Milestone Interviews

The idea here is to collect a whole bunch of interviews with goldmakers as they reach their milestones. I don't want to restrict it to gold capped or millionaires - any milestone amount will qualify you for a spot here starting at 100,000 gold.

If you'd like to send in your story, you can email me at auctionhouseaddict at gmail dot com and put 'Milestone Interview' as the subject. I'd suggest the following questions to get your thoughts in order or you can pick & chose questions from the 20 Days of Gold Making list!

  • what is your milestone amount?
  • what got you started making gold and when?
  • which markets have you concentrated on, if any?
  • biggest successes or biggest failures
  • advice for new goldmakers
  • shout outs for any blogs, podcasts or streams that helped you along the way
  • what's your new goal, if any? 
I plan to post an Interview about once a week, probably on a Saturday (if I get enough responses, of course) and the links will be listed here in date order so we'll always have an easy way to find them.

You don't need your own blog for this - in fact, most bloggers post their milestones on their own blogs so this is more for those of you out there, making gold with nowhere to celebrate your successes! Lets all celebrate together - beers are on the house!

**Milestone Interviews - Hall of Fame**

28 Sept 2013 - Zen of Galakrond-US
5th Oct 2013 - Just Mark
12th Oct 2013 - Eevaine of Dreadmaul-Oceanic
19th Oct 2013 - Sjögren, Windrunner
26th Oct 2013 - Noopras - Drak'thul-US
2nd November 2013 - Vodmos - Twisting Nether
9th November 2013 - Mario, Ragnaros-US
16th November 2013 - Wareitout, Stormreaver-US
23rd November 2013 - Exalios, Netherlands, EU
30th November 2013 - Vorkenlys, Earthen Ring-US
7th December 2013 - Drayper, Dalaran-US
14th December 2013 - Bonesai, Ghostlands-EU
21st December 2013 - Fallongnomes, Shadowmoon-US
28th December 2013 - Oretrader, Kael'thas-US
4th January 2014 - Weale, Silver Hand-US

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