Friday, 6 May 2011

Cooking for Gold, Patch 4.1 Style

With the introduction of several new food & drink related achievements in patch 4.1, I have seen a rise in the prices of almost all the cataclysm buff foods & drinks craftable by my maxed cook. Most notably, chocolate cookies have been flying off the shelves especially when I add a little bark linking the cookie to the new 'You'll feeel Right as Rain' achievement.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that my DK sat in SW at lvl 75 for ages. I had no need to level her to 85 for either JC or Inscription recipes but I did do the fishing & cooking dailies on her for the guild rep. However, her cooking skill is maybe 150 so she couldn't really make use of the Chef's Awards until patch 4.1 hit! Yay for Bario Matalli & his bag of Imported Supplies which costs just 1 Chef's Award token & contains 2 stacks of Cocoa Beans (although I have had bags with 51 cocoa beans so there's obviously a proc type thing in there too).

Off I went to buy my cocoa beans, 20 bags later I had 46 stacks of the darned things! Sent them all to my cook , ran to the cooking supplies guy in SW Old Town & started a massive cookie baking marathon. Luckily I have the Chef's Hat (from the Dalaran cooking dailies - I was 80 for a long time before Cata hit!) which vastly increases cooking speed so it wasn't too long.

I posted 200 of them on the AH in stacks of 20 at 75g a stack although the achievement only really needs 91 - I just wanted to keep to nice round numbers but actually, I realised afterwards, I was making people buy 9 extras! Then I barked in trade 'get your 'You'll Feel Right As Rain' achieve, Chocolate Cookies in AH now!' and sat back to wait a few minutes before barking again. I didn't have to wait that long, I'd say within 2 minutes they had all gone so I listed some more (but at 80g this time) & repeated. Same thing happened. In less than 20 minutes, I'd made & sold 400 cookies for over 1500g & I still had enough left for hubby & I to get the achieve too!


Fast forward a couple of days & I realised that I'd lost my top spot in the guild for achievements so I had a quick look to see which achieves I could knock out quickly. Apart from the three /love critters, the next quickest would be the Cataclysmically Delicious & Drown Your Sorrows ones so off I went to the AH to see if any of the foods were available cheaply (especially the ones I can't cook yet or didn't have mats for).

The prices were ridiculous! Some of the vendor bought items were listed for 30-50g each although some were still under 5g each. I smelt an opportunity so as of today, I have had a cook up of all the cataclysm foods I can & have them listed at reasonable (around 10g per) prices for singles. When I logged off last night, they were selling fairly well but with the login servers down this morning, I've been unable to find out just how well :)

So if you have a high level cooking skill & spare chef's awards, what's stopping you? I think this will be one of those markets I jump in & out of 'ninja style'. I'll be keeping an eye on the cookies in particular but where I've been selling the odd ones & twos of cooking mats, I'll cook them up now & sell the food instead. The bonus to that is the Guild achievement Set the Oven to 'Cataclysmic' which, in a small guild like ours, is a long way off for now.


  1. Nice post, I've been doing these too though mostly the cookies and the vendor items for Drown your Sorrows achieve, though it hasn't been selling that fast on my server. Guess I should focus more on the Cataclysmically Delicious foods.

  2. Hi,
    I just found your site a few days ago and have had a great time reading it and learning lots of new things.
    Question: What add-on is it that tracks the sales you've made on the AH? (from your weekly screen shot)

  3. @Riel the cookies are selling in fits & starts so I'm just hopping in & out of the market when there is little competition. The vendor foods are going quite well though, defiitelt worth adding to your vendor drinks, at least as a test on your server, I'd say :) Good luck.

    @Anon, so glad you like it so far :) The addon is called Mysales - it's very easy to use, '/ms config' gives a basic configuration screen - I have mine set to all faction alts per realm & 7 days sales to show. It's easy to flip & show 1 day or 1 month as well. The main screen pops up when you type '/ms window' & is very straightforward. Double click a header (or column title, whatever you call it) to change the sort order & that's pretty much it. Hope it helps :)

  4. Hi Nev,
    I really liked your post.

    I haven't done too much when it comes to cooking (or fishing) with my newest toons. They're Alliance. I haven't played Alliance in almost two years.

    However, I'm going to start leveling them on my Druid. I remember my Horde toons did very well, just selling the items they cooked or fished. Regarding fishing, I guess its time for a Lord of the Rings marathon since I've neglected fishing for 72 levels. ;)

    I recently put my Druid in a small guild, so it will be a while before we get some of the guild achievments, funny thing is I feel I have mor of an impact on what my Druids guild accomplishes since there are so few of us. Although I'm not big on achievements, I do find myself doing things like questing (I mainly pvp) just to help out the guild points wise. :)

  5. Hi Deimonia, thank you for the comment & welcome back to the light side! Not sure I'd worry too much about levelling my fishing in a hurry, as long as you fish from pools, skill level is unimportant so you can train it & go straight to the area for most profitable fish :)

    I like a small, cosy guild too, we have about 35 members but we've added them slowly & got to know them/got them trained before we bring in any new faces.

  6. Thanks, just listened to Power Word: Gold. I did this when the patch first came out and then forgot about it and had loads of cooking tokens left even though I have bought all the recipes on my main so decided it was worth having another go. Loved you on there btw, always nice to hear an accent similar to mine and another woman to boot! Keep up the good work.


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