Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Happy New Year 2013
It's that time of year again - everyone looking back at 2012 & looking forward to whatever 2013 may bring. I'm no different really although after the year I've had, 2012 is probably going down in my personal history book as a humdinger of a year!

I started the year with a post like this one - my first look back post on this blog. It had been a vague year, reaching goldcap in WoW was probably the highlight for me. This year started off in a similar vein, I set up my US account 2nd January, logged in once or twice then walked away from WoW totally for 3 or 4 months! I had no intentions of taking a break, it was just one of those random things that happen sometimes.

I was having some counselling for my depression & a very good friend online was metaphorically holding my hand every step of the way. I felt myself coming back to life, like snowdrops pushing their heads up through the snow & ice & when I did finally wake up, I realised some major changes needed to happen. Whilst in my cocoon of depression, I had changed & so had some of my closest loved ones. So I made a very difficult decision to walk away & start fresh on my own.

It wasn't quite so easy to actually do that though - finances kind of kept me stuck there so after a couple of pretty rough months, things calmed down to a point where we could start moving stuff along & make our separate plans. That's around the time I found my lump. If you've been reading for a while, you may remember my charity fund raising in the summer. I managed to raise 293GBP for Breast Cancer Care by chopping off most of my hair & donating it to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. With fantastic support from my fellow gold bloggers & my lovely Twitter peeps, I managed to keep my head & spirits high & after a short operation, I was given the all clear.

I have to say, I have never been so scared in my life! But so many of you, readers, twitter followers & gold blogging friends sent me positive support messages, it was like little rays of light shining through for me to follow a path out of that particular darkness. It also gave me a new impetus to get stuff done. I finally moved into my own little place & now I have a 'pit' to call my very own for the first time in my life.

I've been blogging like crazy, writing on Squidoo to make some cash there too & I even started a second World of Warcraft blog, She Rides Dragons, for my more general WoW ramblings. With some blogging guidance from my good friend, Cold, this blog has seen a huge increase in visitor numbers. I don't write just for the numbers but I will be honest, it really does make my day when I see just how many visitors are reading my stuff! My old school English teacher would have a heart attack if she saw me voluntarily writing all this stuff! I hated English lessons at school & essay writing homework was always the bane of my school existance!

And then there are the podcasts! I guest hosted with Jim on Power Word:Gold podcast a few times in 2011 & he was kind enough to invite me back for a few episodes this year. I played Hearthcast AoE against Rewt (twice! because of technical problems) & I finally got a chance to talk to Rez & Cold on Eviscerated Gaming Podcast last month. Brandon from Gold Shields blog also set up some Google + hangups late in the summer - just a bunch of gold makers hanging out on Google+ & shooting the breeze - those were fun & there's talk of more in the future once Mists of Pandaria activities die down a bit!

So what does the New Year bring? Who knows? I sure don't. This time last year, I was just hoping to get a job & keep blogging too but the job didn't happen. This year, I feel alive & just about ready to tackle anything! Obviously, I'm going to keep blogging here & She Rides Dragons too but I really want to get my photography blog up & running again. I spent most of my WoW gold too - all those lovely mounts & pretty pets available on the Auction House so I guess I will aim for goldcap once more but without glyphs this time!

I'd like to thank everyone personally but the list was long last year & has just got longer this year. New friends, new readers & followers as well as old friends & early followers - thank you all - your tweets & comments here keep me going & makes this all worthwhile for me. I hope my wordy ramblings help you too - I never did perfect the art of short answers - you can blame my Dad for that!

So I guess after all that I just want to say Goodbye 2012 & ooh hello 2013 - onwards & upwards for me & I hope 2013 is a great one for you too. Happy New Year everyone & thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you xxx

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Nev's Top 5 Pre-vacation Goldmaking Preparation Tips

I'm off on my travels again shortly & I probably won't be able to access my EU World of Warcraft account which is where all my main goldmaking activities occur. So I've been slowly making preparations to continue making gold whilst I'm away & thought I'd share a few of my Top Tips with you.

Top Tip #1 - Get the Remote Auction House App

If you have a smart phone, download the WoW Armory app - Remote Auction House access is now free & although you can only do 200 transactions per account per day, it's still very very useful. If you don't have a smart phone but will have internet access, you can access it online at Just log into your battlenet account, choose your character from the top right hand corner drop down list then scroll down & you should see a 'My Auctions' section.

Top Tip #2 - Check & Tidy Your Mailboxes

Check your mail boxes on all your alts. You may have mail due to expire whilst you are on vacation & you don't want to lose anything valuable (I speak from experience, I lost 2 Epics last year when I took an unexpected break). If you don't have space in your bank, you can just send it to another alt, it will stay there for 30 days then bounce back to the sending alt & be safe there for a further 30 days.

It's a good idea to empty as much as possible from your mailbox though, especially on your banker - partly because you could lose some stuff but also because it does make the RAH a little bit easier to use. If your mailbox is full, you can only see those items & will have to relist the first 50 items to get to the next lot. With a 200 transaction limit, that can be a right royal pain in the derriere!

Top Tip #3 - Sort Out Bank Access

If you use a banker with your own personal guild and keep stuff to sell in that guild bank - be aware it is not accessible via the Remote Auction House. I've put most of my glyphs & gems into the bankers Guild bank as I have plenty of other stuff to sell. Any items that I pull in & out of the guild bank to sell are now in my bankers personal bank - that IS accessible via RAH.

Top Tip #4 - Tidy Your Bags

Tidy your bags! If you're anything like me, you probably carry around all sorts of useful stuff (*cough*) whilst out questing. My banker is overflowing with stuff so I've had a tidy up in some of my crafting alts bags so I can use those for overflow.

Top Tip #5 - Craft Everything

Craft like crazy before you go. You know which markets are making you the most gold, use that knowledge. If it's gems or glyphs then you may have to change tack a little. Posting those without addons is not only painful but cancel/relisting is not likely to be posssible given the 200 a day limit. I'd suggest looking at crafting leg armors, spellthreads, shoulder enchants, other enchants, flasks & potions, belt buckles & tinker's gears at least, depending on which professions you have.

I've also been able to craft a few Epic armor items on my Leatherworker & I've picked up a few cheap pets on a different server to sell on my home server. I've also bought some 100 Year Old Soy sauce with my Ironpaw Tokens as they do sell albeit slowly sometimes. If you have alchemy & Ghost iron ore is cheap, then don't forget to check Living Steel - there is still profit there on some servers. If Living Steel doesn't look too profitable or you can't resist listing it as soon as you make it (like I do!) then pre-craft trillium bars - not quite as profitable as Living Steel on my server but pre-crafted means I can sell a whole heap of them whilst I'm away.

