Monday, 30 July 2012

Weekly Sales Update - 29th July 2012

Fyzz, my new banker
Well what a week it was last week! Monday I received the news that I'm cancer free at last, Tuesday my RL finances got sorted out & on Wednesday of course, we all found out that Mists of Pandaria will be released on 25th September! On Thursday I decided that my current banker would need to get to 85 & finally get around to maxing her Engineering so this little lady was born. Meet Fyzz, my new banker & proud GM of yet another guild & guild bank! Also on Thursday I guested on Power Word:Gold podcast so watch out for the new episode this week! It was great catching up with Jim (Flux) again & if you're an older reader, you'll remember I did a few episodes with him last year.

I've moved all the random stuff I was selling from my old banker, tidied up her guild bank to stuff I think I will still want or need & moved all my glyphs & gems from my scribe/JC alt too. This little girlie ended up with over 400 auctions running, which I know is not that many by some standards but for me, that's a heck of a lot!

So in between all the happy faces & excitement round here, how did my sales go last week? Well not too shabby at all really, considering. Total sales for the week were 33,000 gold most of which came from existing glyphs & emptying out alts banks. My Gold total as of last night was 394,000 gold - but I did have a major spending spree last week as I mentioned & I bought this new guild with an absolutely epic name this week. I'm thinking I may open this guild up & invite lots of randoms, not so much for the weekly gold cash flow boost but more for leveling the guild with a view to selling it later.
screenshot from MySales addon
I thought I'd keep it fairly short this week so I've only included the one screenshot. At some point earlier this year, I snatched up a few stacks of Pristine Hides for well below their usual price. I've been dribbling them back onto the market this week at about 150-200 gold profit per Hide. I still have another stack to move so that nice big chunk of change I spent will probably double itself once the last few sell. I like little deals like that!

I've also started moving some of the pets/companions that I'd tucked away. Christmas in July seems to be quite a thing online in my craft circle so I thought I'd dig out my few Christmas pets. The Green Helper Box & Jingling Bell were nice little earners & I'm hoping I can move the others at around the same prices too.

Glyphs always feature heavily in my sales reports & no change this week. What has changed is the variety of glyphs that are selling - there rarely seems to be one glyph that sells more than others - always just 1's and 2's in the top half of the sales table. But as always, the glyph prices are healthy & net me 3000-5000 gold a day easily with just 2 or 3 cancel/relist cycles. Now that Fyzz is selling them for me, I could possibly increase that number of relists & I may try it as an experiment for a few days, see how much of a difference it makes, if any.

Looking forward, I'd like to claw back as much cash as possible before Mists of Pandaria arrives but I also want to level a few more alts. I still have a fair few achievements I want to try for as well so I'll have to balance my gold making activity with play time otherwise it could become quite an obsession! I'm also hoping to be moving house & doing a bit of travelling before Mists hits so I could be a very busy little bee for the next couple of months!


  1. Wow, I think I'm listing my glyphs for way to low...

    1. Robby - I just cherry pick the top priced glyphs then follow the market. My server has always had fairly expensive glyphs but the herbs are expensive too ( although not as expensive as the glyph prices would suggest!). I did a post on it just 3 or 4 posts back if you wanna have a look. Give me a shout via email if you think I can help at all :)

  2. that is just such good news, on so many levels!

    on your glyphs - do you think players are buying ahead of MoP so that they do not get caught out with higher priced glyphs after the new content is released . . . . like they did on Catacylsm?

  3. Nev -

    Great news, so happy to hear it.

    Also, those glyph prices are unreal. On Malygos, there are half a dozen aggressive competitors, and when I empty my mailbox, the average sale price is between 20g-50g. The most common price is in the low 20s.

    Curious - what do you buy your whiptail for? It's typically 25g/stack on our server, but I buy all mine when folks are unloading for about 17g-18g per stack. I'm guessing by your sale prices that Whiptail might be more expensive for you.


    1. Almost all herbs are 60g/stack minimum most of the time & I mean ALL herbs other than peacebloom & silverleaf! Cata herbs are often 80-100g a stack! I can rarely get ink prices below 10 gold but even so, yes, the prices are crazy!


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