Monday, 27 June 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

© Nev 2008, Picking Cherries
 Another slow sales week, with rare gem prices really dropping off, pre Patch 4.2 slow down I guess. Sales income for the week of 41.5k & liquid gold increase of 30.9k so I spent 10.6k this week mainly on a bit of last minute stocking up for the patch. In one way, it's annoying because I'm so close to my target that I don't want to spend more than I have to but by doing so, I should be able to really make use of the craziness that is Patch day in the AH!

I dipped my toe back into the enchanting market & cherry picked the highest profit enchants - namely the Hurricane & Agility enchants but if you saw yesterdays post, farming Essence of Air is a little hit & miss timewise so I'm not sure how many of the agility enchants I can realistically keep listed. Essence of Air sells for 175g each on my server which means that either the enchant price needs to skyrocket or I need to spend time farming, not my favourite occupation tbh.

Inferno ink sales have slowed down & the price has dropped but that's because the Darkmoon Faire isn't around for another week or two. I expect the new Inscription relics for 4.2 will also spike demand but I'm undecided whether to just sell all my inks at insane prices or to try some of the relics. I'll probably try 1 relic & see what the prices are like before I decide which way to go on Wednesday.

Greater Eternal Essences have also slowed down, saleswise & I've gained some competition. I'm doing my usual list when there's very few listed & at a price I'm happy to sell at. I actually bought some for 15g each this week & immediatly listed them for 55g which promptly sold!

Chocolate cookies & Glyphs are still selling well - some glyphs have jumped up to 300g or more but they aren't showing in my list up above because they are on page 2 :)

Blacksmithing has improved a little - I managed to shift some Ebonsteel Belt Buckles & I tried the Hardened Elementium Bar after reading Wes's post over at Capped By Cata. The Obsidium Skeleton Keys continue to sell but the strange thing is that most of them seem to be going to one person! I keep expecting an email asking for a bulk price but not received one so far.

The PvP stuff is what's left over from levelling my blacksmithing but I haven't made anymore because everything is going to be changing when the patch hits. Just in case you don't know, if you have the pattern already, it will be upgraded in your profession book & the patterns at the vendor will upgrade too so there's no rush to buy the patterns BUT if you have any unsold ready crafted PvP stuff, it won't upgrade so I'm trying to get rid of the few bits that I have left.

So that's been my week but I've also been slowed down by having my husband home for the week & we've started a little horde alt for a bit of cross faction trading. I haven't tried any cross faction before so I'm taking note of Faid's precautions & taking advice from Flux & Jokinee from Power Word:Gold. Talking of which - look out for episode 13 of their podcast - they have a very special guest this week :-D

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Something in The Air?

© Nev 2003 Something in the Air
A little while ago, I did a post about getting my Timbermaw Reputation to exalted in order to get the 2 heirloom weapon agility enchants. Both these enchants use Essence of Air which is notoriously difficult to farm since the Cataclysm. Wowhead lists them as a 5% drop rate which, as we all know, means a lot of farming time. The first time I went farming in Silithus, I killed Dust Stormers for almost 1 hour to get the 8 Essences of Air that I wanted. Recently I have had reason to go back several times & I've also shown or taken guildies there too.

The quickest way for a level 85 character is to portal to Uldum & fly across to the top north-west corner of Silithus as shown on the map. There are 2 main areas, concentrated around either side of the Crystal Vice where the earth elementals (Rumblers) are. The blue line on the map is the approximate path for the Twilight Prophet & her guards. She drops 7-10 Encrypted Twilight Texts which are used for Cenarion Circle reputation so if you already have the rep (or not interested in rep grinds), you can sell them on the auction house for maybe 20g each but obviously, your server prices may be a little different. I have them on my snatch list & buy them up when I see them for 3g or less.

So why am I telling you about this slow farm/low drop rate item? Well, I've been farming there several evenings recently & I have a feeling the drop rate has been improved!

I lent some gold to a guildie & instead of them repaying me in gold, I asked her to farm 8 Essences of Air for me, expecting it to take maybe 2 hours & she would feel like she'd worked for her loan! Instead, she whispered me within about 30 mins to say she had them already & did I want any more?

Two weeks ago, I was at Ahn'Qhiraj with another guildie farming the Battletank mounts & when we hit the 5 instances per hour limit, I took him over to Silithus to show him this corner. It's a nice little gold earner for anyone patient enough to farm & then patient enough to wait for them to sell. We were there for maybe 20 minutes & between us we got 10 Essences of Air.