Bonus Top Tip 

Remove cats (or dogs or whatever pet has decided to take up residence or to help you pack) from suitcase! Not only will you get more in your suitcase, you aren't going to run foul of any animal import regulations!

I hope this helps. I'd be interested to know if you have any pre-vacation tips to add so feel free to leave a comment below. Happy travels


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Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winners

Birthday Giveaway Results
Well that week went by quickly! Here we are at the start of my 3rd year blogging here & my first post for year 3 is to announce the winners of the Giveaway.

I had a few entries but sadly only 5 from the EU region so I generated a bank of random numbers & am giving the prize to the 'number' that showed up most frequently.
Random Numbers generated for EU winner
As you can see if you want to check for yourself, number 3 appeared 15 times in the generated table so Congratulations to @jay376 on Twitter! Thank you for the retweets & your support. Let me know which of the Blizzard Store pets you would like & I'll get that to you as soon as possible.

For my US/Aus friends, there were a few more entries but I decided to do the same again - generate a table & count to see which one turned up most. This was much closer result with 4 numbers tying for 2nd place but by just 1 point, my US winner is @peasap also from Twitter. Congratulations to you & again, let me know which pet you would like & I'll get that to you soon.

Random Numbers generated for US winner

So that just leaves the Cinder Kitten up for grabs. I really enjoyed hearing your stories about which pet you'd choose, what you would name it & why. At first, a couple of the references didn't mean much to me but once I found the video link, I have to give the Cinder Kitten prize to @SgtBinary - comparing Richard Simmons to Lil XT is just hilarious as I had no idea who Richard Simmons was(is?)!

So there we go! Time for me to get my debit card out & send some pets around the world. I have a standby plan if I have problems buying from the US store so no worries there :) I just hope I can resist buying them all for myself at the same time! I still have Xmas presents to buy! lol

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Selling Level 83-85 Green MoP Armor to Cataclysm Levelers

I've been kind of slacking lately with my professions. I finally got my Blacksmith maxed late last week & over the weekend, I decided it was time to sort out my Enchanter's mailbox & bags. Almost every green armor drop I've picked up whilst leveling 3 alts through Pandaria has been mailed to her so after sorting out all the non-MoP stuff, I tackled the green armour.

Where to start was my first thought! I had item level 364's, 377's, 384's, 390's & some 400+'s too & no idea which of them were disenchant fodder & which were saleable. My first stop was Cold's excellent post about stat weight priorities by armor type & which ones to try to sell. It has some great information but I wanted a quick & easy fix for bulging bags & I just wasn't in the frame of mind to tackle such a detailed sorting out. I've bookmarked it for future reference though & will be streamlining my Trade Skill Master auctioning groups based on his post.

Green Armor ilvl 364
Green Armor ilvl 377
Green Armor ilvl 384-390
For now, I initially created a TSM auctioning group for each item level & popped in some basic amounts for my Threshold & Fallbacks. I then went to the auction house as if I was going to post them - just to see what the prices were like for each group & whether a broad brush approach would work. One thing became obvious quite quickly - the item level 400+'s weren't selling for very much at all. This was my gut instinct anyway as I've found so much gear from drops & quest rewards that I've not needed to buy anything from the Auction House.

The screenshots above show which items I currently have in which groups. As I pick up new stuff, I'll just add them to the auctioning group & forget about them! The item level 364's are for level 83 alts, the item level 377's are for level 84's & the item level 384 & 390's are for level 85's. Now these were quite nicely priced - definitely way above any disenchanting value so I kept these armor pieces & disenchanted any of the others in my bags.

Off I went back to the Auction House & ran my usual post cycle, including these armor items. I've set the 364's at 199g, the 377's at 225g & the 384/390's at 249g for now - just to test the market. I've also set them only to list for 24 hours to keep the deposit price down. When I came back the next day, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised - 9 pieces had sold overnight for a princely sum of  just over 2000 gold!

MySales screenshot of Sales for Green Armor
Now I know that's not such a huge amount but bear in mind that this stuff was destined to be disenchanted so actually, I'm glad I spent a bit of time sorting through it all. I've also put gear to one side for my 3 remaining alts who have yet to start their leveling. All three of them weren't very geared by the end of Cataclysm & are my weakest alts too so having a whole bunch of upgrades to start Jade Forest with should make my life a bit easier when the time comes!

Over time I may very well end up buying green armor in these categories if they are priced very cheaply. This is a definite possible replacement market (or addition, depending on your server) for the level 77-80 green armor sales which on my server at least, seem to have almost disappeared completely for now.

I also leveled my enchanting a bit & although I only made the very cheapest enchants to do so, I have been quite pleased with those sales too but that's a story for another post! Have you had much luck in this armor market? How is the level 77-80 Cata greens market doing on your server? Would love to hear your thoughts so you know the score - leave a comment below or maybe tweet me @nevahaddict.


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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Flasks - Testing the Market

Flasks & Potions
Just about a week ago, I posted about What to do with Golden Lotuses & came to the conclusion that I should dip my toe into the Flask market. The comments to that post seemed to confirm this so off I went to make some flasks!

Since I wrote that post however, my ever so slow moving Leatherworker finally made it to honoured with the Golden Lotus faction & gained access to the Epic armor recipes. It turns out that what I thought was a good stock of Spirits of Harmony wasn't anywhere near enough so this week, she's been planting Songbell Seeds again, thereby crimping my Golden Lotus herb production!

I thought I'd report back on my market test so far anyway, just so I don't forget.

Over 8 days of planting Enigma Seeds, I gained 47 Golden Lotus - that's almost 6 each day - I like this increased drop rate for sure! Enigma Seeds cost only 1g each so for a total outlay of just 128g & 2 stacks of Crystal Vials, I managed to make 35 flasks & still have 7 Golden Lotus left over. I also only used the other herbs I got from the farm produce - none were bought or herbed. I have quite a few of the other herbs still in my bags too.

I checked the Auction House prices manually & decided to make just 3 of the 5 types of flask to start with. As they sold, I made a few more & also added a few of the other 2 types. As of this morning, I have only 14 flasks left to sell.

I also made 5 Potions of Luck just to see if there was any interest there - not so far but I'll keep listing them as long as their price is above the cost of the Golden Lotuses.

Flasks & Potions Spreadsheet
You can see from the spreadsheet screenshot that so far, my gold made from flasks is over 2500g & as I said earlier, that's with just an initial investment of 128g. So I'd say this was a fairly successful market test but it is a small market & it has taken all week for these few flasks to sell.

