Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

© Nev 2009 - Yuck Face
Last post I gave you an image of a cheeky face, this post, you get the Yuck Face. Yup it's been that sort of week! Regular readers will know that I keep a daily note of my liquid gold totals so I already had an idea that this had not been a good week but until I sit & write this post each week, I don't really take it in. Total sales of 50k is bad enough but with my usual bit of maths, my actual increase in liquid gold was only 23000g. To be fair though, that wasn't all spending on materials, I did splash out & buy the Dragonwreck Throwing Axe for my newly subtlety specced pvp rogue which cost me 10000g - a good deal on my server as they are usually 12-15k!

Another contributing factor was lag/latency issues. It seems my ISP or Blizzard have changed something somewhere in the system so my latency was registering at 7-10k ms, making the game totally unplayable from Thursday afternoon through to Saturday morning. So I lost 2 evenings & a whole day of auction house activity & sales which I think would have been income of around 10-15k.

Anyway, enough moaning from me, what did I manage to sell this week? Well, cut rare gems continue to rush out of the Auction House & to help a guildie or two out, I also invested a few JC Tokens to buy some new gem cuts which are selling fairly well too.

Glyphs seem to be slowing down a little but it could be that the glyph sales are just being buried in the gems sales. I'll have to have a closer look to confirm that but to be honest, I'm kinda glad. My husband & at least 2 guildies have taken up inscription recently & are starting to make their way to the Ink of the Sea & Ethereal Ink glyphs, so it's only a matter of time before I end up competing with them. I already have so much more gold than I could possibly use so I hope I can hand over my bit of the glyph market to them & not cause any problems in guild chat.

Chocolate cookies are still selling! As long as I do my cooking daily on a few alts, the supply of Cocoa Beans is good & they don't take long to make either. I have slowed down on the other cataclysm cooked foods - there is a fair bit of competition & some really weird pricing going on. Some days the cooked food is really high priced, the next it's low but the raw mats are high - I just can't be bothered to fight market surges like that.

Infinite dust is also selling well & at prices that would have scared me 6 months ago! I'm still using cheap Wrath gems as I explained in my Old School Jewels post a week or two ago but it's one of those 'when I think about it' things rather than a regular activity. I already prospect/craft & disenchant enough Cataclysm items to make disenchanting Wrath ones just a bit tedious!

Having said that, disenchanting Enchanted Thorium Blades for Greater Eternal Essences is even more profitable now than when I wrote about them a while ago. Current prices are currently in the 55g-70g range so even though it's still a bit tedious, this one gets done more often than the Infinite Dust one :)

I keep saying I must get my Enchanter moving on making scrolls but I get distracted easily - this week I've managed to grind Honor Hold reputation on my Paladin main & respecced my much loved but abandoned Rogue. One thing I will be doing this week is converting my Spare Inks to cards for the Darkmoon Faire next weekend. I've managed to pick up some more cheap Primal Life so at last, I can use up some more of my Darkflame Ink.

Have a good week & happy goldmaking everyone :-D

Friday, 27 May 2011

When I Was Just a Newbie Goldmaker

I've been jotting notes on low level/newbie goldmaking for a while with the intention of writing some starter type posts but earlier this week, I got chatting to Eiddor on Twitter. He's a brand new WoW player, so much of the blog content currently available is either out of his reach for now or full of terms/abbreviations/content that he is yet to discover. I suggested he send me an email with as many questions as he wanted answered and I would try & cover them in my planned starter posts. Bless him, he sent me a mini essay which has not only given me the impetus to actually write the posts properly (not just notes!) but also a target audience viewpoint that I can aim at.

The hardest part for me has been deciding where to start & knowing how much to include at this level. I'm not going to rewrite all the starter stuff I've found everywhere but rather try to pull a lot of it to one place as an easy reference post. So to other gold bloggers out there, if you have starter posts/lowbie gold making posts you'd like me to link to, let me know in comments or by email.

I'm planning a whole series of these posts over the next week or two so I'll just cover a few points today to help you get started & be making some gold while you're waiting for the more detailed stuff!

Okay, so you have 1 character started & maybe you've picked a couple of professions & you're happily questing away but you don't have much gold yet. What can I tell you to help straight away?

