Thursday, 8 August 2013

World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide | Eric's Book!

Towards the end of last year, I received an unusual email asking me if I'd like to be a reviewer for a new gold making book that was being written. I hesitated at first as they didn't initially tell me who the author was but that was soon cleared up by a DM from Eric (@Xsinthis) on Twitter! Once I knew it was Eric Dekker, I was definitely curious to learn more & so began my journey as a technical reviewer! If you haven't come across the WoW Wealth Survey before, Eric is the creator of that too. If you have a read of that, you will understand why I looked forward to his book!

I'd receive a few chapters at a time & then added notes to the file to either clarify, correct or suggest stuff - it was interesting to see how Eric's mind worked as his methods are slightly different to my own. I tried to keep my comments constructive & I hope they helped a bit at least! The hardest part for me was writing my own biography paragraph for the credit section!

Fast forward to May this year & at long last, the book, World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide was finally published for all the world to see. Due to a small mix-up, I've only just received my physical copy but it looks great & makes a nice change from the online guides. I love real books that I can physically hold & browse through, they have a feel & smell to them that e-readers just don't have!

I don't usually do a sales type post as you will know if you read here regularly but having been so involved with this book, I feel I can safely recommend it to any of my readers who are just starting out in gold making. It covers everything from bank alts, choosing professions, setting up TSM, cross faction trading & getting the most out of expansions & patches. I think Eric has done a great job of explaining everything & most of it won't change when a new expansion is released. Yes, the names of top level materials etc will change but the processes & principles that Eric has written about will remain the same so you'll still be able to use the methods he teaches to make gold.

So if you have a few dollars spare or have been considering buying a gold making guide, I really can recommend this one - especially if you like a proper book! It is available for Kindle too, just click on the US or UK link box below & you'll see all the options available.


So there ya go - one of the random happy things that has happened to me over the last year & something I never expected when I started a blog - I guess I can add technical reviewer to my resume now? lol


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  1. I stop following any gold blog as soon as the author starts selling a paid gold guide. Such a low level to stoop to.

    1. You said something similar back in September when I wrote about the Zygors Guide! If you hadn't noticed, I have had ads for guides on this blog for well over 18 months now. I don't usually do sales type posts but this is a bit special! I was involved in a big part of the process to get it to life & I am proud of Eric, my friend for writing such a good book!

      I haven't hidden any links, it is clearly a sales page so just ignore it if you don't like it & normal posts will resume soon (probably later today)!

      Also I think it's a bit off to criticise me for an occasional sales post when you support shady Blizzcon raffles etc.

    2. I guess you expect people who give countless hours of time and effort giving away free advice to you people who need spoonfed because u can't figure it out yourself to just do everything for free, huh? Even w a few guide sales here and there the cash earned vs time & effort invested is an absolute joke and assholes like you obviously don't appreciate it.

  2. I am waiting to get my copy of the guide before I recommend or denounce it. I have a free copy coming this way thanks to Eric's contest giveaway. I told him to send me the book to prove me wrong that it would be just a regurgitation of already established techniques. I'm sure it will be well-written. Just hope the content is fresh.


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