Friday, 23 August 2013

Enchanting Changes in 5.4 & Other Enhancements Too!

One of the changes that struck me as interesting in the patch notes for 5.4 was the changes being made to item enhancements. This includes enchantments, leg armors, spellthreads and I'll be honest, I'm not sure which Engineering item they mean - the tinkers gears maybe? I had a few questions about exactly what this meant for us goldmakers but although I've been reading comments all over the place, none seem to make it any clearer so I thought I'd do a post about it & see what discussion we get in comments!
All permanent item enhancements provided by Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking, Tailoring, and various vendors and quests are now able to be applied to items of any level. This means all enchantments can now be applied to heirloom items.

  • High level enhancements applied to items equipped by low level players have their power scaled down to be similar to enhancements intended for that level range. 
  • Low level enhancements applied to items equipped by high level players do not grow further in power beyond their intended level range.
How I see this is that all the current top level enhancements can now be applied to heirloom gear and will scale down as appropriate for your level - a big change as previously, only enchants with no level requirements could be used. This is a good thing for most enchanters or at least for those of us who only make gold with top level enchants. But I know there are some of you out there who specialise in the older enchants for heirloom market & for the twink markets - this was one of my question areas - will mid-level enchants scale too? What if the scaling means that some of the mid-level enchants are still better than top level ones after scaling?

I think the second bullet point in the quote above indicates that mid level enchants will scale but will stop scaling when their max level is reached. The Crusader enchant is a perfect example - it won't scale past 60 so the question then becomes - will people still use Crusader below level 60 (if it's scaled stats are better than the top level enchants scaled stats) & re-enchant for the rest of the trip to 90?

I suppose that will depend on how well the scaling works - min/maxers will take whichever of the two types gives them the advantage at each level but I think most of the player base will just go for the simpler option of max level enchants.

I think the other professions will see a boost in sales too - I'm not very aware of mid to low level leg armors & spellthreads in current use, to be honest but I think the same thinking will apply. Why enhance an item twice when a single top level will scale all the way after all?

So how am I getting ready for patch 5.4 and all the changes? I may be wrong but I've been increasing my stockpile of current enchanting materials & I've started farming for Motes of Harmony again on my Leatherworker's Tillers Farm - I'd like a little piece of the action on the Leg Armors market as well as scrolls! I've never really got heavily into the Enchants market - I'm more of a dabbler there but I'll go where the profits are so this could be interesting to say the least!

What do you think? Do you have experience with Heirloom enchants & Twink enchants market? I'd love to hear your opinion on this as it's not one of my strong points! 


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  1. There's a post on the Consortium (don't have the link handy, sorry) that has a link to a spreadsheet that someone did showing the scaling of the different enchants. According to it, you are correct mid level (say BC) enchants will scale up to their max level.

    Some of these enchants are better than the current high end enchants at their max level.

    So while most folks will stick with high end enchants and be happy, anyone twinking at a specific level will still be looking for a best in slot enchant which, of course, will vary.

  2. My biggest seller is the 1h Agi enchant, I buy mats for ~500 and sell for anywhere between 1200g-1900g. I sell on average on my high pop server 3-4 a day.
    On the opposite end of the scale, the current MoP enchants work poorly for me, it's not often TSM even queues them as the margin is so poor if not non-existent in the undercut wars a high pop server brings.

    So on a personal level I should be better off in both markets if the agi sales slow I should be able to make more MoP ones and it MoP ones are still bad my agi should still sell for those twinks that want the best.

  3. Had this bookmarked :) Not mine but this should answer all your questions. The tough part is going to decide which ones players are going to want more. Some of them have some very nice stats at level one.


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