1) I know it seems fairly obvious but sell everything you can! If you run out of bag space, don't just destroy stuff, try to find a nearby vendor to sell it to or a mailbox to send it to your banker especially if you've picked up one of the gathering professions like herbalism/mining or skinning.

2) Make a second character to be your banker/auction house runner & extra bag space carrier! For Alliance, the easiest is to start a human & run them to Stormwind. For Horde, I think it's the Orcs & run to Orgrimmar or Blood Elf & run to Silvermoon but I'm not 100% certain on that! Your banker is going to sit in the city & run between the bank, the Auction House (AH) & mailbox.

As you are out & about questing, you'll pick up a lot of 'stuff'. Items with their names in gray can just be sold to the first vendor you find. Items with their name in white are most often trade goods & materials - these are the items you mail to your banker to list on the AH. Items with their names in green or blue (usually armour & weapons of a better quality) are also sent to the AH via your banker if you cannot use them or they are not better than those you are wearing already!

3) Get an Auction House addon - I like Auctioneer but there are others, including Auctionator which do pretty much the same thing but slightly differently. You can get all sorts of addons from Curse & eventually, I have no doubt, you will become very familiar with that site but for now, look for Auctioneer. It will add some extra tabs in the AH window for you including a Post tab. This will allow you to pop an item into a box in the top left hand corner, refresh to see what others are already listed & their prices and will suggest a sale & bid price.

tooltip data incl average price
The main benefit of these AH addons is the ability to scan the whole Auction House & build a database showing average prices when you mouseover an item even if you are not in the Auction House. At the top of the AH window, you can see what looks like a 'fast forward' icon - this is the fast scan & usually takes maybe 3-4 minutes. Do this once a day for at least a week before you start trusting the numbers it produces. It's like anything that works on historical or average data - the more data you have, the more reliable it will be.

Unfortunately you can't do anything else while it's scanning so I usually scan just as I'm popping off to make coffee or whatever :)

I think that's about it for now. I have posts coming soon covering professions, other addons, different strategies for gold making, getting organised, where to find information & anything else I happen to think of in the meantime! One link I will pop in here is Wowhead - it's a massive database of all things WoW & you can just pop an item name into the search box. Not only that but the comments tab on each item often has very useful tips & it's not only limited to items. If you're stuck on a quest, type the quest name into the search & read the comments.

Feel free to post your questions in comments or mail me anything you think I should cover and I hope this helps for now :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

© Nev 2009 WW2 Spitfire Aerial Display
It's been a pretty good week for me, this week. I've dipped a bit further into the cut rare gems market & it's showing up nicely in my weekly sales list. Even better from a liquid gold point of view, comparing the sales income with my increase in liquid gold figure & I've only spent 2580g this week! That gives me a beautiful profit figure of 66800g-ish so I'm flying high & on a roll!

So you may be wondering how come I've spent so little this week? Well, I was doing a lot of shuffling for enchanting materials at the start of the year but the prices for rares, either cut or uncut were so low, I decided to hang on to them. Now the prices have risen, almost all those cut gems have come from my various banks!

Also this week, I was asked to join some guildies in 5v5 arena for a laugh. They want me to bring my rogue who has been sitting around since she hit 85. Off I went to various gear optimiser websites to see what I needed & then came back & made her the Brazen Elementium Medallion. Unfortunately I forgot to check what she was already wearing! It seems she hadn't been sitting around the whole time since 85, she must have sneaked out & done a dungeon or two somewhere along the line because the neck piece she had was better.

Glyphs have continued to be a strong seller even if the gem sales are pushing them off the first page of my sales figures. I've also sold a few more pieces of the Bloodied Leather pvp set although competition has set in so I may leave them to fight it out for a while now.

Some of the lower level leatherworking items have been selling too - 3 sets of Barbaric Bracers, 2 Gem-Studded Leather Belts & a Black Dragonscale Breastplate have all sold as has the masses of Chocolate Cookies I baked up earlier in the week.

Going forward, I'm almost out of Inferno Rubies & Carnelians so I guess it's time to start prospecting again. Luckily I picked up 200 stacks of Elementium Ore at 25g a stack yesterday (muhahahaha!). I'll carry on glyphing too especially as I have Jewelcrafting & Inscription on the same character.

I'm not sure I could face cancel/reposting gems & glyphs if they weren't on the same character so if you haven't got your professions set yet, that might be something to think about although it isn't the optimal combination, to be fair.

