Saturday, 3 August 2013

This Week In WoW & Other Stuff

Life's A Blur Sometimes!
It's been an interesting week and a tough one too in Real Life but I have managed to keep up with the to-do list I gave myself last week. I had a really productive weekend last week & managed to write up quite a few posts & had ideas for several more. If you've ever blogged, you'll know how hard ideas can be to find sometimes & with all the gold blogs out there now, trying to be original is pretty damn tough!

On Monday I launched a giveaway for a Purple Puffer Fish TCG pet which is still running until late Sunday night 11th August or early Monday 12th August depending on where you live! There's been a great response so far and if you follow me on Twitter, I'll apologise now for the tweet spam for my giveaway!

Also on Monday, Episode 69 of the Power Word Gold podcast was released, the 5th time I've been a guest on the show. We talked about Eric's book (more to come on that soon), spreadsheets, growing ideas, my blogs, loads of shout outs & mentions for various blogs and podcasts too. Jim also asked me for my favorite podcasts so I listed them for him including Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, Tauren Think Tank, Hearthcast & Bitter & Salty. Eviscerated is explicit & not to everyones taste but it is my favorite podcast, in case you were wondering :)

On Wednesday, work got crazy busy so when I woke up Thursday morning with a severe migraine, my boss wasn't best pleased about me missing the day. I had no option though - when the flashing lights part of a migraine are in your direct line of focus, it's impossible to drive or read so I did the next best thing - I closed the curtains, took some meds & slept it off!

Just yesterday, I recorded Episode 10 of The Journal of Marcus Ty podcast with my good friend & co-host Marcus Ty - he's editing out the thunderstorm as I write - that was a fun challenge! We were both worrying in case of power surges etc but I think it turned out to be a good show anyway. I'll be doing a full show notes post once it's released with all the relevant links.

And through all of this, I've managed to keep doing my daily profession cooldowns on all of my alts. There's only one thing left on my to-do list & that's to get my Warrior the Lightning Steel Ingot recipe from Itoka on the Isle of Thunder. My Warrior however has dinged 90 & never been out of the city since! She's in quest greens so from what I can gather from friends & guildies, it could be kinda tough quest! I'll let you know how it goes soon!

Not much of a gold making post I know but I'm keeping my sales for the week until tomorrow's post! I'm hoping for a last minute bump in interesting sales to keep you all guessing! In the meantime, have fun & make more golds!


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