Saturday, 14 July 2012

Project Shoofly - Update 14th July

So I finally got my little project priest to level 40 & bought her the fast ground mount & training. Dragging through the Hinterlands & feeling so slow, I treated myself to a little alt for a change of scenery. I went for a Tauren Paladin with the idea of leveling as holy spec - my main & first ever character was retribution & protection through most of Wrath of the Lich King but it was only last summer that I dabbled with holy spec for her - at level 85! Learning a whole new playstyle at 85 proved disheartening hence this new alt.

My project girlie will keep going, I do enjoy the priest at 85 so I will persevere with her & keep her banking/auction house activities seperate, I just need a little break for now. I've almost managed to sell everything she's picked up so far & just topped the 2000 gold mark so I'm fairly pleased with that. I think it will be interesting to see just how much she can accumulate by 85 just by leveling via questing.

So the screenshot is a summary of all my sales on this project so far (well, the top half anyway) so you can see how random the stuff is that I am selling!

Now I mentioned my new Tauren Holy Paladin but I kinda got a little bored with her too - the Tauren starter zone seems very slow but I did get her to level 10 before getting sidetracked by my new Goblin Arcane Mage! Bearing in mind that I've only ever rolled about 5 Horde alts before, all these starter zones are new to me, especially the Goblin zone. I quite enjoyed it even though the mage is my least favourite & most deleted class. This time, I was nudged into leveling as arcane spec & already she is level 20 & nowhere near being deleted!

But my mind is kinda all over the place at the moment so I soon got a little fed up her too & rolled a Troll Druid! I've tried leveling as feral before so this time, I think I'll try either resto or boomkin & maybe that will suit me better. She's only level 6 for now but I'll move her along too in dribs & drabs probably.

Last but not least, my new Undead warlock - yet another class that I've never really got to grips with. She's only level 1 but I liked her look so wanted to show her off!

So yeah, a bit distracted in general & hopping all over the place but should be fun to build my new empire from the ground up & actually plan which professions go with which alt. I wonder if I can take over the Auction House before Cold gets bored with Diablo3 *insert evil laugh*

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