Another evening this last week, I was kinda restless & didn't want to start any major stuff as it was getting late so I dived down to this corner & did a bit of farming. Within the first 12 minutes I had picked up 9 Essences of Air, not to mention 10 Breath of Wind & 12 Elemental Airs.

Now this is all anecdotal of course but my luck with the RNG is never very good. I decided to test my theory again this morning (Sunday) before writing this post & what happened? Yup, you guessed it - 3 essences of air in 30 mins - back to the old, horrible drop rate!

I had a look at the comments on Wowhead & there seems to be a mixed response as to whether the drop rate has been improved. I'm going to try it again in the late evening, just to see if there's a time based element on this particular RNG as one commenter suggested.

So, has anyone else been farming these lately? How was the drop rate for you? Or would someone like to test this hunch out?

Edited to add: If you have a choice of alts to take farming here, take a miner - lots of thorium nodes & some truesilver ones as well. Also, if your guild is going for the killing critters achievement - there's a fair few snakes around too! Enjoy :-D

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

© Nev 2011, Eyes Wide Open
It's been a fun week this week, achievement chasing & levelling an alt or two, whilst trying to keep my sales at a steady level. Now that school holidays are sneaking up on my server, I can see a definite difference in sales, prices & volumes which is interesting & frustrating at the same time. Interesting because it's my first summer as a dedicated gold maker & frustrating as I'm so close to gold cap now, I just want to get there but prices are fluctuating like crazy so I'm being more careful about riskier strategies.
Sales income this week of 48198g + 2334g from my new blacksmith alt but with only a 36k increase in liquid gold, tells me my spending has shot up again after a couple of low spend weeks to 14.2k. having said that, I did spend about 7k on gear for my DK & 1k on Argent Tournament mounts for my paladin mount collector so actually crafting/resell expenses are still only around the 6k mark.

I finally managed to sell my epic world drop Woundsplicer Handwraps but only for just over 6000g - I mentioned a few weeks ago that these dropped for my pally about an hour after I'd bought & equipped a pair on my Priest for 8000g so I could say that I only paid 2000g for her gloves but somehow it feels more like I lost 2000g due to my inability to sell them at the higher price! Hmmmm.

Along with my usual glyphs & rare cut gems, I did manage to shift a fair few Greater Eternal Essences & Inferno Inks last week & the price also remained fairly high. I know from some comments that this is a good price & I've been actively working to keep these prices up there. I almost always have mine listed at around these prices, sometimes I'm slightly undercutting others but often I'm the most expensive. However, it does serve to keep undercuts just below mine so the overall average price stays high & customers get used to seeing the market at these prices. Eventually they will be the norm & people won't balk at paying these prices.

I also found out I needed a cooking recipe from the Shattrath Daily Cooking quest (to complete the Outland Gourmet achieve) so when it took me over to Netherstorm, I took the opportunity to stock up on the pets from Dealer Rashad, the pet guy over there. I've sold a few this week but the pet market seems pretty saturated except for the Pet Bombling from Engineering which has been selling nicely this week. I'm still looking for the Lifelike Mechanical Toad recipe on the AH but I think I live in hope on that one!

As for my newly maxed Blacksmith, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. I think mostly because I had heard & read such great stories about profits from Blacksmithing but then again, I do realise that this close to Patch 4.2 with all those new recipes/plans coming online, I may have timed it badly! Pretty much the only thing that sells for a decent profit is the Obsidium Skeleton Keys - that Bloodied Pyrium Helm & Ebonsteel Belt Buckle up there are total flukes & Volatile Fire prices have been at a steady 13-18g each, making any of the Bloodied Pyrium set have a crafting cost of over 220g.

So for now, I'm knuckling down to my usual markets but I'm keeping my eyes wide open for opportunities elsewhere. I promised myself a whole host of goodies when I hit goldcap but until then, I really mustn't buy anymore pretties :D

PS The addon I use for showing my sales data is called MySales, download from & really easy to use.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Getting Started - Don't Give Up!

0169 Nev 2006 - Keep Your Head On

Hello there!
Khalior here from Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile to help out with Nev's "Getting Started" series. Today, we do a quick and simple once-over of the issue of the most grieving thing that every gold-maker will encounter : items that do not sell.

So you have everything set up.
You've got your items, you know the prices, you know the right times when to post.

