Monday, 25 April 2011

Look After The Pennies...

and the pounds will look after themselves. That's an old saying in UK, not sure if it's common anywhere else so please excuse my ignorance. But what does it mean? Do you save all your small change in a jar by any chance? When was the last time you counted up all those coppers? Yeah, soon adds up, doesn't it?

Today's post is one of those small tips that over time, really adds up. It's only for Alliance players too unless you're a very brave hordie who wants to hang out in Stormwind with us :)

Wandering the streets of Stormwind is a lonely young lad called Lil Timmy, talking to his White Kitten. He has 1 for sale approx every 3 hours for 48silver & they sell on the AH for 150g at least. I've marked his route on the screenshot below - sometimes he does this route clockwise & sometimes, anticlockwise so park your alt near the west gate of the cathedral zone if you want to camp his spawn point. I tend to leave my alts by the mailbox near the Old Town Bridge - it's near enough to the Trade District for easy bank/AH access but far enough out that my PC doesn't take 30mins to load a working screen!

I've managed to intercept Timmy about 4 times this week just while collecting mail - that's about 600g (ish)for an outlay of less than 2g. I like profit like that, don't you?


  1. This is a fantastic tip for Alliance players. Sadly I am a goblin and cannot take advantage of this.

  2. I have so many fond memories of Timmy and that White Kitten Carrier. Selling that kitten on the neutral AH was my first "big" sale.

  3. "Penny wise. Pound foolish." is a somewhat related axiom although it means almost the exact opposite of yours.

    Still it is a fascinating idea. Like complaining gas prices are $0.02 more per gallon while blowing $100 on an unneeded pair of sunglasses.

    I think it relates to gold-making as well. I'm so focused on making just 20 silver more on selling an uncommon gem but then go crazy and blow 900g on a Maelstrom Crystal that will mist likely never be worth that much again.

  4. @ Flux... yeah, totally in that boat myself... what else am I going to do with the gold? enjoy the ride... and keep enough around that i will never NEED, like really need gold again...


  5. I hate Little Timmy. I stockpiled white kittens when I heard he was a no show on the PTR lol.

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