Friday, 29 April 2011

Spare Inks? Faire Inks!

As a side benefit of milling herbs for all the different levels of inks for my scribe, I usually end up with shedloads of uncommon or 'green' inks like Hunter's Ink or Royal Ink. I'd been selling a few at the AH but they just seem to dribble out of there & I decided I really needed to do something with them or my bags were gonna explode!

So two Darkmoon Faires ago, I made up all those inks into the various cards & sold the decks and spare cards at the AH. I managed to shift 64 low level decks at prices ranging from 35g to 85g (Rogues, Swords, Mages & 1 Demons Deck). That netted me a healthy chunk of gold across the week, just over 3000g, according to my MySales data.

Last month the Faire was in Thunder Bluff on my server so sales were lower but I still managed to shift about 20 various decks but prices were much lower so only about 500g on my MySales but I did find someone asking in trade for decks & managed to sell them 36 decks (mainly Rogues) for 1000g.

This month I have fewer inks to use up. The prices of Cataclysm herbs have dropped a fair bit whilst supplies of the lower herbs have reduced and forced prices up, so I've been using Blackfallow Inks & the Ink Trader much more.

Also this month, I have a fair few Primal Lifes - my warrior & hunter are both going through Outlands & my Main has been working on her Loremaster out there so I've collected them at random. I've made up as many Greater Darkmoon Cards as I can & have listed each one at 75g. These are the old TBC, lvl 70 equivalents of todays' Hurricane/Tsunami cards so they don't have huge value but I get more Darkflame Ink than any of the others. I've tried selling the ink but it just doesn't seem to move at all!

I keep the cards in stacks & make up the decks just before I'm ready to post, they stack in 20's whereas the completed Decks don't stack at all. The Faire is in Shattrath for us this month so it will be interesting to see how the demand is.

What do you do with your uncommon inks? Any other suggestions for me?


  1. Jokine brought up on our podcast recording today that decks under level 60 don't require the fair to be in town to turn them in. I know for Rogues Deck at least it gives you a quest and summons an NPC to turn it in right there.

    If this is true lower decks may sell well all month long.

  2. That's very true - I should have mentioned they could be turned in anytime - bad Nev!

    As for selling them at anytime - I have tried previously & yes, they do trickle out of the AH all month long but they run out of AH at high speed during the Faire & at much higher prices.

  3. Just what I was looking for! When the next Faire happens I'll be prepared.

    @ Flux: Can't wait to hear the Podcast *g*

  4. Depending on your server, turn in the decks that reward BoE blue items and sell them on the AH. If you have a consistent buyer for Rogue Decks, you can strike a deal with them. You sell them the Swords, Mages, Demons decks for Rogues deck prices, if they send you the BoE quest reward item, which you can sell on the AH to make up the difference and possible more profit.


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