Sunday, 4 August 2013

What's Been Selling? 4th August Edition

In last week's report, I gave myself a mini to-do list which included expanding my markets into gems & enchants. I hit a small snag with enchants though but I have been doing all my profession cooldowns & that meant I had some extra gem cuts to choose from when hitting the cut gem market. I'm still working out which ones sell the best but as you can see from the screenshot, sales of 4 Brilliant & 7 Bold Primordial Rubies this week are not going to make me rich just yet!

My old faithful market at the moment is Mysterious Fortune Cards yet again - they have been flying off the shelf & I've been having a great deal of trouble keeping up with demand even though I'm not even barking them in trade! I've found that 15g95s is a sweet spot price for my server so I have to keep my herb costs as low as possible. With milling, ink crafting then card crafting, it's quite a time intensive product so if I can keep my herb/ink costs down to 3-4g per card, it makes it a little more worthwhile!

The price you see in the screenshot is a combination price - I sell my cards for around the 16g mark but in 1's, 5's & 10's and I don't bark them in trade at all. So the 77 stacks sold is a mix of the various stack sizes & the price is averaged across those sales too. Just in case you're reading it wrong! I'd hate to see someone try to sell cards for 49g each these days - although it's a nice memory :)

My Sales Addon Screen
The rest of my top sales are, as usual the various leather, mail & cloth crafted PvP items. I have been slacking on my Tailor though so not many cloth items up there. I'm also not selling Living Steel Belt Buckles anymore - the price is dropping for starters but also I'm saving up my Living Steel for Patch 5.4. Even if I don't manage to level my Engineering in time (for the Sky Golem Mount), I'm pretty sure the demand for Living Steel will increase so I'd rather wait for now & take larger profits later. I'm still watching the market though & I do post a few Living Steels when the price is high enough! I can't give up all that profit now after all!

So in this coming week, I plan on continuing my daily cooldowns & getting more into the cut gem market. Once I get my head around enchanting, I'll be throwing some scrolls up there too but Enchanting is the one profession I've never really managed to do well with! Let's see how that goes this week shall we? Oh & the other thing I didn't manage to do was get my Warrior out of the city to Itoka for the Lightning Steel Ingot recipe so that's still on the board for this week now :)


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