Tuesday 20 September 2016

Resetting Markets to Make Gold in Legion

First off, I guess I should explain what I mean by resetting markets. When someone tries to undercut the lowest price on the market but leaves a large gap in the prices, then there is an opportunity for you to make some gold. Of course, it does depend on you having enough gold to buy all the cheaper items up and there is a risk element too - you may get stuck with the cheaper goods if the market is dropping and yours don't sell quickly enough.

But at this point in a new expansion, prices are still pretty high and quantities of herbs, ores, leather and silk is dependent on people still leveling. There aren't many farming routes established yet and most players are spending time leveling, not farming.

As you can tell from my previous two posts, I started my herbalist in Highmountain because Foxflowers were the most expensive herbs at the time (not including Starlight Rose though). I did post a small area that is pretty good for farming Foxflowers but it's not an efficient way to do it.

So what I did to make the most gold from Foxflowers was to reset the market. Prices drop over the weekend to 20g or so but during the week, they are regularly at 30g or more. When I saw a bunch of Foxflowers at 9g, of course, I snapped them up and I also grabbed all the Foxflowers upto about 18g. Luckily I remembered to take a screenshot just before I bought the last cheap Foxflower!

They all sold at 30g or more so I made a tidy profit on those.

Today I had a brainwave when looking at Stonehide Leather - I noticed that there were a couple of bid only lines so when I went to check the prices on those, they were about the average market price but what I did see at the top end of the price range was a huge discount for a bid price. Basically someone had overpriced their main buy price so they were never going to sell but their bid price was actually below the market price by about 3g. That doesn't sound like a huge profit but I snapped up 4 stacks of 200 leathers at an average price of 9g30s when the market price is over 12g50s.

I'm pretty sure I could sell them all very quickly if I wanted to but I actually want them to level up my leatherworker so this way, I have comparatively cheap materials to do so and if I make the right items to level up, I can also sell them and have a lower base price than my competitors.

You can reset all sorts of markets but I tend to play it a little safe and stick to profession materials. It doesn't have to be the current materials either - I'm resetting Living Steel and Golden Lotus markets too - I'm not sure why those markets are still so active but I'm not going to complain!

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  1. living steel is used in a engi mount, vail of sands or sky goloem cant member, and golden lotus is used in a pot that still sells well


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