Friday, 31 May 2013

Boo! Guess Who's Still Alive?

Yup, I'm still alive but getting my butt kicked in real life a bit. I had no idea it had been over a month since I posted here & probably has been that long since I logged into WoW too. Like many on my Twitter feed, I downloaded Neverwinter to 'have a look' and I've got hooked.

I haven't ended my WoW subscription though & I'm putting out a call for ideas. Having fallen so far behind with gearing & following storyline through all these fast patch releases, I feel kind of useless in game. My confidence isn't the greatest in the first place & being undergeared & underperforming doesn't really help that.

I also want to keep going here - gold making stories, hints, tips etc as I find them but even that has become stale for me. So I thought maybe I need to have a change of scenery, a plan of attack & try to follow it through but I don't quite know what!

My server is listed as medium population but I think the Alliance is low population & my auction house activities are kind of slow. I was thinking about 2 options - start a new character on a new high population server & see how things go or to transfer a level 85 or higher with professions & some gold & go from there.

I'm not looking for a leveling project though & I have done the new character/new server thing before so I pretty much discounted that idea as soon as I had it but I'm also a bit broke right now so could probably only transfer 1 character with gold & professions.

I'd love other ideas to consider though - are there any that you can think of that would provide good gold making information too or maybe you'd like to challenge me to try out a theory you have?

Once I get home (yes, I'm traveling again!), I hope to fire up my WoW enthusiasm again & get back to more regular posting. Have a great weekend y'all


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