Wednesday, 23 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 7 Tips for Starting Fresh

So far, many of my 20 Days of Gold Making questions have been reminisce type questions but Day 7's question is "If you were starting over again (maybe on a new server perhaps), how would you start building some capital & what goal would you set yourself?" so this should be a useful post for anyone just starting their gold making career! Be sure to check out some of the answers from other blogs that have joined in with my 20 Days challenge which you can find in my Participants post.

The problem I have with answering this question, is that I actually do this regularly. I started this whole blog thing because of a new alt/new server experiment, I have Project Shoofly on hold on my US account & I'm sure I wrote about my lowbie glypher too! So what to write that I haven't already written & with the advent of Mists of Pandaria, would my old ways still work?

For me, the tried & tested way is to use the herb vendors in Stormwind as well as some really low level fishing - all that junk you fish to start with adds up to a few silvers to get your Auction House activities underway! I used to head straight for the recipe guy in Stormwind too but I haven't tried selling those since Mists of Pandaria arrived. I'd guess there is still a small market there even if you can level cooking to max in Halfhill - not all players have high level alts after all.

After I have a few gold to my name, I start looking for underpriced materials to flip - it used to be volatiles & cloth in Cataclysm, now I would head for herbs & cooking materials (but still looking at cloth, ores, enchanting mats etc too). Ideally I look for fairly fast moving, high volume markets to start with, just looking for deals. I don't care if it's a single or a small stack, if it's underpriced, I'll try to flip it.

Once I have say 500 gold to my name, I'll start looking at armor - ilevel 364-377 (for level 83 & 84 but MoP gear stats) can often be found for 50g or less & I've had quite some luck turning these over for 199g-299g. Always check the stats on each piece though - you don't want to be buying lemons with such a limited amount of capital behind you.

My goal previously has always been to see how much I can make in say 30 days but that's as a side project. If I was starting over properly, leaving my main server behind then I think my goal would be to just keep building my stash at a steady rate whilst keeping my leveling alts nicely geared & professions leveling up too. I think 100k gold would be a nice round target to aim for but I don't believe in rushing & stressing out so I wouldn't put a timescale on it!


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  1. I'd like to mention not to underestimate the value of doing a vendor scan search... while it isn't huge gold, it is instant profit.

    Also on your note about fishing, try and do it during the darkmoon faire, You get a WAY higher return on time invested.

  2. You take me back, thatermusic87! I'd forgotten about the vendor scan search. I think that paid for at least one netherweave bag back when I was just starting.

  3. I still do a vender search every day.....i love it!!

  4. I agree with theatermusic87 on the DMF fishing. I also have a blog for new WOW players to help them get started in making gold.

    Hopefully this will also help those starting out in WOW:


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