To be fair though, I haven't been listing them just before raid time & when I have listed them, I've listed them for 48 hours & walked away. I'm pretty sure, if I had paid more attention to posting times & reposting when undercut, that I would have made that profit more quickly. But this is a side venture for me as I explore various markets to write about & with an eye for future profitable endeavours.

So now what to do? Flasks are showing themselves to be profitable for now but I also need Spirit of Harmony for my leatherworker to craft Epic armour! I guess I'll have to get my DK & Warrior to 90 so I can start expanding their farms! Arrrgghh! more dailies!


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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday AH Addict! Competition Time!

Birthday Giveaway - AH Addict is nearly 2
With Auction House Addict hitting two years old next week & coinciding with Blizzard's pet sale, I thought I'd run a little competition here to celebrate.

I started writing here as a diary for one of my little side projects but to be honest, that didn't make for very good reading & I got very bored of writing it too so I turned to more general gold making topics. It's been an interesting couple of years, made new friends in game & on twitter, talked to lots of different people via comments here & even managed to guest on several episodes of PowerWord:Gold podcast, played AoE trivia against Rewt on Hearthcast & most recently, met Rez & Cold on Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.

It's been a fabulous ride so far, even with a few breaks here & there. I'm looking forward to many more, especially now as I seem to have hit my stride a bit & visitor numbers are climbing! I don't write just for the numbers but it does give me a boost to think so many of you visit to read. Please don't tell my old English teacher that I'm writing voluntarily though, she'll have a heart attack! I was a maths & science girl at school & my English essay homework was always my most hated & usually most delayed subject!

Anyway, down to business! What sort of competition & what are the prizes?


Well I have both an EU & US account so I'm going to be offering  a pet of your choice from the Blizzard Pet Store (NOT including the Cinder Kitty) & there will be 2 winners - one from EU & one for USA.

I know it's not a superduper mega prize but 1 overall winner will be chosen from the comments here - name your new pet & the reason that makes me giggle or groan the most will win a Cinder Kitty - the newest & possibly the cutest pet in store & of course, it's a charity pet too.

How to Enter

1) Starting today, retweet this post & use #AHAgiveaway = 1 entry per twitter account (I don't want to encourage tweetspamming!)

2) Leave a comment here telling me which pet you'd choose, which region (US/EU) & what will you name your pet & why? Each comment = 1 entry

3) Overall winner will be the comment that makes me giggle or groan the most! So choose your wished for pet & get your thinking caps on & you could win a Cinder Kitty. (If you want to make a naughty joke, keep it clever please, pure filth will be disqualified & deleted, no matter how much it makes me laugh!)

Choosing a Winner

I'll keep two lists (EU/US) of everyone who comments and/or retweets & allocate a number to each. Using a random number generator, I'll get 2 numbers & those will be the pet winners. The Cinder Kitty will be awarded by my choice, once I stop giggling.

Closing Date

Closing date is 6am Friday 21st December GMT - that will be 5am for most of Europe & about midnight Thursday for Eastern & Mid USA.

So there you go - yet another competition/giveaway running right now. If you're on Twitter & aren't seeing loads of Cinder Kitty giveaways in your feed, you should follow some of my peeps - my feed is full of homeless Cinder Kitties right now :P But if you want a chance at some really nice prizes, pop over to Cold's Gold Factory - his 3rd birthday giveaway has TCG pets, mounts & in-game mounts as prizes.

I look forward to reading your comments - just keep it clever peeps xxx

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Monday, 10 December 2012

My Best & Worst Markets in MoP

For this months blogging carnival over at Cold's Gold Factory, Cold has asked us another interesting question. Unfortunately I think my answer is probably not going to be particularly informative as I have been focused mainly on leveling, dailies & yes, dungeons! But never mind, it's still valid & I'm pretty sure many of you have probably found the same markets as I have.

BEST and WORST Markets So Far In MoP

Tell us about your favorite, most profitable, or most consistent market in the MoP era of WoW Gold Making. Then, tell us about a market that you've abandoned, has crashed, or has just plain been a flop. What are your best and worse WoW auction house markets so far in Mists?

My Best Market in MoP

For me, with all the leveling & dailies, my best market that has almost taken care of itself is the vegetables from my farms & any cooking materials I've been picking up whilst out in the world. I haven't been paying close attention to the Auction House & I haven't been crafting much at all to sell so my banker is just selling off any green armor/weapon drops & other random stuff that drops of mobs. My MySales statistics are abysmal! With just 5000 gold in sales last week, I'm not sure I should even be writing a gold blog right now! But in my defence, I haven't been playing much either so from just logging in & relisting what I do have in the mail, that's not so bad, right?

Looking through the MySales statistics though, it's very obvious to me that vegetables, meats & fish are my best sellers. I only went half way down the list to get the numbers but I've made almost 12,000 gold since early October. I know that doesn't sound like much but most of my farm produce has gone to my Main alt to level my Cooking in all the Ways. I finally finished that last week & now I'm in full production on 4 baby farms (4 x 4plots) producing various vegetables each day.

The other nice surprise when I looked at MySales was just how much gold I made from some of the items I cooked to get skill points - almost 2000 gold just from the last few items like Chun Tian Spring Rolls, Sea Mist Rice Noodles & Banquet of the Steamer.

My Worst Market in MoP

Well, I have to say it - glyphs! I'm sure if I was paying attention, relisting 3-4 times a day etc like I used to, that this market could be better but with so many glyphs under 25g each, I've kind of lost interest in it. I can craft a glyph one day based on current market price of say 200g & then the next day, some nice person (thru gritted teeth) has relisted theirs for 15g or 20g. I have almost 1000 glyphs that I just can't seem to move & the numbers aren't going my way at all.

I'd be very surprised to find that I'm making any gold at all with glyphs right now especially when I compare it to pre-MoP days. Just pop back to my Nev's Glyph Strategy post from earlier in the summer & look at those prices!

I've always been a glypher in my gold-making - glyphs probably accounted for over 60% of my 1million although I can't be sure as I lost all my data before I could analyse it (arrrgghhh!).

Where Next?

So once I'm done with all my alts, leveling, dailies, rep grinds, dungeons etc, I'm going to have to find a different way to make my gold. I've been a bit spend happy recently - mounts especially towards the end of the summer - but I'm well below 500k now & I don't like it much!

