Thursday, 12 May 2011

Old School Jewels & Infinite Dust

I've been trying to get my head around the enchanting scrolls market over the last week or so. I'd decided to let TSM do the initial work for me & to pick out the most viable scrolls from the materials I had on hand. Now I'm a self confessed pack rat in game & in real life (although, tbh, my husband beats me hands down in RL!) so I thought building a craft list wouldn't be a problem.

It turns out, a lot of Wrath enchants are still going strong on my server so I need a lot more infinite dust than I expected. Cue Flux (from Power Word:Gold) with a timely tweet about the Crystal Citrine Necklace which disenchants to infinite dust or lesser cosmic essences and only costs 1 crystallized earth & 1 huge citrine.

Off I run to my JC & take her to the auction house where I find that huge citrines are selling for under 2g each. Good little gold maker/packrat that I am, I already had about 30 Eternal Earths in my bank & when I checked the price of Infinite Dust it was around 7g per dust. I rapidly snagged all 27 of the Huge Citrines at 2g or less & grabbed the Earths from my bank. Off I snuck to a quiet corner to craft all these wonderful necklaces where to my happy disbelief I found 3 other patterns in my JC craft list that would serve the same purpose!

The Bloodstone Band, the Crystal Chalcedony Amulet & the Sun Rock Ring all take just 1 gem & 2 crystallized earths so back to the AH where I was pleased to find that the bloodstones & sun crystals were also less than 2g each - I snagged them as fast as possible too. The Chalcedony were a little more expensive so I left them for now. These disenchant to 2.5 infinite dusts on average with the occasional lesser cosmic essence so at a mat cost of less than 4g, this is a good combination.

Back in my crafting corner, I set my craft queue to run while I perused my blog list. In total I spent 110g to buy a mixed bag of 67 gems. They disenchanted to 120 Infinite Dusts & 20 lesser cosmic essences which I stashed in the bank. I couldn't resist the immediate gold opportunity though so I put some 10 stacks of Infinite Dust on the AH at 7g per dust, just to see if people were in fact buying it. Needless to say, yes, people do buy dusts at that price!

Over the next few days, I continued to buy the cheap gems where & when I could, crafting & disenchanting as I went along. I now have a nice little stockpile of infinite dust & cosmic essences for when I eventually get my head around enchanting scrolls!

Keep your eyes on the AH for these items selling cheap as well. I remember making these when I levelled my JC so you may find them listed at silly low prices whilst people are levelling.

Tuesday & yesterday though, it was a different picture. One guy has listed all these gems at 8g each and there are no other sellers in the market. In the meantime, Infinite Dust is now at 2-3g per dust, also from the same guy. I either caught the market when he wasn't paying attention or someone twigged this market almost at the same time I did but has completely different approach to it.

I'll add it to my list of AH corners to visit periodically, along with enchanting rods & toughened leather armour. I'm ok with taking a little profit here & there when someones' attention wanders :)


  1. This is the second or third time I've read your post and thought "what server are you on!". Compared to my server, your mats always seem cheap and your goods always seem to sell higher.

    For example, Inferno inks are never 100g on my server. I also have a very hard time clearing them during the weeks after a darkmoon faire ... but I'm getting off topic.

    For infinite dust I process Abyss Crystals (using Abyssal Shatter). If you can get them cheap they're one of the easier flips around. Each one gives 7-10 dusts or 2-6 greater essences. The essences can take a while to sell on my server but it's still a huge ROI.

    And now, as I hit "post anonymous", I wonder if I should finally get a blogspot id :)

  2. @Anon You could always leave a nickname on the bottom of your anon comments :)

    Anyway, I'm on Chamber of Aspects EU, Alliance side. We are a medium pop server now but we just got rid of the 'new players' tag so maybe it's an influx of new players messing things up?

    I've always shied away from Abyss Crystal shatters, those seem to have kept a pretty good price of 30-40g each. I guess the active Wrath scroll market is using them intact rather than shattered. I'll have another look though - always worth checking out tips :)

  3. Man I wish I would have read this yesterday! In my haste to clear out bank space I vendored about 10 stacks of raw wrath gems. Didn't even think to craft them and DE for dust - OY!

  4. 30-40g each? Wow. It shows you how much difference there is server to server. I pick mine up for less than 20g. Prices fluctuate but I can always find stock.

    Lesson: the grass isn't really greener!

  5. Abysal Shatter... great source of Wrath mats on my server.. :-)

    BTW, not sure if its the best way, but i have a mad method of handling scrolls... I sell 100 plus a day frequently of nearly 100 differnt varieties... 10-30K or more daily invintory moving
    if you care to look at it... :-)

  6. I posted this too, but it seems that all the comments for this entry and other blogspot entries were deleted. I'm not sure why.

    Anyway, second for the Abyssal Shatter. Big profits to be had there.

  7. @achieve - thanks for the link, I'll definitely give it a read :) Abyss Crystals are fairly expensive most days on my server so this makes a great alternative :)

    @Anon, yeah sorry :( Blogger had hiccups the day I posted this but they promised they would restore comments. I have them on email so I may cut & paste them back in if they don''t reappear soon :)


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