Most bloggers suggest jewelcrafting & enchanting on the same character so you can disenchant the jewellery you make without using the mailbox. The only reason I didn't do that is timing & space - I already had inscription on this alt & enchanting maxed on another. When I needed to add jewelcrafting to my profession list, the only spot was on my scribe so that's where it went! I like happy accidents :-D

Thursday, 19 May 2011

OT-ish...A Little Help From A Friend, A Little Help For A Friend

© Nev 2006, Baby Hermit Crab Getting Some Help

I've been making some new friends over the last week or two via Twitter and various blogs. It always amazes me how quickly I can feel comfortable with someone once that initial skype call happens but that's what happened when I first spoke to Flux & Jokinee from the Power Word:Gold podcast. After I stopped being starstruck (hey, I've been listening to Flux for weeks, it was like meeting my favourite radio DJ, ok? lol) we sorted out the stuff that had got us talking in the first place & 2 hours later, we were still talking!

Roll forward a couple of weeks (& several more long skype calls) & the guys decided I was to be their next podcast guest so if you haven't listened to their excellent podcast before or if you're curious as to what a British AH Addict sounds like, click the link to Episode 9 NOW! lol

As a result of the podcast, I've gained a few new followers on Google friends & on Twitter (so, hello to you guys) & I just hope you like what you're reading. I asked a similar question at the end of the last post & received positive comments so a big thank you to you guys too.

As a bit of a thank you to Flux (come on, give this a go) & because he posted The Treasure Potion Trash Dash challenge (which I can't resist!) I spent an hour yesterday, stealthing round mobs in Deepholm on my rogue with a potion of treasure finding active & empty bags to start. I headed to the well-known rogue pickpocketing area of Stonehearth (or The Fractured Front, adjoining it) and after picking every pocket in a bunch, I then killed them to get the loot!

The basic idea is to keep a note of all the vendor values of everything you loot in that hour. It's a nonsense figure because let's face it, we're here to make money but it is a great way to take the server differences out of the equation.

I have to say, I thought picking pockets would be more lucrative although I always hope for the Krol Decapitator or Spinerender to drop from the Flame Scarred Junkboxes. I popped my initial results into an excel spreadsheet which you can see below.

I think what struck me most about this little experiment/challenge is just how low the vendor prices are on items that we, as AH peeps, sell for such high values. Almost 40g & a shedload of Embersilk Cloth was a nice find from the Tiny Treasure Chests so that more than covered the initial cost of the potion but overall, I was a little disappointed with my haul. Having said that, my rogue is not my strongest girlie & I probably spent way too long picking pockets so I'm planning on doing another couple of runs in the next day or two - I'm thinking a skinner Paladin & a non-gathering DK. Just gotta work out where to send my girls on their missions.

Monday, 16 May 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

© Nev 2008, Thames Barge on the Blackwater

I've been sailing along on a sea of glyphs again but this week, I've added a lot more jewelcrafting/cut rare gems to my routine as well as the Leather Agility PVP sets. Cash received is up slightly and although my usual bit of maths tells me I spent 15000g to make 47000g profit, I happen to know that I've spent at least 6000g on gear upgrades for my Rogue & my Priest as well as a few extra pets to get my 75 pet achievement for my Paladin main.

I revisited the Mysterious Fortune Card market, as I do periodically & found it unattended for an afternoon. Usually I see people barking in trade & when I check prices, they are down around the 8-10g mark but on this particular afternoon, there were only about 20 listed in singles at 18g. I popped 20 singles & a few 3 & 5 stacks up for 17.50g & barked just once as I started my cancel/repost cycle. Normally this would have triggered a wave of other people listing their cards or trying to out-bark me but not on this day for some reason.

So I ramped up production & had the market almost to myself for maybe 2 hours. There were 2 other toons posting but only maybe 5 cards at a time just below mine so they obviously just wanted a little slice of the action :) Eventually the usual card players arrived on the scene & took the market straight back down to the 8g range. I could have toyed with them but I was getting bored anyway so I left them to it!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my Cooking for Gold post, I've been selling the chocolate cookies for the new achievement You'll Feel Right As Rain. They are down to around 50g a stack but the profit margin is huge so I now have maybe 4 or 5 alts doing the Stormwind cooking daily to get the bag of Imported Goods.