I'm looking at the Flask market right now after moving my main farm over to Enigma Seeds for the Golden Lotus harvest but having looked at my Cooking results for the best market section above, I think perhaps I should keep an eye on the Banquet market too. It goes without saying that vegetables are still in my plans but over time, I'm sure that market will saturate too & I will have to move on to something else to make good gold.


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Friday, 7 December 2012

What To Do With Golden Lotuses?

What To Do With Golden Lotuses
Now that Blizzard have upped the spawn rate for Golden Lotuses (Loti?), as extras from normal herb picks & from the Enigma Seeds on your Tillers farm, I wondered whether I could make some good gold from them. Yes, I know, I'm late to the party but I've been focused on completing my cooking Ways & leveling & dailies! I'm also trying to work out which is the best crop to plant to make the most gold from my Farm. I've been planting the Songbell seeds to get Motes of Harmony but as my Leatherworker is creeping so slowly through her dailies, I have more than enough Spirits of Harmony for now.

As far as I can see, there are several options for using Golden Lotus to make gold - the 5 different flasks or transmuting uncommen gems into rare gems (6 colours) as well as the Mists of Pandaria Potion of Luck - all made/used by Alchemists. I could also just sell the Golden Lotus on the Auction House & save myself a fair bit of time & effort by not crafting anything but looking at this graph from The Undermine Journal, an average price of 100g-ish per Golden Lotus is not exactly the most profitable way.

Golden Lotus Prices (from TUJ)
My alchemists are both transmute masters so making flasks is probably not the best option either - the additional procs of a mastery are where the real profits lie as they bring the per item crafting cost down. I could change one alchemist to an Elixir Master at a cost of 8 Flasks, especially as the Living Steel transmute is not exactly profitable right now but I'm hesitant to do that straight away. I think I'll test the market first.

Alchemy Flask Prices (from TUJ)
The transmute uncommon gems to rare gems is also a bit of a non-starter - prices for gems are pretty bad on my server - to the point where my Jewelcrafter is still sitting around not doing much. Again, I've been focused elsewhere so I haven't been watching the JC markets as closely as I used to. Besides cut rare gems though, there are the ilevel 450 rings & necks to make as well as the JC crafted Panther mounts. Looking on the Undermine Journal for my server, it looks like there are some good profits in those for now but I'd need to do the prospect vs. transmute costings before I throw all my Golden Lotuses at those!

JC Rings & Necks (from TUJ)
So what to do? Well for now, I think I'm going to try the Flasks market - just dip a toe in to see how things go - for the cost of 16 Enigma seeds each day, I'm picking up 3-7 Golden Lotus as well as a variety of the other Pandaren herbs so my crafting costs are minimal (yes, I'm ignoring opportunity cost etc!).

Like so many, I'm also limited by time so I think this will be least time consuming whilst I have a better look at prospecting. My other 4-plot farms are still producing vegetables but I may just leave those lie for now - spend that time doing dailies or prospecting instead. I'm beginning to feel as if I'm a long way behind - with the release of patch 5.1 there's a whole load of new stuff to get into but I haven't even seen all of the initial Mists of Pandaria stuff yet and that's without spending much time at the Auction House! My gold flow is just ok but so many of my traditional markets seem to have almost disappeared that I really need to knuckle down & get that gold really flowing again.

What do you do with your Golden Lotuses? Are you feeling time-pressures, falling behind etc too? Let me know in comments - I'd love to hear from you.


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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Leather Conversions Spreadsheet & Bags

Leather Conversion
I promised you more spreadsheets so today we have a Leatherworker's spreadsheet. I wrote a post way back near the beginning of Cataclysm about converting leather scraps up to better qualities as a way to make some easy gold. It's nice to see that the old tips & tricks still work now that Mists of Pandaria is live & I've included some of the older conversions in this spreadsheet as there is still gold to be made there.

Now there are two ways to use this spreadsheet - you can download a copy of my Leather Conversion spreadsheet & just manually input prices from your Auction House or you can use The Undermine Journal .csv file as I explained in last weeks post Easy Data from TUJ.

If you decide to manually input the prices, you will need to overwrite the VLookup formulas in column B but the rest of the spreadsheet will still work. (If you want to try your own VLookup formulas, keep reading, instructions at end of post)

If you want to try the TUJ data file, follow the instructions in the post to get a .csv file onto your PC. Open it in Excel or Open Office & just copy/paste the whole sheet into tab 2 of my Leather Conversion spreadsheet. It should pull the data through to the main sheet automatically.

Leather Conversions Spreadsheet
So what are we looking at? Well, I've tried to keep it fairly simple but it took me a while to get there so I hope you can follow what I've done! Converting up from the various leather scraps is a bit more time-consuming but can be very profitable - just look at the price of Savage Leather Scraps on my server today (red dot line). Converting up from those scraps means that my Savage Leather would only cost me 33 silver - a big saving over the 9 gold or more that someone is trying to sell their Savage Leather at! If there are enough Savage Leather Scraps to convert to a Pristine Hide (250 scraps, in case you were wondering), that's only 17 gold 50 silver for a Pristine Hide - big profit there or even use the ultra cheap hide to make the scribe or mining bags for even more profits!

Now I've only included the bags here but you can easily add rows for leg armours or anything else you like - add a row for the leg armor & a row for each type of material it uses besides the leather then use a VLookup formula to get the prices from the TUJ data file. A quick a-b formula later & you should see if it would be profitable or not.

Ok so I promised help with the VLookup formula for those of you not sure about spreadsheets. It's really very easy but sometimes the help files make it confusing. This is what Open Office says :-


=VLOOKUP(SearchCriterion; Array; Index; SortOrder)
SearchCriterion is the value searched for in the first column of the array.
Array is the reference, which is to comprise at least two columns.
Index is the number of the column in the array that contains the value to be returned. The first column has the number 1.
SortOrder is an optional parameter that indicates whether the first column in the array is sorted in ascending order. Enter the Boolean value FALSE or zero if the first column is not sorted in ascending order. Sorted columns can be searched much faster and the function always returns a value, even if the search value was not matched exactly, if it is between the lowest and highest value of the sorted list. In unsorted lists, the search value must be matched exactly. Otherwise the function will return this message: Error: Value Not Available."

OK - so the Search Criterion is what you are looking for in that huge table of data - in our case Savage leather, Pristine Hide etc. For this formula to work, your description in the main spreadsheet must be identical to that in the data file so watch for spelling mistakes & random apostrophes.

The Array part of the formula is merely the parts of the huge data file that the formula is going to look at. The formula doesn't need to look at the whole file, it always starts with the item name column so you have to tell the formula which columns to look at. In our case, it only needs columns C & D so I click C1, hold down the shift button & page down to D12000+.

