Monday, 21 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 6 Best Market

The topic for Day 6 of my 20 Days of Gold Making is "Which market has made you the most gold over the years?". This would appear to be a fairly easy question to answer but if you haven't managed to track the sales data, you just have to go with your gut reaction.

For me, I have 2 markets that did superbly well for me during Cataclysm, glyphs & gems. Unfortunately, my PC hiccupped & I lost all my sales data so I've never been able to see which of the two markets was actually the best one.

I didn't really start gold making until just before Cataclysm arrived in December 2010 & by January 2011, I had added Jewelcrafting to my maxed professions list & also added Trade Skill Master to my addon list. Both these actions boosted my gold making in a big way - suddenly listing 100's of glyphs was easy & crafting only the most profitable ones using TSM to tell me which they were, also increased my profits.

The gem market was a new one for me but the Elementium/Obsidium Shuffle was in full swing & the vendor price of the common gems was un-nerfed at that point so I went into full scale gem production, transmuting to higher quality gems whenever possible & selling stacks of common gems for the daily jewelcrafting quests. Even after the vendor price was nerfed, I still made good money by making jewelry to disenchant & then either selling the enchanting materials or making enchant scrolls.

At the height of my glyphing/shuffling period, I was easily pulling 7-12k out of the mailbox each day, just from gems & glyphs. If I had to guess at a split between the two, I'd say 55/45% between glyphs & gems but that is really just a gut instinct.

Now in Mists of Pandaria, neither market is doing much at all. Glyph sales have dropped in quantity & prices have fallen dramatically too. Gems seem to be hit & miss as well although I am selling a few here & there. At the moment, I'm still too busy doing dailies, leveling, dungeons & scenarios to really get into a proper gold making routine but part of my lack of enthusiasm for getting the gold machine rolling again is the sheer lack of sales on anything I have tried so far! Maybe I'm not seeing results because I'm not paying close attention but it all seems very hit & miss right now.

Hopefully things will change as everything settles down but with the new patches coming out so fast, the markets are in an almost constant state of flux - a good market one day will bottom out the next day & be back again next week! Don't get me wrong, I am not moaning about the good old days of easy gold! The truth is, there is so much gold to be made from dailies, questing & of course the new Tiller farms that I'm not feeling the urge to dominate markets any more. I'm enjoying the challenge of making gold in this mobile market but until I get all my girls maxed, gold is definitely taking more of a back seat. I still can't resist the Auction House though so leveling is taking longer than planned!


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  1. Nev, if you are struggling for ideas for some markets to get into, I am having great success at the moment with:

    1. Invisibility Potions - for a little herb farming effort (Sungrass can usually be bought very cheaply from the AH so it’s only really Ghost Mushrooms you need to farm) you can make these and sell them to players running Raids and Challenge Mode Dungeons. I sell these for 39g EACH in stacks of 5 on my Server (and regularly sell out) although to be fair I don’t have a huge amount of competition.
    2. Jim Younkin published an “Uber” Blue MoP item TSM deal-finding list on Power Word Gold – I have been using this and have had real success so far. I buy any items on this list that are less than 400g and flip them for 995g each. I think they would sell for more than 995g in the main but I like a fast turnaround especially when you are paying up to 400g per item!
    3. Cata 77-79 “Greens” are still selling really well on my Server – I think due to the number of players levelling Alts or players returning to the game and levelling through Wrath/Cata content.
    4. Bags! If you can be bothered to farm (or pickup cheap from the AH) Embersilk Cloth then Embersilk and Illusionary bags still sell really well. Mainly, I guess, due to MoP not really having released a higher capacity ‘mainstream’ bag – barring Royal Satchels which require both Exalted with August Celestials and Imperial Silk. I still regularly sell out of any Embersilk/Illusionary Bags I can make.

    Just a few ideas! 

    1. Thanks Robert! I have been making a few bags of varying types - Mammoth Mining Bags are another good option - Borean Leather is usually very cheap & been selling bags for 350-400g. Slow but very profitable.

      I have been checking for the Cata greens but market has been slow on those for me recently & the MoP blues are as rare as hen's teeth for flipping.

      Once I get my alts leveled, I'm sure I'll be fine - it's just that they are nagging at me to get to 90 :)

  2. Like you, Nev, I made my fortune making and selling glyphs. Not any more, though.

  3. I have made the most profit from selling pets and transmog gear/weapons. More so, since MOP dropped. :)

  4. Pvp gear is another great option, it takes a while to get all the recipes, but once you have them, you can turn 80g into 500-1k with a bunch of sells a day, depending on the market price and competition on your server.


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