Sunday, 4 September 2016

Quick Tips - Skinning & Herbing in Highmountain Zone - Legion

I started my herbing alt in Highmountain after checking the prices of herbs in the Auction House. Foxflower was selling at the highest price by a large margin so I figured that was a good a place as any to start my Legion adventures.

What I didn't know was that when you pick a Foxflower, there is a chance of it spawning a ghg fox which runs around nearby and drops more Foxflowers. All you have to do is run over them to collect them. Sometimes that's easier said than done though, especially if a mob is attacking you at the time!

I had 27 Foxflowers from one pick and at 50gold plus on the Auction House, that's a very profitable way of herbing!

Another thing I thought of as I was questing and arrived at Nesingwary's camp, was that I should have brought my skinner here too. As always, Hemet Nesingwary has quests that require a lot of killing of various animals in the vicinity so if you are a skinner, it's an area full of carcasses to be skinned. It's not the best zone for skinning so far and I'm a fair way into the questline but this small area should prove profitable whilst you are leveling through the zone. I wouldn't start my skinner in this area just for the skinning though as most of the mobs have been humanoid.

One other nice surprise I had so far in Legion was the value of vendor trash - after just an hour of questing, I vendored all the trash in my bags and made over 400 gold. I'm not saying this is a great way to make gold but as a simple result of questing, it's a nice little bonus.

So what do I think of Legion so far? Well, having got sucked in by the easy leveling during the Invasions, I went from one level 100 to 4 level 100's, a 95, two 90's and of course my new Demon Hunter at 98. There's also a level 100 boost waiting for a decision to be made - I'm leaning towards a Shaman for the boost as I don;t have one yet and although learning a new class at level 100 might prove difficult, it can't be any harder than playing a Rogue who was left at level 83 in Mists of Pandaria for the whole of the Warlords of Draenor expansion!

I'm enjoying the leveling process so far and I'm taking my time  - yes, I'm still spending a bit of time in the Auction House but for now, that's just a start and end of playtime activity. I'm not sure how much goldmaking I'll be doing but as I come across ideas and feel the urge to write, I'll be popping them here as quick tips. You can also keep up with my doings on the podcast - The Journal of Marcus Ty. Marcus talked me back to joining him for our bi-weekly chat about goldmaking in Legion!

If you have any tips or questions, feel free to drop me a comment below.


  1. Nice to see you back posting & thanks for the tip about the fox - i'm leveling my herber there now.

  2. Welcome back :)
    Haven't really looked at the AH yet. Just enjoying leveling and gearing up.
    I boosted my Priest and he's herb/alch.


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