The Index part of the formula is which column contains the data you want to use in the formula - for us that would be column D or 2 (it's the 2nd column in our array). If we wanted to pull data from other columns, we would just increase the Array columns (say columns C to H) & put a 3,4,5 or 6 in the formula to pull data from that column.

Sort Order is important to us here - the data file is so big, we really don't want to sort it in ascending order before we do anything so the last part of the Vlookup formula for us is a 0 (zero).

So for this file, our Vlookup formula looks like this 

=VLOOKUP(A5;'TUJ Data'.$C$2:$D$12668;2;0)/10000

The Undermine Journal data prices are expressed in coppers so I have divided the Vlookup results by 10,000 to get to a gold/silver price.

So there we go! I hope it's clearer than mud to those of you who need the help but if you are having problems, do feel free to comment, tweet me or email me & I will try to help further. 

As for leather converting - don't forget, you can convert the lower leathers up to higher ones too - it's rarely profitable but if you just need that 1 or 2 more pieces to get a skill point, it can be a time saver.

Image © Austin Appraiser under Creative Commons licence

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nev's Daily To-Do List - Downloadable!

Nev's Daily To Do List
Following on from my Improve Your Goldmaking in WoW post a few days ago, I thought I'd share my Daily To-Do list with you. I've transferred it to Google Docs for ease of sharing but I've made it only viewable. Having read a bit more about how Google Docs works, you should still be able to download a copy for yourself but it means that any random edits won't mess up the basic document for others. If you can't download it, let me know either here in comments or perhaps on Twitter @NevAHAddict & I'll have a look to see what's wrong!

So if you'd like a copy, just pop over to Nev's Daily To-Do List & grab it from there. I hope it's fairly self-explanatory - you can add columns for more alts, add rows for other stuff you do regularly or delete stuff you don't do at all.

Bear in mind that this is based on my routine - I may have more time than you or just think in a completely different way & that's ok. The idea here is to make a list that is useful to you so you don't get swamped by all the options - just work down your list & you'll be accomplishing stuff whilst you decide what mood you are in for playing today. I sometimes find that once I've done my banking, I just want to kick back & do something easy like Pet Battles or I may have a bee in my bonnet about finishing a zone or getting to that next level.

Have I missed something that you think is important or useful to others? Let me know - I tend to get distracted easily so having a list works for me but I'm sure there are other things I probably didn't even think of!

I've kind of fallen in love with the ease of sharing files via Google Docs & am working on some more spreadsheets for you. If there are any particular things you would like to see on a spreadsheet, let me know & I'll see what I can do.


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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pet Battle Gold Making - Two New Possibilities?

Pet Battles - Fighting to Make Gold?
If you're playing WoW regularly at the moment then you know that Patch 5.1 hit the US servers yesterday & the EU servers earlier today. There's some interesting stuff in there - some class changes, a new PvP area in Krasarang Wilds with dailies too, some new scenarios, adjustments to various raids and of course, the new Brawler's Guild. But for me, the best bit of the whole patch notes list is the huge amount of changes to the Pet Battle stuff.

If you want to read through all of the patch notes, you can find them in various places but here is the WowInsider version. My favorite bits are below though:

Pet Battles
  • A new item has been introduced that can be used to upgrade the quality of Battle Pets: Battle-stones.
  • Battle-stones are available in two basic types, general purpose Battle-stones that can be used to upgrade the quality of any pet, and family specific Battle-stones, which can only be used to upgrade pets of a specific pet family.
  • Battle-stones are available in two qualities: Flawless Battle-stones can upgrade pets directly to Rare quality, while Polished Battle-stones will upgrade a pet to Uncommon quality.
  • Players will have a very small chance to obtain a general purpose and family specific Flawless Battle-stone after winning a match against wild pets; defeating higher level opponents increases the chances of obtaining a stone. Family specific Flawless-Battlestones will be of the same family as the pets that were defeated. These valuable items are not soulbound, and can be sold on the Auction House.
  • Family specific Flawless Battle-stones can be found in the Sack of Pet Supplies obtained from performing Pet Trainer quests, and are Bind on Pickup.
  • General purpose Polished Battle-stones can be purchased for 1000 Justice Points.
  • Players can now keep up to 650 pets.
  • The Dragon Kite can now be used in Pet Battles.
  • The Imperial Silkworm and Imperial Moth pets can now be created by Tailors.
  • Two new Battle Pets now roam Darkmoon Island waiting to be caught.
  • Pets can now be filtered by name, type, rarity and level, and filters will remain in place each time the Pet Journal is viewed.
The first thing I thought when I saw these notes was that it would be easier to find the pet I wanted in my journal - it's been a pain to find a specific pet until now & I only have 170 or so. I hate to think how frustrating it was for the really serious pet collectors! Then I re-read the battle-stone stuff - the battle stones you can win from a pet battle in the wild are not going to be soul-bound so that will be a new niche market to keep an eye on. If you already have a good team built up then perhaps using these battle-stones won't be quite so important to you & you can make some good gold on the Auction House with them.

It does say there's only a small chance to pick up battle-stones from a wild pet battle though - the other source is the Sack of Pet Supplies from Trainer quests & those will be Bind on Pickup - if you do decide to sell your battle-stone early on, price them high - with a possibly small supply, prices should be able to stay high for quite a while, at least until more people start pet-battling!

Secondly, there are 2 new pets for Tailors to make - the Imperial Silkworm & the Imperial Moth. Until now, crafted pets have not been very worthwhile in pet battles but with the introduction of battle-stones - might we see a renewed interest in the crafted pets? I'm sure many Engineers are hoping so - Engineering pets have traditionally been a good gold earner for Engineers (think lifelike mechanical toads especially) & I know several scribes who made fairly good gold from the Inscription pets.

The only thing we really need now is for the Auction House interface for Caged Pets & Companions to be 'fixed' somehow. At the moment, there is no way to see the prices of both versions of a pet except by searching them separately & that is a nuisance!

image © Florence Ivy under Creative Commons licence

Monday, 26 November 2012

Improve Your WoW Gold Balance - Tips for New Goldmakers

Get Organised!
Do you have several high level alts with professions you don't use? Got a level 90 or two or maybe a bunch of 85's just sitting around not doing much whilst you concentrate on your Main toon? Are you always short of gold to buy the stuff you need to raid or pvp? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, keep reading - I hope I can give you some pointers that will get your gold flowing into your bags rather than out of them!

The first thing to do is get organised!

