff to sell or use and having professions leveling too. I'd be gathering on the first couple of alts just to provide materials for professions and then to sell excess stuff. Add in copious quantities of vendor trash and my gold stash would be building quite nicely I think!

Day 24
Yet another lazy day but what a great haul out of the mailbox! I listed fairly late last night and this was late morning so only a few auctions had expired. I planned to come back later in the day to relist any other expired auctions and to grab some bargains but time kind of got away from me and I didn't make it back into game to complete my 15 minutes!

At least I've stopped making silly mistakes from rushing to much now but that doesn't make me feel any better about my poor performance in this project! It does show me how important it is to keep up with the markets though and how much time is needed to really make this work.

I'm definitely going to do this again soon but with a different set of rules for myself. I think the time constraint was a good idea and it was designed to make me log in and do something productive in a short amount of time rather than to log in and faff about for hours. Knowing you have a whole evening ahead can sometimes put you off logging in when you're in a bit of a slump. You need to give yourself goals or a mini project rather than wandering aimlessly which is what I've been doing for a while now.

I have my to-do list on my other blog and I have a baby Shaman and Warlock fighting for my attention but I have this nagging main Pally that just won't let me rest! I'm trying hard to ignore her for the time being but I still find myself logging her and then getting disheartened when she's still rubbish! I think I'm going to have to turn my music up loud and drown her out for a while - I've got stuff to get done you know! lol

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

30 Minutes a Day Project - Days 19 - 21

With Christmas fast approaching, I've been trying to keep on top of this little side project and my main server. I did get a little distracted by my shiny new baby Warlock so the baby Shaman I'm supposed to leveling with this bank alt has kind of been sitting around. I'm also late posting this update as you may have noticed!

Day 19
Not a huge haul from the mailbox today but I did go on a bit of a shopping spree in the herb section again. The Strange Dust market has finally been overloaded and prices have dropped considerably and although it's still very profitable, I don't particularly want Strange Dust to be my main source of gold in this project so I haven't bothered with it today.

I did buy just one level 83 green armor item just to see if that market is viable on this server. It's probably too late in the month to make huge amounts of gold from but it's also a market that requires a bit of capital and storage space. It's well worth checking out if you have a bit more gold than I do here at the moment though.

As you can see from my bought list and listed prices, I'm hoping to double my money on quite a few purchases today. Some, like the Ghost Iron Ore, will be a very nice chunk of change coming in, others, like the Silverleaf or Bruiseweed, will still be double their purchase price but there weren't so many cheap ones available.

It was nice to see the Spider's Silk so cheap but with a top end price that made the flip worth the risk. It was always one of my favorite things to snatch cheap on my main server for making the Spider Silk Cloak and Boots although those have been relegated now with the advent of additional heirlooms for those slots.

Day 20
Today is Christmas Eve and due to family duties, I only had time to empty the mailbox and list some of the stuff from the Shaman's leveling adventures this morning. I still have plenty listed on the Auction House from last night soI'm still hopeful for more sales later in the day which I can pick up tomorrow morning. I was really pleased to see the Ghost Iron Ore sold and the Stitched Shoulderpads - I'll have to remember this level 83-84 green armor market if I do another project in January!

Day 21
Christmas Day has finally arrived and as I logged in to Ironforge, I realised I should have taken my banker back to Stormwind! The lag was horrendous, with so many players trying to get their Winter Veil presents from under the tree and some really obnoxious idiots who refused to get off their giant mounts or move away from the area, no matter how nicely people were asking them to!

It's another family day too so I grabbed the gold out of the mailbox (eventually, stupid lag!) and hearthed back to Stormwind to spend a few minutes in the Auction House. I relisted any expired auctions and grabbed just a few deals before heading to Mum's house. 

One of the markets that has surprised me over the last week or two is the Silk Cloth market. I haven't leveled a lowbie in a long while but I know some of the loot tables changed a while back. I always used to pick up loads of Silk Cloth when leveling but I'm guessing it's not so plentiful now. With Bolts of Silk Cloth listed for 10g or more, I may have to rummage through my main banks to see how much gold I'm sitting on!

I was surprised to see Small Eggs are still holding a price of about 2gold as well - the Wool Cloth & Rugged Leather markets are almost back to normal prices and Copper Bars never really moved upwards at all!

Closing gold balance after purchases today was 979 gold - woop woop! So close to the 1000 gold mark now, I can't believe how excited I am! It seems kinda silly, given how much I have on my main server but I've been enjoying this challenge and once I saw how slowly it was building, I wasn't sure I'd even make the 1000 gold point by month end!

Early on, I bought just a few cooking recipes from the vendor in Old Town. Some sold but some didn't and through leveling, I've picked up a couple more which aren't selling either. I guess with the changes to cooking at the beginning of Mists where you can level cooking almost without leaving Halfhill, this is another old market which is dying if not dead already. It's a shame really as it was a great way to pick up some starter capital for new players.


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