You get down to business.
And then you play the Waiting Game(TM).
When you come back to your mailbox to reap your rewards, you collect the gold and... the items that did not sell.
Frustration may hit you at some point, especially when you've listed items for days and days and they keep coming back to you.
Breathe in, breathe out, you can work this out.

What you need to do is focus on each item and find out why no one is buying it. Here are reasons why your item may not find its' buyer.

a) The market is flooded
Take a look at The Undermine Journal for your item on your realm.
Maybe there's tons of auctions there - so it's normal that it may take time before someone buys your auction. In certain markets, it can get really crowded. That's when you have to be clever and find the right time to post your auction. Also, check again on your auctions once in a while, because the situation may be that...

b) Someone has undercut you
The most likely reason why your item has not been bought. If the market is crowded, it's very likely to happen. You can try to cancel your auction and undercut that person back. But that game can go on and on and you have to know when's the right time to stop.

The ill effects of undercutting are that you are losing your auction deposit, you might possibly be lowering the price of the item and there's also the possibility that other players join in your undercutting wars, making the whole process very complicated. "Spying" on the potential undercutters by looking at their Posting Times on The Undermine Journal is a way to counter undercutting. Logging onto your auction toon and babysitting the Auction House is another option. (Although don't forget to play the game, at some point!)

c) You've overpriced the item
This is partly subjective to the people's buying power on your server. If no one is willing to buy your item for the price that you are asking for, you may be stuck there for a long while. Prices of servers differ between each other, and people are used to see certain prices on the AH. If they are used to see double digits for an item, why would they go for your triple digit item ?

Knowing the market of your items is a bit of a science, mixing people's buying power with item rarity and demand. Checking for average pricing on TUJ, browsing the comments section of your item on Wowhead, knowing how the item is obtained, are all helpful hints of how your item should be priced.
You can always experiment and go against all odds - sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised!

d) There is no current demand for the item
Sadly, it happens. Sometimes if you continue reposting again and again, one day you will find a buyer. But that can take some time. Sometimes it's best to stockpile the item in your bank and try the market again on a rainy day.

You can also set yourself some Undermine Journal notifications for your item and wait until the market picks up again to consider posting your items. It's also common knowledge that a greater variety of buyers is online during the weekends, so consider posting your item on Friday evening and see if you get lucky.

As you can see, there's tricks to help you out of the situation. It's the tinkering and the research for every auction that makes casual auctioneers lose patience and a lot of gold because they don't take the time to find a solution to their problem.

It is problem-solving at its' best : focus, find the issue, find all different possibilities of addressing the issue, choose the optimal one, apply it.

The people who are offering coaching and counseling for gold-makers live by a similar system. With time and practice, this can be applied to a problematic auction in a matter of 2-3 minutes and you can move on to the next issue.

The motto is : don't give up!


I'd like to thank Khalior for writing the first ever guest post here at Auction House Addict & I think it's a great post to give encouragement to budding auctioneers. One thing I will add for my lovely & local EU readers is - do not despair - there is a new site recently launched that will, over time, come to be as important & useful to us as the Undermine Journal is to the US players.

This is where EU readers can help Acy get his site moving, go to Wowtrader, log in & upload the data from your auction house scans. The more data uploaded, the more useful it will be. For more information, Alto interviewed Acy recently & I hope we can all pitch in & help Acy get this new site off the ground.

Monday, 13 June 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

© Nev 2004, Taking It Easy
It's been a slow money making week for me this week, I've been kicking back & taking it easy at the AH mainly because I finally got my warrior to level 75 & maxed her Blacksmithing. I've also been achievement hunting, raising alts & planning a new experiment so although I've made money, I definitely can see the difference that easing off has made in my glyph market.

Having said all that, the maths is still good - I've seperated out my Blacksmith from the overall numbers but combined income per MySales is 52k, gold increase over the week is 49.5k so expenses come to about 2.5k. Last week, a reader queried how low my expenses are - well, I've said before that I don't tend to stockpile stuff but I do horde all sorts of things, including a fair few rare gems.

Looking at my list below, I finally sold my Crusader Enchant Formula (no gold outlay), Primal Mights (stuff from alt bank account), chocolate cookies (time outlay, very low mat costs) & all the gems were from my guild bank stash. The only real costs I have are herbs on a weekly basis & periodically I blow a few thousand on cheap Elementium or Obsidium Ores which I then process as & when I feel like it so they don't show in this weeks' expenses even if I process them this week & make gold from them. 