  • Look at your alts - what professions do they have? Have you maxed them where possible & are you using them effectively? You can max professions on a level 85 so make sure you are doing the daily cooldowns wherever possible - Inscription, Alchemy & Tailoring spring to mind. 
  • Do you have a lowbie toon to use as a banker? I always use a lowbie as I'm less tempted to take them out into the world & away from the Auction House.
  • Here's a tough one - are you spending way more than you need to? Or perhaps just more than you are earning - making adjustments to your spending habit can have a huge effect on your gold balance.
  • Have you tried using an Auction House addon of some kind? My favorites are Auctionator & Trade Skill master (TSM). TSM is fantastic but does have a huge amount of stuff to learn to make best use of it so if you are new to AH addons, just stick with Auctionator for now.
  • Have you got a Tillers farm started on all your level 85+ alts? At 85-89 you can only have 4 plots but some crops sell for 10g or more each & you can get 5 vegetables per plot. Tilling & planting 4 plots should only take a few minutes at most. Once you hit level 90 you can max your farm to 16 plots & farm for Motes of Harmony or other useful profession materials. That 1.6 Spirit of Harmony a day can then be used for crafting gear to sell.
  • Have a think about areas of the game you know well - you can sometimes utilise that knowledge to make gold - I'm thinking twink related stuff like enchants or gear, PvP stuff like crafted gear or speed potions/buffs etc or raiding - buff foods, flasks, high level gear etc.
OK, so you've sat down & had a think about this stuff - what next? Well, I hate to say it but patience! When you see gold bloggers talking about their millions or guildies flashing their half million - you have to remember that it does take time to accumulate wealth. Yes, there were some players who made their million very quickly when transmogrification first arrived but those guys were the exceptions, most of us take much longer to get there so when you feel yourself wanting to rush to get a sale, slow down - it's that rush that can cost you profits in the long run.

Not exactly the list I had in mind!
  • Start with small-ish stuff - if you only have 5000g across your characters, don't jump in the deep end & buy a 4000g item to flip - that's just asking for trouble with using all your nest egg at once. 
  • If you need to build some capital up & have a level 85 character with good professions but you were going to focus on your main, you may want to reconsider - have you ever wondered how much gold you can earn leveling from 85 to 90? I did & this time around, I actually managed to keep track of it too - almost 6000g just from quest rewards, vendor trash & looting while questing.
  • If you are already at level 90 then I am going to say it, I'll apologise in advance - but Dailies! At about 20g per daily quest reward plus loot & drops, you could easily add 200-400g a day to your income on just one character, more if you can bear to do dailies on more than one character of course!
  • I know it's a bit time consuming but if you're short of capital, you will need to farm herbs & ores yourself to level your professions. Obviously you don't have to but it is definitely the cheapest way unless your play time is severely limited then time becomes a cost to you. If you have limited time & don't want to spend it farming, just level your profession as cheaply as you can via the Auction House - take a few extra days & only buy the very cheapest materials.
  • Do some reading - you're here so I guess you know about gold blogs - my blog roll has a whole load of them for you to skim through. You don't need to read everything - just skim until you find something you understand & think you can do easily. Look for Ghost Iron Shuffle topics, Ironpaw Token Shuffle, Enchanting Materials shuffle or if you like to run old instances - maybe transmogrification articles will interest you.
  • Join a gold focused forum like The Consortium or join in one of the goldmaking Reddit sub-reddits like /r/woweconomy/r/goblinism or /r/wowgoldmaking and read & ask questions. There's loads of advice out there & freely available.
  • Make a list of things to do at the start of a gaming session. This could be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be - some items will be every day at least, others will be as & when your time permits.
  • There are a huge number of options for making gold in game - the long term goal is to diversify across as many markets as possible but you need to know your markets & your Auction House - pick one or two markets to get into, spend a little time watching them then jump in. When you think you have them worked out, add another market or two. Try to think outside the box too - as a newbie gold maker, you may see something that more experienced goldmakers have forgotten about or overlooked.
So there you go - some basic tips & ideas for improving your gold making in WoW. I haven't gone into specifics today - many old favorite methods are already in old posts but you can find them under the 'Basics' tab at the top of the page. If you have a specific question, you can always leave a question in the comments section below or email me. I hope this helps but remember - have fun at it too - don't stress yourself when you see people talking about 10k+ a day - you're just starting out, you will get there eventually.

Edited to Add: I've made a downloadable To Do list, you can find the link in my post Nev's Daily To Do List


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Sunday, 25 November 2012

More Spreadsheet Stuff - Easy Data From TUJ

One of the comments that kept cropping  up on my Ironpaw Token Shuffle posts was easy access to The Undermine Journal data. If your desk is a mass of post-it notes or scraps of scruffy paper, then maybe this post will help sort that out - at least as far as Auction House stuff goes! I didn't know about TUJ data being available myself until Molsan pointed me to his recent post on how to download the data using IQY but as I use Open Office not Excel, I couldn't get it to work (that may just be me messing up though)! Instead I used the .csv file facility so I thought I'd show you how to get it for yourself.

It's a huge file though - almost 13000 lines for my server but as we're not going to wade through it manually that's not really a problem. This data file only needs to be downloaded each time you want to update your spreadsheets with a limit of 10 times per 24 hour period. The great thing about it though is that you can use the same file for all your WoW related spreadsheets. I have most of my spreadsheets in one file, each one on a different tab or sheet & I just copy/paste the fresh data file over the old one in the relevant tab. This will then update all my sheets at the same time.

OK, so enough chit chat, how do you get to this file? Go to The Undermine Journal for your region & login. If you don't have a TUJ account yet, just follow the instructions on the site (I linked it to my Twitter account for easy access). Once you have your account set up, you should log in & it will take you to your account page - look for the 'Market Data XML & CSV' & choose your realm from the drop down box. It will give you two URL options & a IQY link. Just copy/paste the .csv link into a browser window & it should download the file automatically for you.

Next you will need to open the file in a spreadsheet program of your choice. If you are given options, this file is comma separated so choose that option & it should open nicely laid out, with columns already set up similar to the screenshot below.

Sample .csv File from TUJ
Once I have my data file opened like this, all I do is copy/paste the whole thing into my master spreadsheet file & the formulas I have there will pull all the data to the various sheets. I use the VLOOKUP function so you could have a look how to use that or if you're patient, I'll be doing some more spreadsheet posts over the next week or two which will use the VLOOKUP function so you can just wait & use my spreadsheets! lol

I hope this helps - I know there are one or two readers who will love this & probably race ahead & sort out some glorious spreadsheets for themselves but for those of you who haven't used spreadsheets before, bear with me & we'll get you some nice sheets to use.