I'm still selling various enchanting rods, low-mid level leatherworking items, some enchanting scrolls & the low-ish level engineering pets but they are fairly slow to move & although the profits are fantastic on them, they don't make huge numbers so they don't make it to my top page.

I've had several comments & mails asking which addon I use to show my sales each week so I thought I'd pop it here to answer everyone at the same time :) It's a simple addon called MySales which you can download from curse.com. It's really easy to set up & you can track individual alts, all alts per server/faction, by different time spans or for all time. the two commands I use are /ms config & /ms window & I click on the column header to change the sort order & that's pretty much it.

Hope you find these posts interesting - I often wonder if they make good reading for you guys but as I enjoy them on other blogs, I hope you guys like them too.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Old School Jewels & Infinite Dust

I've been trying to get my head around the enchanting scrolls market over the last week or so. I'd decided to let TSM do the initial work for me & to pick out the most viable scrolls from the materials I had on hand. Now I'm a self confessed pack rat in game & in real life (although, tbh, my husband beats me hands down in RL!) so I thought building a craft list wouldn't be a problem.

It turns out, a lot of Wrath enchants are still going strong on my server so I need a lot more infinite dust than I expected. Cue Flux (from Power Word:Gold) with a timely tweet about the Crystal Citrine Necklace which disenchants to infinite dust or lesser cosmic essences and only costs 1 crystallized earth & 1 huge citrine.

Off I run to my JC & take her to the auction house where I find that huge citrines are selling for under 2g each. Good little gold maker/packrat that I am, I already had about 30 Eternal Earths in my bank & when I checked the price of Infinite Dust it was around 7g per dust. I rapidly snagged all 27 of the Huge Citrines at 2g or less & grabbed the Earths from my bank. Off I snuck to a quiet corner to craft all these wonderful necklaces where to my happy disbelief I found 3 other patterns in my JC craft list that would serve the same purpose!

The Bloodstone Band, the Crystal Chalcedony Amulet & the Sun Rock Ring all take just 1 gem & 2 crystallized earths so back to the AH where I was pleased to find that the bloodstones & sun crystals were also less than 2g each - I snagged them as fast as possible too. The Chalcedony were a little more expensive so I left them for now. These disenchant to 2.5 infinite dusts on average with the occasional lesser cosmic essence so at a mat cost of less than 4g, this is a good combination.

Back in my crafting corner, I set my craft queue to run while I perused my blog list. In total I spent 110g to buy a mixed bag of 67 gems. They disenchanted to 120 Infinite Dusts & 20 lesser cosmic essences which I stashed in the bank. I couldn't resist the immediate gold opportunity though so I put some 10 stacks of Infinite Dust on the AH at 7g per dust, just to see if people were in fact buying it. Needless to say, yes, people do buy dusts at that price!

Over the next few days, I continued to buy the cheap gems where & when I could, crafting & disenchanting as I went along. I now have a nice little stockpile of infinite dust & cosmic essences for when I eventually get my head around enchanting scrolls!

Keep your eyes on the AH for these items selling cheap as well. I remember making these when I levelled my JC so you may find them listed at silly low prices whilst people are levelling.

Tuesday & yesterday though, it was a different picture. One guy has listed all these gems at 8g each and there are no other sellers in the market. In the meantime, Infinite Dust is now at 2-3g per dust, also from the same guy. I either caught the market when he wasn't paying attention or someone twigged this market almost at the same time I did but has completely different approach to it.

I'll add it to my list of AH corners to visit periodically, along with enchanting rods & toughened leather armour. I'm ok with taking a little profit here & there when someones' attention wanders :)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

It's been another steady week, only 42k up overall but I did blow 8k on the woundsplicer handwraps for my Priest as the guild really needs another healer. My usual bit of maths tells me I spent 18.5k to make that profit but I have about 5k of cheap ore & herbs in my mailbox waiting for processing so that should make a nice dent in next weeks' spending! Just after I bought the epic, I was finishing off Twilight Highlands on my Pally & they dropped off a random mob so I also have them on the AH at 12k (only ones listed & that's the Auctioneer average, so fingers crossed!) so if they sell at that price, I'll be well pleased!

The Darkmoon Faire has left for another month & I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how this month's Faire went for me. I managed to snag a Hurricane Deck for 9k with the intention of equipping my Pally but when I look on the AH & saw the trinkets selling for about 15k, I just had to try my luck. I'm glad I did but my Pally still needs that trinket! Oh Well, maybe next month hey?