The only things in the above list of items that I spent gold to produce are the Greater Eternal Essences (mat cost of about 12-15g per) & the Hurricane Enchant scroll - I actually bought 3 at 300g each because I knew they would sell at 600g or more. Obviously I bought herbs for the glyphs too but I've been a bit lazy on glyphing this week so not that much on herbs to be honest!

Having maxed my Blacksmith this week (Wednesday evening) I thought I'd seperate out her sales & auctions so I could see which items I made for levelling were actually selling. I already had all the ores I needed as I've been lazy on shuffling recently & I knew I needed some for this girlie when she finally got to 75!

I also bought a few extra plans to fill out the Bloodied Pyrium PvP set. Interestingly enough, whilst my server may be great for glyphs, plate pvp stuff sells for below material costs! Volatile fires sell for an average of 12-15g each so even with Elementium ore at 2g each, the minimum cost for the cheapest Bloodied Pyrium piece (bracers) should be 160g-ish & it's currently listed at 110g. The Bloodied Pyrium Belts are down to 30-50g - needless to say, I bought those to disenchant! Heavenly Shards are still 50g and upwards so if I can't reset the price to a more sensible level, at least I can still get back a hefty chunk of cost from disenchanting them.

I'm going to continue keeping my Blacksmithing sales seperate for a while to get a clearer picture of the market. It adds a little extra work to the daily gold summary I do as my PC is very slow when changing alts but I think it's worth it. I'm also going to have a look at some of the lower level items to see if there's anything worth crafting on a regular basis.

Just as a footnote, I get asked regularly what addon I use for the sales screenshots - it's called MySales & it's really easy to use.

Happy goldmaking peeps :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Getting Started - Profession Addons

© Nev 2009 Going Round in Circles
Getting started with professions can leave you going round in circles. Some professions (especially Engineering) have numerous crafted components that you need to make before you can craft the final item you wanted in the first place! The standard craft UI (User Interface) is very simple to use but it doesn't have a crafting queue or any way of making life easier.

That's where the following two addons come in handy. The first one I use on all my alts for every craft is Advanced Trade Skill Window, ATSW for short(screenie below). I've purposely picked my Engineering alt to show you this nifty addon & how it simplifies things for multi component items. Below, you can see I've decided to make 5 Mechanical Squirrel Boxes which needs 4 components - 2 of which are also crafted by engineers. ATSW has automatically added the basic crafted components to the craft queue so I don't have to manually work out how many copper bars I need to make the copper modulator, the handful of copper bolts & the mechanical squirrel box.

My next move would be to close this window down, go to my bank & use this addon to get all the basic materials out of the bank for me (this setting is in the Options tab, top right of the window). No more hunting various bags for all the bits, just 1 or 2 clicks & it gets them for you. Next move to the anvil & start crafting. How easy is that?

You can sort the various items by categories (default), by name (very handy when you know the name but not the category) or by difficulty level (more on that in a minute). There's a manual search bar & a drop down menu for the various categories which I use mostly on my enchanter when looking for, say glove enchants.

The second addon I want to tell you about today is Lil' Sparkeys Workshop. This addon works with ATSW & basically uses your Auctioneer scans (you have been doing them regularly, haven't you?) to calculate costs & profits for each craftable item. You can see an extra column of figures in the screenshot below - that's the Lil Sparkey's results and if you hover over one of the results figures, you get the little pop out window shown at the bottom right, which gives you the breakdowns.

You can also see that I have sorted the craftables by difficulty for this screen shot. When I first started playing, I took skinning & leatherworking & levelled both gradually as I was questing & levelling my character. I wish I had known about these 2 addons then! I would have made the most profitable items that could give skill ups rather than the item which used the least mats.

These days when I level a profession, I use the Lil Sparkeys profit figures as a guide to which of the skill up recipes to make. In the above screenie, you can see there is a huge profit to be made on the Gnomish Net-O-Matic Projector but if you look at the item details, Auctioneer has only seen 2 of them & this item is only useable by Engineers so I wouldn't be counting my chickens on this one. (screen shot of Item data given by Auctioneer, not for the Net-O-Matic but you get the idea!)

Whilst the Unstable Trigger is only showing as 4g 81s profit & it's a green skill up (less chance of a skill point), if my aim is to maximise profits whilst levelling then that is the obvious choice. Sometimes it's lots of little profits to get to the same place in the end. Don't be blinded by those big numbers, engage your brain & think about what your addons are showing you.

