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Saturday Celebrations - Noopras, Drak'thul US

Saturday Celebrations!
This week we have a short but sweet interview with Noopras of Drak'thul server who has just reached his 500,000 gold mark. Congratulations Noopras! that is a really nice milestone to reach! He has some really great advice for new gold makers too - one that I've often said myself so I hope you enjoy this weeks interview.

If you'd like to submit your own gold making Milestone Interview, instructions & more details are on my Milestone Interviews page. Any milestone is suitable - whether it be 100k or 10 million, we want to hear about YOUR story.

I've been a bit quiet round here the last week or so and it's likely to stay quiet for the next 2 weeks as well as I'm currently Stateside with no WoW access. I do have Hearthstone access though so I won't be bored! If I think of a post topic then of course I'll write it up but if you've been reading a while, you know I tend to write about what I'm doing which makes it a little tougher when I have no access!

You can call me Noopras. I play on Drak'thul alliance. 
When did I start? 
I started about 6 months ago to try and make gold. I kept reading different blogs and guides about it and decided to see how I could do.
Did I set goals? 
Initially it was just lets see how much I can make. That actually got old pretty fast. I was making a modest amount, but with no clear direction. So at 300k I decided that I really wanted all the JC mounts. At 500k, I am short the jeweled onyx panther, but only cause I am making myself wait to hit 520k before I drop the gold on the orb. 
1st tips and tricks? 
READ A GUIDE. READ A BLOG. JUST PLAIN READ. It isn't rocket science. Lots of people have gone before you. Learn from them. Learn from your mistakes. 
When did I start a banker alt? 
Had this alt for I think 2 years. I was using him for storage and a few AH things before I got serious. I have 2 now. Both with LvL 1 guilds. 
Keep the same bank alt? 
Best market over time? 
I have been mostly in JC and enchanting. JC was my 1st crafting profession. It has been the driver for my gold making. I have not been deep enough in any others to really have much say on them. 
Reach your goal, set a new one? 
I will shortly. As for the next goal? I need a lot more achievements for items, so I may turn that into my next goal. 1 item every 20 k or so. 
Favorite niche market?
If you consider belt buckles niche. 
Do you farm mats? 
Ore, heck no. Herbs, 3 16 plot farms. 
Lesser known add-on? 
TSM addict.
Biggest oops? 
Not sure, really. Nothing huge springs to mind. My markets are low gold higher volume. 
Biggest yeah? 
Hitting 500k has been the biggest. The most memorable is the other AH dealer I have met. Started chatting with him and we have continued to chat. Learned some from him, also 1 less person to fight. 
Playtime to gold making? 
Well over 1/2 my time is devoted to it. Ore doesn't prospect itself, and I click ever single time I do it. 
Miner/herbalist 600/600, JC/BS 600/600, Alchemist(transmute)/enchanter 600/600, tailor/scribe 400ish/400ish
Nope, keep falling on my face when I try. 
Vendor pets & battle pets? 
A few vendor, a few battle pets. Not really into pet battles, and I have yet to develop the patience for vendor pets. 
Advice for new gold makers? 
Read, when you have read all of one place, find another one. So many people already make gold hand over fist. Let them guide you. By all means, if you have an idea, try it. But there is so much good information out about how to make gold you are silly to not use it. 
Reward for reaching goal? 
Yep, and I cant wait to finish it off. 
Must reads? 
Undermine Journal front page. Its how I found AH Addict. Consortium WoW gold forums. SO much valuable info in guides and posts. And they are friendly too. I used to read JMTC, but I noticed the forums where getting out of date. Haven't been by in awhile, but it was one of the 1st places I visited.


I remember clearly hitting my 500k goal - the excitement of that half way mark was almost more than the final goal to be honest! I know I was lucky in that I was making gold during early cataclysm and I think it was definitely a bit easier then. I don't know whether it was because my realm was busier or I was just so much more into it, but it certainly felt more rewarding to see all those 'sold' notifications in my mailbox!

Having said that, it's still fun to pit your wits against the server population - using your brain never gets old and apparently, it's good for you too!

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