As I mentioned in my Spare Inks, Faire Inks post, I was selling the low level decks as well this month - almost 1300g just from the rogues & swords decks. The mage & demon decks sold as well but I only had a few of those so they didn't make the first page of my results. I also managed to snag a few of the Wood Frog pets from Flik & some more of the White Kittens from Lil Timmy (also in a previous post).

I'm also pleased to see the Greater Eternal Essences make it to my 1st page. That average price of 46g is per Essence not per multiples so it's sort of proof that the Enchanted Thorium Blades post works for gold making too :)

And of course, the Chocolate Cookies have been selling like, well, hot cakes! My Cooking post a few days ago mentioned them & was featured on Wow Insider's Daily Quest section just this morning. If you haven't found WoW Insider yet, go have a look. They have regular sections for each class, for RP, for Q&A, for Podcasts etc & multiple posts each day. Huge amounts of good info all in one place.

I've tried very hard to back off on the glyph front but for now, it seems the habit is too ingrained & besides, I haven't yet found another market to dive into with such profits. Consequently, I am overflowing with Inferno Inks & with the current sales prices, it's just so much easier for me to sell them as is. The thing that caught my eye is the number of DK glyphs in that list so you can be sure I'll be keeping an eye on the DK glyph market for a week or two now.

Lastly for this week, I thought I'd show you my latest version of my progress graph. I've marked a few of the major events including Cataclysm launch, the week I powerlevelled my JC & the week they nerfed the Maelstrom Crystal/Alchemy thing. Since then, it's been a pretty steady & surprisingly consistent upward climb. At this rate, I should be able to predict when I'll hit 1 million gold - I'd guess 1st week of July so it will be interesting to see if I can accelerate that date.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Cooking for Gold, Patch 4.1 Style

With the introduction of several new food & drink related achievements in patch 4.1, I have seen a rise in the prices of almost all the cataclysm buff foods & drinks craftable by my maxed cook. Most notably, chocolate cookies have been flying off the shelves especially when I add a little bark linking the cookie to the new 'You'll feeel Right as Rain' achievement.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that my DK sat in SW at lvl 75 for ages. I had no need to level her to 85 for either JC or Inscription recipes but I did do the fishing & cooking dailies on her for the guild rep. However, her cooking skill is maybe 150 so she couldn't really make use of the Chef's Awards until patch 4.1 hit! Yay for Bario Matalli & his bag of Imported Supplies which costs just 1 Chef's Award token & contains 2 stacks of Cocoa Beans (although I have had bags with 51 cocoa beans so there's obviously a proc type thing in there too).

Off I went to buy my cocoa beans, 20 bags later I had 46 stacks of the darned things! Sent them all to my cook , ran to the cooking supplies guy in SW Old Town & started a massive cookie baking marathon. Luckily I have the Chef's Hat (from the Dalaran cooking dailies - I was 80 for a long time before Cata hit!) which vastly increases cooking speed so it wasn't too long.

I posted 200 of them on the AH in stacks of 20 at 75g a stack although the achievement only really needs 91 - I just wanted to keep to nice round numbers but actually, I realised afterwards, I was making people buy 9 extras! Then I barked in trade 'get your 'You'll Feel Right As Rain' achieve, Chocolate Cookies in AH now!' and sat back to wait a few minutes before barking again. I didn't have to wait that long, I'd say within 2 minutes they had all gone so I listed some more (but at 80g this time) & repeated. Same thing happened. In less than 20 minutes, I'd made & sold 400 cookies for over 1500g & I still had enough left for hubby & I to get the achieve too!


Fast forward a couple of days & I realised that I'd lost my top spot in the guild for achievements so I had a quick look to see which achieves I could knock out quickly. Apart from the three /love critters, the next quickest would be the Cataclysmically Delicious & Drown Your Sorrows ones so off I went to the AH to see if any of the foods were available cheaply (especially the ones I can't cook yet or didn't have mats for).