Image © pjohnkeane under Creative Commons licence

Monday, 19 November 2012

Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffle - Revisited

Ironpaw Cooking Materials Shuffle
After some comments, email feedback & a conversation with a fellow gold blogger, I've added some more stuff to the Ironpaw Tokens spreadsheet I uploaded a few days ago. It seems that as long as it took me to get my head around what I was trying to do, I still didn't quite manage to communicate it very well in my Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling post!

So version 2 has a whole bunch of extra columns which should show you at a glance which cooking material will make you some profit if you convert it to another via the Ironpaw Tokens trade-in. I've uploaded this as a second file called Ironpaw Conversion and Profits which you can download & edit freely. Please though - make sure you download before you edit - it just makes it easier for others if the original file is left untouched.

Ironpaw Token Profit Shuffle Spreadsheet
I took the original spreadsheet and extended the columns - one for each cooking material. Now all you have to do is type in the prices (in the yellow boxes) for your Auction House & it should calculate where any profitable conversions are. To use it, just choose the cooking material you have from column A & read across that row to find which other cooking material to convert it into for profit (or savings if you're leveling your cooking of course).

You don't need to worry whether you are converting vegetables to meat/fish or vice versa - I have adjusted the profit calculations accordingly within the sheet.

Also, you may want to sort each section (vegetable rows, fish rows, meat rows etc) by Column B once you've entered your AH prices - make sure you sort the whole section though otherwise the formulas will mess up big time! lol Sorting is optional but it does make it easier to read if your cheapest price is at the top of each section.

So an example might help I guess. If I have plenty of Wildfowl Breast & want to use those to convert to vegetables - I can see by reading along row 29 (wildfowl breast, column A) that converting to Juicycrunch Carrots, Green Cabbages or White Turnips will give me a loss, converting to Witchberries will give me profit of 1g63s per item but converting to Jade squash will give me a very nice profit of 6g 67s per item!

Please remember though - cooking materials are very volatile right now & prices are likely to vary widely over a few days - don't sink loads of gold in today then find out your 'profitable' material from the list above is the cheapest on the Auction House tomorrow. Spread your risk too - don't invest loads in just one cooking material - if you are going to convert a lot, convert to a range of different profitable items so that you are covered as prices change.

So there you go! Thank you to all the commenters, emailers & others who gave suggestions on the earlier version. I hope this one is closer to what you were hoping for from the earlier version.

Good luck & have fun


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Image © AW Sheffield under Creative Commons licence

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Set Up A Shopping List in Auctionator

Auctionator Shopping Lists
One or two comments I've received lately made me wonder whether people are using Auctionator easily so I thought I'd put together a basic guide to setting up a shopping list, just in case anyone needs it. I'm using Cooking Materials for this example so it links nicely with my earlier Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling post. If you'd like help with any other Auction House addons, just let me know & I'll see if I can help.

OK, so you've installed Auctionator from & opened your Auction House window for the first time - what do you see? You should see just 3 extra tabs at the bottom of your window - ignore the beancounter & TSM tabs in my screenshots - I really should get around to removing Beancounter as TSM-Accounting now has all the data I used to use in there. I only really use the Buy & Sell tabs - to be honest, I'm not sure I could even tell you what's in the More tab off the top of my head!

A basic search is easy - just type your item into the search box & hit enter (red dot at top in screenshot). Your most recent searches will then be stored in the window on the left - as you can see in the image. You can also search a range of items by clicking the + button (red circle in image).

You can search for a named item within a category or you can search for a subset of a category. In this second screenshot, you can see I've chosen Trade Goods from the drop down category list & then I'm about to choose Cooking in the sub category. If I was searching for level 77-80 green armor for example, I'd also add 77 & 80 in the level range boxes. If you do want to search armor - I like to pick the armor type too (in the sub category section) so I only get a small range of items to glimpse through. It just makes it easier to look through 20 Cloth pieces then say 25 Mail pieces rather than trying to look through every green 77-80 piece in one long list! 

For Cooking Materials however, we are only really interested in the Mists of Pandaria items at the moment but this list includes every cooking material in the Auction House. When the search results first pop up, they are automatically sorted by highest price first so naturally in this third screenshot, you can only see Pandaren cooking materials, however when I scrolled down, some of the cheapest Pandaren items were mixed in with earlier, lower level materials.

You can easily re-sort the search results list by just clicking on 'Lowest Price' marked with a red cross in the screenshot. This is a little misleading at first - it's not sorted by Lowest Price, it's showing the Lowest Price for that item. You have to click the individual item to get the details of available auctions but it's quick & easy & there's a Back button to get you back to this main list.

This is a great way to look for cheap herbs too - once it's sorted by lowest price first, if you see a herb like Goldthorn on the first page of results, you should probably snatch it up quickly! Currently the Cataclysm herbs are showing up on my first page which is great because I'm still making Mysterious Fortune Cards.

So to exclude materials I am not interested in, I created a shopping list specifically for Pandaren cooking materials. To create a new shopping list, click the New Shopping List button at the bottom left - it will ask you to give your new list a name so pick something easy like 'Cooking Mats' and start entering the items you want to add. I don't know if there's a quick way of doing this but I just type the item name in the Search box then click the Add Item button!

Now I have an easy way to look at individual cooking materials or I can use the 'Search for all items' button (bottom left, red button) to get an overview of the category. I use this list to get the prices for my spreadsheet so I can easily see which items are the best for IronPaw Token shuffling.

I also have shopping lists for hard to find items that I want to pick up cheaply whenever I can, lists for level 77-80 armor, lists for MoP green armour, list for each profession (not all mats, just the ones I use most often) & generally a list for everything I find I look for regularly!

So there you go - a quick & easy way to make Auction House searching so much easier - be careful though - making lists can be addictive! I have to periodically go through & check my list of lists & delete any that are no longer used but then I have been using Auctionator for a long while now. I hope this reads as clearly as I wanted it to - if there are any points you think need further explanation or if you've found an even easier way then please, do let me know in the comments.

Have fun peeps 

Shopping List image © Erica Schoonmaker under Creative Commons licence

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling

Ironpaw Token Shuffle - Veggies, Meat & Fish
Over the last few weeks, I've been talking about making gold with cooking materials & fishing quite a bit here. That's because right now, it's about the only thing I'm really doing in game alongside dailies & some leveling! About 2 weeks ago, I did a post about how to make easy gold with Pandaren Cooking & in the comments it was pointed out to me that I missed an obvious trick! I edited the post at the time but it also got me thinking a little clearer about this whole Ironpaw Token Shuffle.

