Monday, 26 August 2013

Leveling Leatherworking Before Patch 5.4

After I wrote my post a couple of weeks ago on the New Crafting Materials for 5.4, I realised just how long it was going to take me to learn all the new PvP crafted item recipes so I decided to sacrifice my 2nd Tailor and level a 2nd Leatherworker instead. I thought I'd share with you how I did it, how much it cost & how much it's going to save my sanity going forward!

Now usually when I level a profession on a high level character, I take my time & pick up all the materials off the Auction House as cheaply as I can. I use the Wow Professions website and their very handy list of materials as a shopping guide and just check out the Auction House each time I visit. But this time we have a deadline of 10th/11th September for the patch release date & I want to be ready for it so I bit the bullet & just went head first into buying everything I needed.

Luckily I decided to do this on the weekend when prices are often a bit cheaper anyway and I managed to pick up everything I needed to get me to 450 skill points for about 1600 gold. I did have a few bits in my main Leatherworkers bank such as hides and some part stacks of various leathers but not much really.

The painful bit was buying the Savage Leather - I could easily have taken my Skinner out for a couple of hours but I was on a roll and just wanted to get this done! I paid almost 2500 gold to get through the Cataclysm skill levels but finally made it to 500 when I could start some of the newer MoP recipes using Exotic Leather I'd already picked up cheaply on my main Leatherworker.

So after about 4 hours of buying, sorting banks, logging alts to gather bits & pieces & of course, learning & crafting, I finally made it to skill level 570 and got stuck! It's at this point that leveling a profession on a level 86 character sucks! I need just one Spirit of Harmony to buy a Contenders PvP recipe (outdated now but still cheap for a few more levels) or I need to get her out questing so she can pick up the 2 world drop Magnificent Hide recipes.

On the basis that it's the Magnificent Hide recipe that I really want & need, I'm going to be quite happy if I can pick that up quickly & just do the cooldown each day to build up my Magnificent Hide stock ready for patch 5.4 but I will need to be maxed 600 skill points to use any discovered recipes so I haven't got enough days left before patch to get there. Luckily my Rogue & Hunter both need a bit of gear to start their questing so I made a few bits for them and got a few more points that way.

Now here comes the nice surprise of all this - I had no use for anything that I crafted, I couldn't be bothered to try to sell any of the low level stuff either so I sent almost everything to my Enchanter. She spent a happy half hour disenchanting it all & I posted all the enchanting materials on the Auction House. I did send the MoP items to my banker/auction alt though - some of it is selling at 50g or more which is still better than the enchanting mats from it.

Just 4 hours after I listed everything, I popped back to see if it was selling. Oh man! Was I a happy banker - almost 1600 gold in the mailbox & over 40 auctions still to go. I haven't tallied up how many of the MoP greens have sold either but the overall cost of leveling my 2nd Leatherworker is coming down all the time!

As for my sanity - well, not having to wait almost 90 days to get all the new PvP recipes will definitely help! I know I'm going to end up with duplicate patterns so it won't halve the time taken but it should reduce it significantly. It will also give me a headstart on many of my competitors so I'm really looking forward to making a killing on this stuff!


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  1. Don't forget that the DMF is in town on the weekend prior to the patch. That being said, you can get 5 'free' points to help get you up there.

  2. Two LW is the best way to go! I'm hoping to have 3 before 5.4 hits. funny enough, i spent most of my gold buying Rugged leather :D savage leather was cheap cheap cheap.

  3. I have 2 leatherworkers as well for the CDs. It also helps discover the new recipes faster which is good for me as the PvP items sell very well on my server (don't you find it ironic that they are only bought by PvE players trying to get itemlevel high enough to enter raids rather than by PvP players as they are almost useless for the PvP?).
    Having heard how cheap Magnificent hide sells for on your server via the Journal of Marcus Ty podcast though, I almost cried. That's one thing I would love about a lower population server. On my high population server I'm stockpiling magnificent leather any time it drops below 200g and that isn't often!


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