Another addon I will talk about at a later date is Trade Skill Master (TSM) - it is a much more complicated addon to set up but it is worth its' weight in gold & has revolutionised the way I play my glyph & gem markets. I don't think it's really a starter addon though which is why I've left it out of todays post.

Hope this helps :) Have fun, get rich :)

PS You can click on the screenshots to get larger, easily readable versions.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

© Nev 2006, Looking Thoughtful
So my sales for the week have gone back up to normal with a liquid gold increase of 55k. Now I'm not sure if I've messed up my maths somewhere, but I reckon that means I only spent 4.5k gold on mats this week! I suppose with the number of gems I've been selling from my guildbank, that is feasible & when I checked my glyph stocks yesterday morning, I found my answer to why my glyph sales felt like they were dropping! Guess who's been so busy with alts that she forgot to stock up on glyphs? Yup - me!

Gem sales have been pretty good this week & even with my alchemy transmutes, I can't keep up with the demand for Inferno Rubies. I've almost sold out of Ember Topaz too which is a nice surprise although I still have shedloads of Amberjewels to get rid of. Shadowspirit diamond cuts have been selling too although the prices seem to be dropping again, down to 70g for a few cuts although my newest cut - the Austere, is selling nicely.

I also did a bit of crafting & disenchanting this week - I just love the Enchanted Thorium Blades - in my screenshot above, that price is for singles! Material costs are around the 8-10g mark & each one is selling between 63-78g although there are slow days when I get them returned. The Infinite Dust is from the Wrath gems that I disenchanted & the mat cost for those is maybe 2-3g whereas the dust is selling for 5-8g each.

Chocolate cookies are still selling too - my cooking skills are increasing nicely on 2 or 3 of my alts & to be honest, I'm very tempted to start the other alts on the cooking dailies too, just to get the cocoa beans!

I managed to pick up some nice cheap Borean Leather so I made up a few Mammoth Mining Bags & my stocks of Embersilk are threatening to overflow my bank space so I made a few Embersilk Bags to make some room & test the market. I've not been making the most of my Tailoring so that's on my to-do list as well.

So that's about it for last weeks' sales - nothing majorly different so just poodling along nicely for now. This morning when I logged in & collected my overnight sales, I let out a happy little Woop Woop! I hit 800k liquid gold almost spot on so here's the screenie just for posterity & proof :D

Friday, 3 June 2011

Getting Started At The Auction House

© Nev 2008, Picking the Right Tools
I can't believe it's already been a week since I posted the first part of my starter guide but I hope you have been doing your Auction House scans & selling everything you've been picking up whilst levelling. Today I thought I'd delve a little deeper into things that you can do with the Auctioneer addon from the very start of your WoW gold making career.

Along the bottom of your AH window, Auctioneer has added a few tabs, one of which is 'Searches', click that & you get a whole new menu of choices, some of which I use often & some I've never touched! First up for the very new AH player is the Vendor Search. When you have almost no gold & need to find those little deals that soon add up, this would be my suggestion.

This search runs through your scanned data looking for auction listings below the Vendor Price of the item so if you can get a few items from this search, you will be guaranteed a little profit. You'll be buying/bidding on items that you will immediately run to the vendor & sell = instant cha-ching!

You need to run your FastScan immediately before running these searches - it's not a real time search, it works from your scan data, so if you've just run your scan, the data should be all nice & fresh for you. In the menu on the left hand side, click Vendor & just accept the settings page as they are. I believe the default is 10copper for the minimum profit which is fine when you are just starting out. Next, click the search button at the bottom of the menu area & wait a few moments.
Vendor Sale Search
So what do you see in your results page - obviously the item name, profit, seller, left, buyout & bid columns are easy but what is PCT column showing you? That's the percentage column, the lower the figure the better as it's the percentage of the average price seen by your multiple scans. The reason column is telling you to bid or buy the item - usually for Vendor searches, it will say Bid but occasionally, you will see a Buy which will usually give you less profit but will guarantee you get the item for the calculated profit shown in the Profit column. 

I know when I start a new alt on a new server, I have maybe 8-10 silvers in my pocket by the time I get to level 5ish so from this scan, I could only bid on the Thick Spider's Silk for 5silver 25 copper but unfortunately it has 48hrs left to run so there's little point. It will tie up your money until someone bids higher or you win but for 2s25c profit, that's not very optimal for our purposes. If you have a little more cash available, I would go for the Dense Stone auctions for 2 reasons - a) 30silvers profit from 20silvers outlay - pretty good & 2) experience.