The prices were ridiculous! Some of the vendor bought items were listed for 30-50g each although some were still under 5g each. I smelt an opportunity so as of today, I have had a cook up of all the cataclysm foods I can & have them listed at reasonable (around 10g per) prices for singles. When I logged off last night, they were selling fairly well but with the login servers down this morning, I've been unable to find out just how well :)

So if you have a high level cooking skill & spare chef's awards, what's stopping you? I think this will be one of those markets I jump in & out of 'ninja style'. I'll be keeping an eye on the cookies in particular but where I've been selling the odd ones & twos of cooking mats, I'll cook them up now & sell the food instead. The bonus to that is the Guild achievement Set the Oven to 'Cataclysmic' which, in a small guild like ours, is a long way off for now.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Weekly Update with a Few Surpises

Well, What a week! After hitting 500k last week, I wrote that it was time to look away from my glyphs so the day after I wrote the post, instead of spending my usual time tending my glyphs, I got busy on my alts. I must have driven my guildies mad with all my logging in and out but once I get the routine sorted out, that will slow down. Patch 4.1 hit on Wednesday & not only broke almost all of my addons, I also got the dreaded DC bug. I have to say I wasn't very well prepared for the patch either & with husband home, my concentration & time were less than focussed on gold making.

After my usual bit of maths, I can see that I spent 15800g-ish to make profits of 45100g-ish. I also bought a Hurricane Deck for my paladin main but having heard so many comments about how bad the paladin DPS is now, I handed in the Deck to get some rep & have listed the trinket on the AH. If it sells, I make profit, if it doesn't, my now, seemingly-useless Pally gets some gear love. 

I can hear you thinking 'no surprises so far' but just look at my sales screenshot & compare it to previous ones! It doesn't show glyphs across the board this week! How did I decide what to craft in my mega alt hopping session? Well, I tend to scribble notes down when I read all those blogs in my blogroll so I got all the bits of paper off my desk & went through them to make a master list of possibilities. Next, I logged my bank alt to search for what mats I already had tucked away & to check AH prices for everything.

Out came my master Excel sheet (you can see an example in my Enchanted Thorium Blades post) where I broke down all the possible crafted items into their raw or semi raw mats & input the prices from the AH. I ended up with a smaller list of profitable items to craft so then it was just a matter of buying any mats I didn't already have & get to crafting.

My smaller list required mid level BS & Alchemy, maxed & mid level Enchanting & maxed JC. There were also a few mid level Leatherworking items but I've been dabbling in those anyway (see my Low Level LW post).

I wasn't sure whether to give you a list of what I made but I thought I may as well :) Obviously you can cherry pick from the list for your own circumstances but it might give you a springboard for your own ideas too.

Arcanite Rod
Fel Iron Rod
Adamantite Rod
Eternium Rod
Enchanted Thorium Blades (to d/enchant)

Arcanite Bar
Transmute Inferno Ruby

Enchant Weapon - Hurricane / Avalanche / Heartsong
Enchant Bracer - Dodge
Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats
Enchant Gloves - Haste
Enchant Boots - Haste
Enchant Cloak - Intellect
Enchant Off hand - Superior Intellect
Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Agility (the lower level, essence of air one)
Mass disenchanting of jewellery for Cata mats
Disenchanting the Enchanted Thorium Blades for Greater Eternal Essences

Bold / Brilliant / Delicate Inferno Ruby
Agile Shadowspirit Diamond
Burning Shadowspirit Diamond
Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond
Loads of the alicite/hessonite jewellery to d/enchant

Shadowskin Gloves
Gem Studded Belt
Mammoth Mining Bags
Toughened Leather Gloves

Most of these have sold during the week but are not on my top list because they sell for lower amounts and/or less frequently but the profit margins are huge so they are still worth doing when you feel like it.

This week, I also managed to complete my Wintersaber Faction reputation grind & got my Frostsaber mount before the patch hit. I left my pally in Winterspring & as soon as I could log in after patch, I bought 10 of the new Winterspring Cub & mailed them to my banker. The first 3 sold for around 450g before anyone really caught on but I'd sold all of them by the end of the day with prices dropping to around 100g by the time I logged off.

By the end of the week, I was back to my familiar glyph routine. With so many bits to craft & source mats for, it's going to take a while to get into the swing of it but I'm sure, somewhere in that long list (and the ones that didn't make it this time!), is my next big venture.

I read so many blogs that I can't credit individual posts for the initial ideas that sparked my list but I do know that all that reading isn't a waste of time! If you're reading this as a novice gold maker then make some time & read those blogs too or use Flux's Gold Blog Directory to find all the information you could ever take in :)