I went back to The Undermine Journal, to the Cooking section under the Gathered category & just stared at it a while. I realised that for me, at least, it didn't go far enough so I built another little spreadsheet for that extra step. This screenshot (from The Undermine Journal) shows how much it would cost to make a container of meats/fish or vegetables from each material available on the Auction House. In effect, it's the cost of an Ironpaw Token, dependant on which raw material you use. I've included the 100 Year Soy Sauce & Black pepper section because those are still selling well on my server & from this screenshot, you can easily see that there is profit to be made just by converting the cheapest raw materials to Ironpaw Tokens.

The Undermine Journal, Cooking page, Ironpaw Token Calcs
But what if you don't want to sell 100 Year Soy Sauce or Black Pepper? What if you need cheap materials to level your cooking Ways? Out comes the calculator to work out whether those 20 cheap Redbelly Mandarin are actually cheaper than 5 Raw Crocolisk Belly via an Ironpaw Token or should you just buy the Raw Crocolisk Bellies? (Just in case you don't know, 20 x  a meat or fish or 100 x a vegetable can be converted to an Ironpaw Token which in turn can be exchanged for 5 x a meat/fish bundle or 25 x a vegetable bundle)

That's where my spreadsheet comes in. I wanted to put some clever gizmos in there to make it even easier but my spreadsheet skills are extremely rusty & I just couldn't get my head around it! So I took the basic Undermine Journal data (columns C & D) to start with - this is just the same data as the screenshot earlier. Then I took the Container Cost & divided it by either 5 or 25 (meat/fish or vegetables) for columns E & F.
Calculate Ironpaw Token Shuffle Costs
So what does this actually do for me that I can't do quickly in game? For me, it quickly identifies which raw materials to buy to shuffle to the other materials I require. Currently I need Giant Mantis Shrimp but at 34g80s each, I don't want to buy them directly. My spreadsheet shows me that even if I use 100 Pink Turnips to convert to an Ironpaw Token & then buy 5 Giant Mantis Shrimp, I will save 42 gold! (purple dots).

It's going to be fairly rare for 100 vegetables of any sort to be a cost effective way of buying just 5 meat or fish - Giant Mantis Shrimp are just exceptionally expensive on my server today but using a single 20 stack of meat or fish can easily be cost effective to buy either 5 meat/fish bundle or a 25 vegetable bundle.

You can see that the Raw Turtle Meat & the Reef Octopus (red dots) are both really cheap today & in column F, it shows them at a converted price of 1g66s & 1g59s respectively - that means using either of these to buy a vegetable bundle (25's) will be the cheapest way to buy any of the vegetables except Pink Turnips & Mogu Pumpkins. The Reef Octopus is so cheap today that it's also the cheapest way to buy Wildfowl Breast, Raw Crocolisk Meat & Raw Crab Meat as well as all the fish below Jewel Danio in the fish section!

I've added this spreadsheet onto Google Docs & fingers crossed, in an editable, downloadable form. Just click Ironpaw Token Conversion spreadsheet and you should go straight to it. Feel free to edit it to suit yourself but please, only edit a downloaded copy. I tried to put a macro in for easy sorting but it didn't work (or I couldn't make it work!) so don't worry if you get a 'contains a macro' warning - I couldn't find it to get rid of it!

I hope this helps make the Ironpaw Token Shuffle a little easier & quicker for you. If you have any problems downloading or editing it, let me know either in comments, by email (top right under profile) or on Twitter @NevAHAddict & I'll do my best to help.

Edited: I had to change to Google Docs link above to return the file to it's original format. Please, please, download a copy before you edit anything. Thank you :)

Edited yet again! Following some feedback, I've extended this spreadsheet & uploaded a version 2 to google docs - I've also added some more analysis in a second post Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling - Revisited so to make sure you've got the most up to date version, pop over to the Revisited post & click the google docs link there :)

Image © USDAGov under Creative Commons licence

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fishing for Gold - Laid Back Mode

Gone Fishing  - Laid Back Style
I've spent most of the last week doing my Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies & Onyx Egg hunting - I really wanted those Cloud Serpents so my gold making activities have once again taken a back seat. One of the quests over there though, requires Golden Carp & another requires Sugar Minnows - both from Fishing. As I hadn't leveled my Fishing to 600 yet, I decided to bite the bullet & get it over with! As I wasn't too worried about gold & fishing in Pools for the 'right' fish, I just plonked myself down at the edge of the circular stream right there in the Arboretum & proceeded to spend an hour or so, just fishing & listening to some music.
Fishing Area at The Arboretum, Jade Forest
Imagine my delight when I started fishing up Jade Lungfish & Redbelly Mandarins as well as the Golden Carp I needed! Both fish are required for the Way of the Grill cooking recipes & Jade Lungfish are also required for the Way of the Pot too so their prices have remained fairly good on the Auction House. Now I was only here for an hour or so but in that time I managed to pick up 48 Jade Lungfish, 54 Redbelly Mandarin & 168 Golden Carp. I sold most of them within 24 hours on the Auction House although I kept most of the Golden Carp for the Cloud Serpent daily & for converting to an Ironpaw Token for cooking materials later.
Golden Carp - Easy Fishing Gold 
Jade Lungfish - Easy Fishing Gold 
Redbelly Mandarin - Easy Fishing Gold
Overall, I made just over 700 gold in that hour - not a huge amount but still a nice little chunk for something I would have to have done anyway. Best of all though, it got all of my professions to 600 so I gained the 'Serious Skills to Pay the Bills' achievement too - always a good side effect of making gold!

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting this as a great way to make lots of gold - there are much better ways of course but if you find yourself over at the Arboretum doing your dailies & a friend or guildie wants to chat - you'll probably end up just standing around whilst you have your conversation. That's when I do most of my fishing to be honest! Or perhaps you like to PvP and have 5 minutes between battlegrounds where you normally just hang around - plonk yourself down & do a little fishing. Now that you don't have to equip a fishing rod, there's no risk of forgetting to swap back your weapons when the BG queue pops!

There are no hostile mobs to worry about here either & there's a mailbox over near the dailies quest hub so if you get carried away & fill your bags, you can easily send all your slinkies off to your bank alt.

Do you have a favourite fishing spot? Whether for a bit of quiet time or for gold fishing, I find it quite relaxing sometimes & the gold is always a nice bonus especially now that Mists of Pandaria has brought Cooking & Fishing into the limelight.

Image © Helen Shorey (me) available as a print in my Society6 shop