This is where older players win, even when starting fresh on a new server. Dense Stones are pretty useless most of the time unless you are levelling Blacksmithing but they also have one other use - for converting to Dense Grinding Stones to be handed in at the Darkmoon Faire each month. Check your in-game calender for when the Darkmoon Faire arrives & see if it is in Goldshire, Thunder Bluff or Shattrath. I find I make more money when it is my local one although it always brings opportunities.

The Darkmoon Faire is not something that many players understand or use but as a Gold Maker, there are several ways to profit from it. I'll cover this in a later post as I'm kinda wandering off track a little here :)

Okay, so today's Vendor Search hasn't brought anything very useful to us so now click the Resale search option in the left hand menu. This also runs from your most recent scan so occasionally, you'll try to buy something but it won't be found. Don't worry, that just means someone has bought it between you scanning & running this search.

Resale Search Results

The results window looks exactly the same & the profit figure is calculated from the bid or buy price as listed in the reason column. You can sort any of these columns by double clicking in the column title box. In this screenshot, I have sorted by Buyout Price as we have very little cash to play with at this stage & I want to see the items I can afford at the top of my search results.

Later, when you have a fair bit more gold to play with, I would suggest you sort by the Pct column to get the best bargains, remember, the lower the pct figure, the better.

The Resale search is a little riskier for new players as you don't yet know what all those items are or whether they sell or not. Looking at this page of results, the Scroll of Enchants for 10silvers, giving 17gold profit look very tempting & if I had 1 gold to play with, I may risk 10silvers on one of them. Unfortunately armour, weapons & Enchanting Scrolls can be minefields for the inexperienced goldmaker so I'd suggest you stay away from them for now.

The Spider's Silk however is always a good buy, especially at anything less than 1gold. It has a very low drop rate & is used for 2 Leatherworking items & 2 Tailoring items that are very popular with Twinks (Flux has built a Glossary for terms that you may find confusing) & therefore is always in high demand.

Other good items to start out with is cooking recipes (although don't buy the lower level ones at the AH, you can easily buy them cheaper from a handy vendor, more on that later), raw materials like copper/tin ore, mageroyal & other herbs, leathers & hides and enchanting materials. You may have to pick the best time to list these items though because prices fluctuate wildly, especially at the weekend so don't invest too much of your starting capital at any one time.

Lastly for today, we have the Posting window - just click the Post tab at the bottom of the window to get to it then click an item in your bag that you want to sell & drag it to the little box at the top left.

posting window
Once I have my item in the top left box, I ALWAYS click Refresh at the bottom right. This will do a quick miniscan of just this item on the AH & give you a list of current auctions, their sellers & the current prices. It will also automatically calculate a Starting Price (for bids) & a Buyout price. In the left hand side, you can change the duration of your auctions (less time=less deposit cost) & also the stack size & number of stacks.

You can override the auctions prices by clicking & overtyping in any of the prices boxes & in this case, I probably would. You can see that there is only 1 stack of 20 at 97s 50c (in the Buy/each column) & then the next one is a part stack of 3 leathers for 1g each. All the others are higher & I would suggest in this case, to list yours just below the 2g 20s stack.

I always look at the Buy/Each column not the Buyout column. If I have an odd number of items or I want to sell in singles or 5's for example, I don't have to try to calculate my stack price or compare it to others, I just decide the single item price & let Auctioneer do the maths for me :)

The other thing to check EVERY TIME you post something, is the Bid starting price. Some people think that having a bid price of 10coppers is like Ebay & people will bid the price higher. Unfortunately, people rarely get into a bidding war as there is usually plenty of stock for everyone.

I ALWAYS put a Buyout price too - again, this is not Ebay & when people go to the AH, they usually want something right now, not in 12 hrs or 48hrs. In fact, my bid price is usually only maybe 5% lower than my Buyout price & sometimes even the same value on things like Netherweave Bags which move so fast.

So that's just about it for now - sorry it went on so long but it seemed silly to break this down to more than 1 post. A few days of these searches should help you get a little more gold flowing & without realising it, you'll also start getting a feel for the various items & prices which is every auction house addicts' secret weapon! Call it instinct or gut feeling, it's actually your brain working stuff out before you even consciously think about it and the only way to develop this is time & a little effort.

Good luck & happy gold making